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2 Year MBA In Australia

Last Updated on January 28, 2023 by Fola Shade

The article below brings you one of the best information around on 2 year mba in Australia. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more. What’s more, the information is free!

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Why Study MBA in Australia?

An MBA degree from Australia is valued across the globe. With around 75 internationally recognized MBA programs, Australia promises a glorious career after pursuing an MBA degree. Some of the key factors attracting international students to study MBA in Australia are as follows:

  • Accreditation: Currently, several universities in Australia are accredited by AACSB and EQUIS. This also includes some of the globally ranked universities according to QS, THE and other esteemed ranking agencies.
  • Internship Opportunities: A majority of the universities offering MBA in Australia allow students to earn professional experience in local or international companies through internships. Internships in Australia are available throughout the year and across the country.
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  • Affordability: The MBA courses in Australia are comparatively inexpensive (10-27 lakhs INR per annum) compared to the degrees from UK or US universities. The reasonable cost and scholarship opportunities make the program attractive.
  • MBA Market: The Australian MBA market is worth over 500 million AUD. This ensures a surplus of job opportunities across top international employers.
  • Multicultural Environment: India is the second highest contributor of international students (9.78%) in Australia after China. The vibrant culture in the Australian universities is an additional advantage for international students.

MBA in Australia – Top 5 MBA Universities in Australia

Based on the QS world ranking 2020, Melbourne Business School and Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) holds the top two places in Australia.

Here is a list of top 5 MBA universities in Australia:

  1. University of Melbourne: Melbourne Business School
  2. University of New South Wales: Australian Graduate School of Management
  3. Monash University: Monash Business School
  4. University of Queensland Business School
  5. MGSM Macquarie
RankingMBA Universities in Australia GMAT ScoreLocation
1.University of Melbourne: Melbourne Business School695Carlton
2.University of New South Wales: Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)686Sydney
3.Monash University: Monash Business School650Caulfield
4.University of Queensland Business School600Brisbane
5.MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management680Sydney

The average GMAT score to get into Top colleges in Australia is between 600-695.

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University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School

The Melbourne Business School full-time MBA Program ranks number 1 for MBA in Australia, #26 globally. As per the school’s website, Melbourne Business School offers the best MBA and business analytics degree

The full-time MBA program attracts students from across the world who want a fast-paced and challenging experience in the heart of Australia’s most vibrant city. They can choose to complete their MBA degree in one or two years, allowing more time for exchange opportunities and internships.

The average GMAT score for the class of 2019 is 695, with almost 10,000 graduates spread across 95 countries. Coca Cola, eBay, Accenture, PWC, Pepsi, and Uber are some of the companies where Melbourne Business School MBA graduates work.

Curriculum and Electives

The MBA program consists of traditional core subjects plus a range of advanced extras and overseas travel to Asia.

Some of the core subjects include modules such as:

  • Data Analysis
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Business in Asia
  • People Management
  • Capstone project

Apart from the core subjects, students need to complete six elective subjects from the list of 25, which includes brand management, business law, consumer behavior, corporate strategy, marketing research, mergers and acquisitions, and many more.

Career Management Center and Exchange Programs

The career management center at Melbourne Business School focuses on three key areas – personal effectiveness, business connections, and Individual coaching.

The Personal Effectiveness Program helps students develop soft skills and attributes they need to compete and succeed in the job market. They organize regular recruitment events, internships, CEO visits, and class projects where students work directly with real clients.

The Melbourne Business School has a global network of more than 50 business schools across 23 countries. It is a member of the Partnership in International Management, an association of top business schools worldwide. Some of its exchange partner schools are Chicago BoothKelloggSchulichLBSIIMBDuke, and many more.

University of New South Wales – Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)

The AGSM full-time 16 months MBA program ranks number 2 for the best MBA colleges in Australia, #42 globally. It is located in Sydney – the financial capital of Australia and gateway to the world’s fastest-growing economic region of South East Asia.

Australian graduate school of Management

Curriculum and Electives

The course is divided into two stages – Foundations of Management/Core and Electives.

The foundation of management is an intensive two-week course that provides an overview of the role of a general manager and helps in developing skills that you require. The course has a specific focus on business ethics and the role it plays in equipping managers for business success. Other core courses include:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategy
  • Managing people and organization
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Economics

The stage one requires the student to complete nine courses for two terms.

For stage two, students require to select seven elective courses from the list of 15, over a maximum of two terms. Some of the electives include courses such as venture capital finance, digital business and marketing strategy, negotiations, operationalizing, and many more.

Career Management Center and Exchange Program

The AGSM Career Development team helps fulfill students’ career goals through support, resources, and guidance. They have an online platform where students can book career consults, register for an event, and access job boards. They also offer daily industrial insights and organize events to prepare the students for the job market.

The students also can apply for an international exchange program at one of the partner schools in North America, Europe, and Asia. The AGSM has 28 partner schools, including Stern (NYU), WhartonLBS, and ESADE.

Monash University – Monash Business School

The Monash Business School full-time two-year MBA program ranks number 3 for best MBA colleges in Australia, #89 globally. The MBA campus is 20-kilometer south-east of Melbourne, Clayton campus. It offers health and fitness centers, transport services, drinking joints with a range of campus eateries.

monash business school

The Monash Business School has a diverse cohort class of 50 students, with students enjoying an average post-graduation salary boost of 76%. They can also take the courses in a combination of daytime, evening, weekend, and intensive modes to allow students to work while completing the program.


The program involves experience-based modules, overseas learning opportunities, industry engagement, and consulting projects. It is structured around four core modules – Foundations, Innovation, Transformation, and Globalization. Each of these modules has a consultancy project providing real-world application of the topics.

Some of the modules are financial accounting, business models and strategy, business analytics, international business, and many more. Students are also required to complete an MBA project that generates deep insights into new organizational requirements. Besides, it helps in developing the skills that are necessary to lead the organizations in the future.

Career Advancement and Exchange Programs

The MBA careers team offers specialized individual support to its students with opportunities for permanent placement and interim engagements. They also provide a suite of events, career planning, simulated interviews, and workshops to help you get the most out of your MBA program.

The Monash MBA Program also involves an intensive study module based at top business schools in Asia – China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU).

One of the core values of Monash is its research and development relationships with the Australian industry. Thus the international business consulting projects and placements involve close collaboration with business partners.

There are three types of placement – International, Monash, and students sourced placements.

University of Queensland (UQ)

The UQ Business School MBA program ranks number 4 for the best MBA colleges in Australia, #111 – 120 globally. The MBA program is a minimum of 18 months with three different study options – Accelerated (12 months), Streamlined (24 months), and Flexible.

mba colleges in australia Australian queensland university

Curriculum and Global Experiences

The business school follows an industry-driven approach, where leading experts and renowned academic staff teach lessons.

The UQ MBA program has three parts – Part A, B, and C. Part A include two courses. Management framework and integrated strategic analysis, whereas Part B, include business economics, accounting, business analytics, marketing, etc. Part C is a capstone project where the students can choose their topics.

Students also get an opportunity to apply to the UQ-Fudan University consulting program, where they will complete a market-entry project for a company looking to expand into China.

Also, the Social Economic Engagement Program (SEEP) offers MBA students a chance to put their classroom learnings into practice and make a lasting difference through working with community organizations.

The UQ Business school offers short-term international opportunities to its students. It is an optional program for two-to-five weeks, where students study at an international partner institution such as Harvard Summer School, Copenhagen Business School, University of Glasgow, and many more.

Career Resource Centre

The center provides customized career solutions that match individual circumstances. They also host programs and workshops designed to prepare students for the global job market. Moreover, there are Mentoring programs for six months, where MBA Alumni share their knowledge and experience with the current batch.

Also, the UQ has developed a massive open course (MOOC) that assists you in developing your employability. It is a free self-paced course where you’ll hear from employers discussing what they look for in a candidate, students sharing their experiences, etc.

MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management

The fifth best MBA in Australia program is Macquarie Graduate school of management. It ranks #121-130 globally.  The MBA program at Macquarie combines theory with real experiences in a global setting by offering opportunities such as exchange programs and internships.

They also provide flexible study options where the student can choose a pace to complete the degree in two-years or four-years.

MBA colleges in Australia MGSM

Curriculum and Electives

The Macquarie MBA program consists of compulsory core units and electives, where students need to complete at least six elective units. The core units cover the general management disciplines such as Accounting, strategic framework, Operations, marketing, and more.

Students can choose from more than 40 electives offered across categories such as entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, logistics, and more. The school also provides experiential learning workshops and consulting projects.

Career and Employment Service

The career and employment service at Macquarie are open to students after they have graduated for 12 months. Apart from a face-to-face appointment, they also offer online options such as CV360, which gives you feedback on your resume with tips on how to improve.

Another tool is MyMQ Career Zone, which is a video and tutorial library. It features videos on resume writing, interview planning, contains employer profile, mock interview simulators, psychometric testing practice.

They also host various workshops to help students launch their careers and gain work experience through internships and projects.

12 Month MBA Online: One Year Fast Track!

Get your MBA quicker by doing a 12-month online program. You can accelerate your MBA with year-round study or a project-based course.
Young man wearing glasses using laptop standing up

Why waste time and drag out your studies? You don’t have to. By choosing the right online program, you can fast track an MBA in 12 months or less.

The standard length of a Master of Business Administration in Australia is 12-16 subjects. That typically means from 18 to 24 months of full-time study.

You can cut a full 6 months off the timeframe, and finish in one year, by doing an accelerated online course. To get your MBA quicker, choose a flexible program that allows for year-round study. A further option is to ease academic intensity by doing online projects for credit.

Let’s look at how you get an MBA in just 12 months. We’ll also list some of the best 1-year online MBA programs in Australia.




Why 12-Month MBA Online Programs are Good

The big advantage of completing an MBA in 12 months is the efficiency of it. You can achieve something important in the quickest way. By gaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in just a year, you conserve time – and possibly energy as well – compared to a drawn-out degree.

Being able to finish it in 12 months was really appealing. I’m the kind of person who just needs to get things done.Ami Wallace, Ducere MBA graduate

The 12-month MBA perhaps works best if you don’t want to fill your spare time over a long timeframe. You will be going hard at your studies, but only for about half the normal amount of time. That allows for a greater level of focus and commitment.

Once you’ve completed your degree, you will have spare time to do something else. Whether that be relaxing or taking on other challenges, you can move on to the next chapter of your life sooner.

12-Month MBA from Torrens University Australia

One of Australia’s fastest MBA programs is available from Torrens University Australia. Torrens has partnered with Ducere Global Business School to offer an accelerated MBA online. Most graduates – around 80 percent – finish the MBA (Innovation and Leadership) within 12 months.

Why is this MBA program so short? The answer is that the program is project based. Much of the course consists of doing online projects with companies and other organisations.

Everything has been quite easy right from the get go. It’s all been quite easy and smooth to work through. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to study.Peter N., Ducere MBA graduate

The Business School works hard behind the scenes to provide a smooth, easy experience. Students get to do interesting work online and build skills. And they don’t waste time on exams, dry theory, etc. The emphasis is on applied learning.MBA BROCHURE

One-Year “Data and Cyber Management” MBA from UNE

One year is all it takes to earn an MBA with a technology management major. The University of New England allows online MBA students to take up to 4 units each trimester, allowing you to get an MBA in just under 12 months.

The MBA (Data and Cyber Management) from UNE is for any managers who expect to be working in an environment with a significant digital presence. These days, that’s just about every manager.

The opportunities in cyber are fantastic, especially if you start with an understanding of strategy and policy – as taught in this course.Kylie W., UNE MBA graduate

The cheap and affordable degree covers general management topics as well as subjects such as: big data, cyber security, digital operations, project management and risk analysis.

Best MBA in Australia

Top business schools in Australia – Ranking, costs, salaries

Australia is slowly crawling into the position of a desirable study abroad destination. The number, of international students, has seen a steady rise from a 100,000, in 1994, to nearly 700,000, in 2018 (including

higher education, vocational studies, school education and non-award degrees), according to the Department of Education and Training reports here and here compiled by the Aussie government.

While its international presence is getting prominent with each passing year, its impact on the global MBA education market still needs some boost to become viral. And there are very clear advantages of recognizing the potential of an Australian MBA (Read Best MBA abroad countries).

  • You don’t have to purchase a Rosetta Stone for learning their language. Just a few viewings of Hugh Jackman’s interviews will suffice to catch a drift of their accent.
  • Australia is pretty friendly about arranging for scholarships for deserving international students. Some of these are provided by the government – Australia Awards, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, and Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship. Even MBA candidates can apply for scholarships awarded by individual universities.
  • Some of its top business schools have been consistently showing up in the top 100 Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings. Other ranking bodies like the QS World Ranking in Business Management have also seen a climbing status for the top Australian B-Schools (see table below).
  • It has been featured as the fourth highest payer after an MBA degree, with average salaries + bonus amounting to close to nearly $120,000, says QS TopMBA’s Jobs & Salary Trends Report (table below).

– International student life in Australia: What to expect

Best Full Time MBA programs in Australia

World Ranking of Australian Business Schools

B-SchoolQS World RankingFinancial Times
University of Melbourne#28#61
AGSM at Univ of New South Wales#39#62
Monash University#87NA
Macquarie Graduate School of Management#121-130#74
University of Western Australia#121-130NA
UQ Business School#121-130NA

Average Salary of MBA Graduates from top Australian B-Schools

B-SchoolPost MBA Weighted Salary
Macquarie Graduate School of Management$128,000
AGSM at UNSW Business School$120,000
Melbourne Business School$119,000

With all the goodness spilling over, it is still struggling to rise above the glitter of the other well known global top MBA brands. One reason could be that while the cost of an Australian MBA is somewhat lower than the more prominent American MBAs, its living expenses are quite high, reaching north of $500/week (Read Studying in Australia – costs, pros and cons).

According to an HSBC report, it is 1.5x more expensive to live in Australia as compared to the US (Read Cost of an MS in the US).

Of course it doesn’t help that anything that moves, crawls, flies or swims, in the land down under, can kill you. But an Australian Student Visa allows you to work part time and sustain yourself, in the face of steep expenses, and perhaps even buy enough safeguards to survive the wildlife and not become Friday night dinner for a Wolf Spider.

So, with all the benefits overpowering the few faults, we thought it would be best to introduce you to the list of top MBA schools, in Australia. The list is based on the QS University Rankings for Business Management (Methodology). We have included the duration and the tuition (subject to change by the individual universities) in USD.

Top Business Schools in Australia

B-School (QS Ranking)Full Time MBA
Tuition for International Students (in USD)
The University of Melbourne Business School1 year $61,200 
AGSM at Univ of New South Wales Business School16 months$57,500
Monash Business School2 years$60,200
The University of Sydney18 months$51,300
The Australian National University1.5 years$33,000
RMIT University1.5 to 2 years$44,000 – $60,000
The University of Queensland1 year$55,300
The University of Western Australia1 year$50,300
University of Technology Sydney2 years$55,000
Deakin University2 years$40,000
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)1.5 years$48,300
The University of Adelaide1.5 years$47,200
Curtin University2 years$42,200
Griffith University12-18 months$25,000 – $38,000
MGSM at Macquarie University2 years$55,000
University of South Australia1.5 years$55,000
Sydney Business School University of Wollongong1-1.5 years$42,000
La Trobe University1.5 years$42,000
The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)1 year$26,500

Featured Online MBA Programs in Australia

UniversityDurationFeesMore details
Southern Cross University2 years part-timeAUD 2,590 per unit X 8-16 UnitsSouthern Cross University Review of Online MBA
RMIT2 years part-timeAUD 4,120 per unit X 12 UnitsRMIT University Review of Online MBA
James Cook University2 years part-timeAUD 3,188 per unit X 12 UnitsJames Cook University Review of Online MBA
Victoria University Online2 years part-timeAUD 3,350 per unit X 12 UnitsVictoria University Review of Online MBA

An MBA, from an Australian university, can be a rich intercultural experience along with an opportunity to train in a competitive world class environment. The information in this article should help to guide you through your global MBA destination search.

We advise you to investigate the official websites for the latest, and more accurate, numbers. For the more detailed inside information, you should reach out to past graduates and alumni.

Good Luck Mate!

Read more about the top business schools in different countries across the world. If you are looking into EMBA options, here’s a bit about getting the degree from the prestigious Melbourne Business School and another article with a student sharing his experience of an Executive MBA in Australia after resume gap of 6 years.

Also read How to get into Australian National University, one of the top universities in Australia.

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