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The goal of the World Cancer Congress is to bring together diverse groups of people who are passionate about cancer control. This includes those involved in oncology, public health, social medicine, nursing and other disciplines. Our courses are developed by internationally-recognised experts and provide an opportunity for you to learn more about specific topics of interest from others working within your field.

These Courses aim to equip managers, senior professionals and health care professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the challenges of managing cancer patients, including treatment; screening and prevention; supportive care; research and development, clinical trials and molecular medicine. These courses are designed to help deliver better care by learning how best to collaborate with others, improve their performance and get the most impact from all available resources.

The Master Courses are a unique opportunity for you to learn about cancer control strategies from leading experts in international health, and to build sustainable cancer control programmes in your home country. Over 400 participants registered for one of the 11 Master Courses at the 2014 World Cancer Congress in Melbourne, Australia, where they gained new knowledge and skills related to cancer control topics such as cancer survivorship and palliative care, tobacco control, prevention of liver cancer, public health approaches to cancer control, inequalities in cancer care and more.

Master Courses successfully align with three key UICC strategies: convening, capacity building, and knowledge transfer. They are run in conjunction with the UICC’s Global Education and Training Initiative (GETI) Programme.

If your organisation is interested in running a workshop in conjunction with the 2016 World Cancer Congress in Paris, please contact Ms Marion Gilodi at [email protected]

Master course Course titleCourse leadersLearning objectives and course leaders’ biographiesSponsors and organisers
1Evidence-based tobacco cessation and relapse prevention for cancer systemsDr Michelle Halligan, Program Manager, Prevention, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, CanadaDownload info about MC1Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) Logo
2System performance measurement and reportingDr. Heather Bryant, Vice President Cancer Control, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, CanadaDr. Philippe-Jean Bousquet, Responsable département Observation, Veille et Evaluation, Institut National du Cancer, FranceDr. Tallal Younis, Medical Oncologist, Associate Professor of Medicine, Dalhousie University, CanadaDownload inf about MC2Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) Logo 
3Cancer control planning and ImplementationDr. Brenda Kostelecky, United StatesDownload info about MC 3 NCI_trans.png  logo iccp 
4Dissemination and implementation science research in cancer controlDr. Cynthia Vinson, United StatesDr. Sudha Sivaram, United StatesDownload info about MC 4 NCI_trans.png
5Global scholars advocacy courseHow to plan and execute a successful advocacy campaignSeun Adebiyi, Program Manager, Global Cancer Control, American Cancer Society, United StatesDownload info about MC 5 ACS

A survey conducted among Master Course participants at the 2014 World Cancer Congress concluded the following:

2 in 3 participants have expanded their professional networks and will continue interaction
2 in 3 participants have developed new strategies to manage and solve cancer control challenges within their organisations
1 in 2 participants plan to develop new research initiatives and programs for their organisations
100% of participants would recommend UICC Master Courses to a colleague
For more information, please refer to the 2014 Master Courses Summary.

Eligibility and Application

Information regarding Master Courses at the 2016 World Cancer Congress will be published in late 2015.

Eligibility: All who register to the World Cancer Congress between 8-14 months before the beginning of the Congress are eligible to apply for a Master Course. There is no additional cost of Master Course registration, participation, or materials for Congress registrants.

Application: All applicants must submit a letter of intent and relevant work experience to the UICC. Applications will be reviewed by respective course leaders and decisions will be made based on the minimum and maximum participants that can be accommodated in each course.


Read some testimonials  from 2014 WCC Master Courses:

Success Story: UICC’s Master Course on Sexuality issues in cancer care
Effective capacity building through UICC Master Courses

Top Master’s degree with duration 4-6 months


Attending a master degree or a postgraduate course with a duration between four and six months ensures a deep preparation in specific subjects. Universities and business schools that offer master programmes and higher education courses with frequency fulltime or part-time over the four, five, six-month duration, have designed these lessons to help graduates to complete their specialization and to enter the world of work and aspire to a management career. The teaching phase can affect the complete duration of the master programme or may cover only the first part because then follows a period of training or internships and graduates or young professionals – who attend the course – can take lessons in Europe or even in another country in the world, according to where is located the college or training institution that provides the master programme. After 4,5,6 months of teaching lessons, the student must take an exam to pass the master degree or postgraduate course.

MBA Sustainable Fashion Management

Understand the key sustainability challenges and opportunities within the fashion industry! REQUEST MORE INFO

  • Duration: 4-6 MONTHS

Master in Design for Kids & Toys

The Specializing Master in Design for Kids & Toys is organized in partnership with Assogiocattoli, which represents Italian manufacturers and distributors working in this industry.POLI.DESIGN

  •  Weekends
  •  1 Years
  •  YES
  •  10000 €
  •  Milan – Italy


Emergency Care

This course is ideal if you’re a healthcare practitioner seeking to advance your practice and enhance your knowledge of evidence-based research.ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITY

  •  Part time
  •  Not declared
  •  Essex – United Kingdom
  •   Video


Masters Degrees (6 Month)

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Course Type

 MSc in Radiation Biology

University of Oxford  CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology

A one-year, full-time, MSc in Radiation Biology awarded by the University of Oxford. This established state-of-the-art course, run by the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, combines traditional and molecular radiation biology principles along with clinical and practical applications. 

 Master in Management

ESC Clermont Business School  Programmes

The Master in Management at ESC Clermont in France is a 2-year programme  taught entirely in English and  accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. 

 International Shipping and Finance – MSc

University of Reading  ICMA Centre: The Business School for Financial Markets

The MSc in International Shipping and Finance is a truly unique programme through which we aim to produce tomorrow’s leaders in the maritime shipping and wider transportation sectors. 

 Master Program In Mathematical Physics (Math4Phys)

Université Bourgogne Franche Comté  Master degrees

The recent progress in several fields of theoretical physics (such as high energy physics, astrophysics, quantum and nonlinear optics or condensed matter physics) required numerous very sophisticated mathematical tools. 

 Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Research – MRes

Imperial College London  Life Sciences

This course will give you broad experience in current whole organism research and strong theoretical, laboratory and field research skills. 

 Italian Food and Wine

University of Padua  School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

The Master’s degree explores understanding, management, promotion and protection of high-value food products. 

 Digital Security – MSc

EURECOM  EURECOM Master of Science

The Master in Digital Security is designed for those wishing to become experts in the growing field of Digital Security in a comprehensive.

 Master in Management

Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci  Programmes

The EMLV Business School provides all the De Vinci students (managers, engineers and designers) with initial training in business based on instruction fostering hybridation, multiculturalism and cross-disciplinary research. 

 Economics – MSc

University of Sussex  University of Sussex Business School

Gain the skills and knowledge in applied economics to become a successful, policy-oriented economist in government or international organisations, or at universities. 

 MSc in Behavioural Science (Research)

Radboud University  Behavioural and Social Sciences

Learning how to make new discoveries that will contribute to a better understanding of normal and dysfunctional human behaviour and how to influence that behaviour.

 MSc Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management

University of Warwick  School of Life Sciences

Are you a recent graduate, scientist, engineer or manager looking to develop your professional skills in multidisciplinary biotechnology and eager for a future in related sectors? The MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management opens the door to these opportunities. 

 Physical Oceanography – MSc

Bangor University  College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

” The MSc in Physical Oceanography at the University of Bangor, which has received NERC funding since 1965, meets a critical skills need in the UK for modellers and numerate environmental scientists. 

 Executive Master of Business Administration MBA

University of Greenwich  Business School

The Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised master’s degree in business administration and management. 

 Master of Digital Media

Centre for Digital Media  Master of Digital Media

The MDM is Canada’s first professional graduate program in digital media focusing on the creation of digital media solutions for real world problems. 

 Marine Renewable Energy – MSc

Bangor University  College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and aid sustainable development, there is an urgent need to support our electricity generating capacity through the development of low carbon technologies, particularly those generated from renewable sources. 


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