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You are taking the AACC Arithmetic Placement Test because you want to figure out if you can skip or not skip the math courses when you start at AACC. If you think arithmetic is one of your strong points, you can probably skip the first semester of MATH1110. If it’s not, consider taking the course.

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) requires all students taking classes for credit at any AACC-member institution to take the placement test and get placed in a math course based on his or her placement score. In addition, each student is required to take the Algebra Skills Test (AST) before enrolling in any Algebra course.

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What math placement test does AACC use?

Test prep is the key to passing the ACCUPLACER Math placement test. AACC offers you a course designed specifically to help you work through all of the math concepts on your way to passing the math placement exam so you can begin your college career on track.

Do I need to take the ACCUPLACER math placement test at AACC?

Most students at AACC will need to take the ACCUPLACER math placement test. However, if you think you might have a high enough score on the SAT or ACT to be exempt from taking the placement test, check online or contact your testing center.

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What type of math is on the AACC math placement test?

The math on the AACC ACCUPLACER placement test covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Make sure your preparation only includes the topics on the test – nothing more and nothing less. The best test prep courses emphasize efficiency.

Is the math on the AACC placement test hard?

The ACCUPLACER math placement test at AACC isn’t hard if you receive the necessary individualized instruction when preparing for the test. With a study guide that has a math tutor built into the program, you’ll get all the help you need.

The placement test at AACC is used to assess college-level skills in mathematics, English and reading. The computerized placement test (ACCUPLACER) is offered to new students to assist AACC staff in determining course placement. This is not a college admissions test.

After the test has been completed and scored, an advisor will review the results with the student and offer suggestions for appropriate workshops.

There are three types of placement tests:

  • ACCUPLACER Placement (native English speakers)
  • ESL Placement (nonnative English speakers)
  • Arithmetic Placement (Health Sciences and biology students only)

AACC Placement Prep Guide

The Testing Office has created a new resource in Canvas for all new students to review placement criteria, purpose and study resources prior to taking the ACCUPLACER Placement Test. We have provided sample questions for all 4 exams as well as general information about college admission and testing. Please complete this form and submit so that we can continue to improve our services for future groups of incoming students.

Students must complete the instructional modules of this course prior to taking their ACCUPLACER test through the Testing Center. 

In order to access this workshop, students must: 

  • Complete an AACC admissions application  
  • Receive an AACC Student ID
  • Establish a login to the MyAACC portal

More information about activating your MyAACC account can be found in the email sent to you after completing your application, or at Activate MyAACC.


The ACCUPLACER Prep Canvas Site contains the following information in order to assist you with your placement:

  1. Explanation of placement and ways to attain a course placement at AACC
  2. Outline of ACCUPLACER tests, length, scoring and rules
  3. Instructions on how to take your ACCUPLACER test and what to expect on test day
  4. ACCUPLACER practice tests and instructions on accessing them
  5. Studying and tutoring resources to help you prepare


Need more help? Our staff is here to answer your questions and provide guidance.

If you would like to meet with someone to discuss your individual placement needs, or if you need help with navigating the Canvas site, complete the Placement Needs Request Form.

If you would like to speak with someone at the center, call 410-777-2375 or email Testing Center.

Lack of Preparation to Blame for Poor Math-Placement Scores?AACC 21st  Century Virtual Center


Provided by College Board and ACCUPLACER, this free app works on most internet devices including computers (PC/Mac), smartphones and tablets.

The study app features practice tests in arithmetic, elementary algebra, college-level math, reading comprehension and sentence skills. Students can review content and evaluate their skills prior to sitting for the actual placement exam.

For instructions on how to access the sample app, please view our ACCUPLACER Prep document.

Please Note: If you plan to take your placement test prior to Feb. 6 2019, please be sure to select the “Classic Practice Test”.  Otherwise, select “Next Generation Practice” if you plan to take the placement on Feb. 6 or later.

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Are you ready for college? ACCUPLACER can help. This test is used by over 1,500 institutions to place students in courses that are appropriate for them. The test assesses your strengths and weaknesses in a variety of subject areas, so colleges and technical schools can use the results to help place you in classes that will help you succeed.

All of the questions on the ACCUPLACER Test are multiple choice, except for the WritePlacer essay question. The test is computer-adaptive, which means that the questions change based on your skill level. Your response to each question determines the difficulty of the next question. This means that if you are answering a lot of questions correctly, you will begin getting harder questions. With this type of test it’s very important to think about each question carefully before selecting your answer.

These are the components of the test:

  • Reading (20 Questions)
  • Writing (25 Questions)
  • Arithmetic (20 Questions)
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics (20 Questions)
  • Advanced Algebra & Functions (20 Questions)
  • WritePlacer (1 Written Essay)

There is no time limit on any of the tests.

The Reading questions test your comprehension skill as well as your ability to understand the meanings of words in context. The Writing questions measure your ability to edit and revise passages of text, with a focus on sentence structure, word usage, and punctuation.

There are 3 ACCUPLACER math tests: Arithmetic, Quantitative Reasoning, and Advanced Algebra. You definitely want to review these topics to make sure you remember how to solve these problems. As you work through each ACCUPLACER math practice test, pay attention to the questions you miss and make sure you spend extra time studying these topics.

The WritePlacer written essay measures your ability to write effectively. You will be given an essay prompt, and you will need to write a multiple-paragraph essay of about 300–600 words. You will be graded on these 5 characteristics: Focus, Organization, Development & Support, Sentence Structure, and Mechanical Conventions.

Your ACCUPLACER score can definitely benefit from test prep. Start your review right now with our free ACCUPLACER practice test.

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Why Should You Prepare for the Accuplacer Test?

The Accuplacer placement exam evaluates your grasp of math and language concepts. Scores from this test are used to place you in the appropriate level courses for your major (note that students who score below the minimum score for placement may still be eligible for college-level courses if they meet other admission requirements).

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