Acadia University Graduate Programs Fees

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Graduate Studies at Acadia University describes the programs, opportunities and funding available to master’s and doctoral students. Either of these advanced degrees will equip you with specialized skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

As a new student at Acadia, one of the first questions you will have is about the cost of your education. Let’s put the expense question to rest right away, because it’s not a question of how much money it costs to attend Acadia University – it’s a question of how much money you want to spend.

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Given below is the cost of living in Canada incurred at Acadia University for different programs of study-

Tuition Fee

Level wise tuition fee for domestic and international students is as follows:

Undergraduate courses

CostsNova Scotia studentsCanadian studentsInternational students

Graduate courses

CostsNova Scotia studentsCanadian studentsInternational students
MSC/MR/MA/other courses$4,760$6,043$12,215
ASU Fees$302.50$302.50$302.50

Doctoral Courses

CostsNova Scotia studentsCanadian studentsInternational students

Co-op Fee

Undergraduate Co-op fee:
Co-op work term, fee per semester$1,697
Co-op internship, fee per 16-month course$3,372
Graduate Co-op fee:
Co-op work term, fee per 4 month course$873
Co-op internship, fee per 12 – 16 month course$1,734

Student Residence Rates

The price of accommodation at Acadia University is as follows:

Room TypeCost
Deluxe Single$7,735
Premium Single$8,295
Single in Suite$8,085
Double Room$5,900

Meal Plan Rates

Meal PlanCost
5 Day Plan$4474
7 Day Plan$4593
7 Day Plus Plan$4827
7 Day Max Plan$5005

Acadia University Scholarships

Scholarships are available for the upcoming graduates in Acadia University. Scholarships in Canada for International Students are available based on academic and extracurricular performances and financial need. A few scholarships are given below:

Scholarship NameScholarship AmountFrequencyPeriod
Chancellor’s Scholarship$10,000Once per year4 years
Board of Governor’s Scholarship$8,000Once per year4 years
President’s scholarship$7,000Once per year4 years
International Baccalaureate Scholarship$6,000Once per year4 years
Renewable entrance scholarships$500 – $60,000N/AN/A
The Arthur Irving Academy Scholarships in Environmental Studies$15,000Once per year4 years
AIL Acadia Scholarship$38,000 + $22,000N/A4 years

Acadia University Bursaries

Bursaries are small amount of money to supplement the funding. Students must have a minimum of 80% in their academics to be eligible for these bursaries.

Bursary NameAmountFrequencyPeriod
Harrison McCain Scholar-Bursaries$4,000Once per year4 years
Spicer Hennessey Scholar-Bursary$28,000 + $16,000N/A4 years

Acadia University Work-Study Program

Provision of a Work-study program is available at Acadia University. Students can work on or off campus to earn some extra money. Students can work up to 20 hours a week.

  • Students enrolled in a full time course at Acadia University with a valid study permit, do not need to get an SIN to work off campus.
  • Acadia University provides career counselling and co-op programs. These help students find employment after graduation with ease.
  • It has a portal dedicated through which students can come in contact with prospective employers
  • Acadia University has shown an employment rate of 95%. The employed students have an average salary of $40,000 per year.

Acadia University Alumni Network

Acadia University has strong alumni network with graduates all across the globe.

The university provides numerous benefits and services like discounts at partnered stores, insurance assistance, etc.

The Acadia Alumni Association also offers a suite of awards to honors the alumni who distinction success in both life and career. Some of the major awards are:

  • Acadia Alumni Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Acadia Alumni Outstanding Youth Alumni Award
  • Acadia Alumni Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • The Isaac Chipman Award for Excellence in Alumni Service
  • The Athenaeum and Acadia Alumni Student Award of the Year Award

Some of the alumni of Acadia University who are working in major positions are:

  • William Twaits: CEO of Imperial Oil Limited
  • Rev. William A. White: Noted Black Minister and Missionary
  • Stephen Wetmore: Former CEO of Canadian Tire Corporation
  • David H. Levy: Astronomer
  • Robert Irving: Industrialist
  • Peter Mackay: Lawyer, Canadian Minister of National Defence
  • Paul Masotti: Football Player
  • Donald Oliver: Canadian Senator.