Aeronautical Engineering Scholarships In Germany

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Not only is Germany one of the cheapest study destinations in Europe, the nation also has an impeccable international reputation. Home to many esteemed universities within the latest QS World University Rankings®, Germany offers a growing number of English-taught programs, particularly at postgraduate level. To find out more, take a look at our complete guide to studying abroad in Germany.

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Below is a selection of scholarships for international students of all degree levels wishing to study in Germany.

Aerospace vs Aeronautical Engineering: Similarities, Difference & Salary

aerospace engineering scholarships for international students

  • DAAD Scholarships – The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers many scholarships for international students to study in Germany at various degree levels. Click the link to view the DAAD scholarships database.
  • Erasmus+ – The largest provider of scholarships for study in the EU, Erasmus+ is led by the European Commission, funding international students to study in Europe. It provides grants towards living costs when participating in an exchange program to study in Europe.

Aeronautical Engineering Scholarships In Germany

The Best Universities in Germany to Study Aerospace Engineering - Study  Feeds
  • Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship – Fellowship sponsored by the Einstein Foundation for postdoctoral research at a university in Berlin. You can find out more about studying a PhD in Germany here. 
  • Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students – Scholarships for international students at all levels wishing to study in Germany at an accredited institution. (The deadline for the 2019 round of applications has passed. Please check back later for the 2020 round.)
  • Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers – Postdoctoral scholarships for scientists and scholars of any subject and nationality. Students from developing and emerging countries may be eligible to apply for a Georg Forster Fellowship.
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships – Monthly master’s and PhD scholarships are available for international applicants under 30 who have completed a university degree in their home country. You’ll need to provide evidence of an above-average academic performance, have been actively involved in voluntary work for the benefit of society in your home country, and have an interest in political issues.
  • Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships – Science scholarships to study in Germany, funded by the Bayer Foundation and open to students who are training to become educators in the field of science.
  • Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for Developing Countries – Postdoctoral research scholarships for international students wishing to study in Germany. Funded by the European Commission. More scholarships for students from developing countries are available . 
  • Mawista Scholarship – Scholarships for those studying abroad while taking care of a child, including those pursuing study in Germany.
  • Deutschland Stipendium – Merit-based scholarships of €300 a month are available to highly talented students enrolled at German universities. Nationality and personal income do not affect your chances of being considered.  
  • The Helmholtz Association – Annual fellowships are available for doctoral and postdoctoral students from around the world, giving them the opportunity to do paid research at a Helmholtz center in Germany. 
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aeronautical engineering in germany for international students

University-specific scholarships to study in Germany

  • DRD Scholarships for Sub-Saharan Africans– Merit-based scholarships for students from developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa pursuing a master’s degree in development studies, public administration and development management at Ruhr-University Bochum. Program twinned with UWC in South Africa. More scholarships for African students are available here. 
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Doctoral Tuition Waivers – Tuition waiver scholarships for doctoral students studying an English-language program at Frankfurt within finance, accounting, mathematics and business administration. (The deadline for the 2019 round of applications has passed. Please check back later for the 2020 round.)
  • FRIAS Cofund Fellowship Programme for International Researchers – German scholarships for international students to study at Universität Freiburg on a research-level program.
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Masters Scholarships – Scholarships for international students (for all subjects excluding design, public health and public management) enrolled on a master’s program at the university.
  • Heidelberg University – A range of scholarships for international students, such as the Amirana Scholarship for students from developing countries to study medicine or dentistry at the university. 
  • HHL International MSc Scholarship for Effective and Responsible Leadership – Scholarship opportunities to study management at master’s and PhD levelsat HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.
  • Humboldt University International Research Fellowships – Research fellowship opportunities for international students pursuing research in history, anthropology, law, sociology, political science, geography, economics or area studies at Humboldt University. Look out for the latest round of applications here.
  • International Doctoral Positions at Graduate School of East and Southeast European Studies – Scholarships to study at graduate level within Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich or Universität Regensburg as a research fellow of East and Southeast European Studies.
  • KAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries – A scheme offering scholarships for international students from developing countries (in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America) to study at a German university at master’s or PhD level. Candidates must possess German-language skills and be of Catholic-Christian denomination.
  • Kofi Annan MBA Scholarships for Developing Country Students – Scholarships for up to five international students from developing countries to study a full-time, one-year MBA at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin. Other MBA scholarships available at the school include the ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship for female candidates.
  • Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids – Post-doctoral fellowships are available to study solid state chemistry at the university.
  • Ulm University Scholarships for International Students – Need-based scholarships for international students nearing graduation at Ulm University. Funding offered for one semester only.
  • Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships – Scholarships for all outstanding international students (of all degree levels and subjects) who have been enrolled in their program for at least two semesters. These scholarships also consider applicants’ financial need, and you should be prepared to get involved with the internationalization of Universität Hamburg.
  • RWTH Aachen University scholarships – Funding opportunities for international and home students at RWTH Aachen University.

Aeronautical Engineering Scholarships In Germany

Is Germany good for aeronautical engineering?

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Studying aerospace engineering in Germany is a good option to consider as the country is rapidly emerging as a prominent centre for research and development in the global aerospace industry.

How can I get scholarship in Germany?

Government-funded scholarships to study in Germany

DAAD Scholarships – The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers many scholarships for international students to study in Germany at various degree levels. Click the link to view the DAAD scholarships database.

Is it easy to get scholarship in Germany?

DAAD scholarship requirements aren’t too difficult to meet. … There is no upper age limit, although there may be a maximum time between finishing your Bachelors and taking up a DAAD grant. Those already in Germany can also apply, providing they have been resident for less than 15 months.

Aerospace Engineering (B. Eng.)

The degree programme “Aerospace Engineering” stands out through its alignment with the latest developments and research trends in the field of aviation and its strong connection with business and research areas. The main focus lies on the development, construction, technical equipment and operation of civil and military aircrafts.


The degree programme “Aerospace Engineering” is divided into a two-semester introductory and orientation module completed by an orientation exam and a five-semester module of advanced study. Students have to choose a major field of study during the second module (3rd – 7th semester). The practical semester (5th semester) is a further important component of the program.    

During the study of Aerospace Engineering, students will choose between three major fields. The study field “Maintenance” includes disciplines like Maintenance, Certification and Repair, whereas disciplines like Turbo Machines, Engine Maintenace and Certification are components of “Propulsion and Engine Installation”. Additionally the study field “Aircraft Design” includes structures, materials and design for fixed- and rotary-wing aircrafts. 

15 Best Aerospace Engineering Schools in the World | 2022

This is what it’s all about

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1. Semester

Engineering Mathematics 1

Computer Science and Digitalisation

Material Science 1

Principles of Mechanical Design

Static Equilibrium Science

Principles of Electrical Engineering

2. Semester

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Material Science

Theory of Material Strength

Engineering Thermodynamics

Production Technology


3. Semester

Machine Elements

Strategic Product Planning and CAD

Dynamics of Motion

Fluid Mechanics

Applied Thermodynamics: Heat Transfer and Flow Machines

Aviation Technology

4. Semester

Project: Technical Design and Product Development

Flight Mechanics and Control

Thermal Turbomachines


Vibration Technology

Measurement and Control Systems

5. Semester


Internship Seminar

Project and Quality Management

6. Semester

Numerical Simulation Methods


Advanced Aviation Technology

Maintenance & Certification

7. Semester

Lightweight Design

Specialisation module: Compulsary Elective 1

Specialisation module: Compulsary Elective 2

Seminar Bachelor’s Thesis

Bachelor’s Thesis

Scholarships for Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering 2018-2019

The Best Universities in Germany to Study Aerospace Engineering

Rolls-Royce plans approved to move work from Derby to Germany - Derbyshire  Live
Aerospace Engineering Job Outlook in the United States and Abroad | UCF  Online

Aerospace engineering is the field of engineering that involves manufacturing, designing and testing of aircraft and other aerospace products. The degree provides specialization in either aeronautical engineering or astronautical engineering. While the former pertains to the knowledge of designing aircraft, the latter provides a technical knowledge of the spacecraft.

Germany houses some of the best technical universities that offer this prestigious degree o the students. Every year, thousands of internationals migrate from their home country to study in Germany, and to obtain a world-class education in the field of aerospace engineering. This dimension of engineering is the most technical and requires excellence.

To help you select the best colleges to master the field of aerospace engineering, we have made a list that you should give a glance at:

University of Stuttgart

One of the oldest technical universities in Germany, the University of Stuttgart is known for its level of education offered in the field of engineering. Founded in 1829, the university has a prominent reputation in almost all fields of engineering, such as civil, industrial, mechanical and electrical. But one arm of engineering that the university is strongest in terms of its education in aerospace engineering.

Since this field of engineering is time intensive, the professors hired to hold the skill and expertise provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts. This level of education offered at the university has a hundred percent success rate, making the University of Stuttgart one of the most sought-after for bachelors and masters in aerospace engineering.

Bundeswehr University Munich

Founded in 1973, the Bundeswehr University is situated in Munich and has a well-established research center that forms a part of the excellence initiative of Germany’s government universities. The university is one of the most prominent research institutes in Germany and is different from other universities.

What makes it unique is the fact that the courses offered here are not as per the usual semesters but are in the form of trimesters. This means that a student can complete his bachelors and masters in less than four years of time. The faculty of aerospace engineering in this university houses 14 institutes pertaining to provide knowledge and expertise in the fields of thermodynamics, jet propulsion, and flight systems. The institutes are research centric, requiring the students to be engaged in extensive research as a part of their course curriculum.

Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Established in the year 1971, the Aachen University holds the title of the largest university of applied sciences. With a base of 11,300 students, the university offers both bachelors and masters course in the field of aerospace engineering. The university offers both the theoretical and practical knowledge about the various domains of aerospace engineering, helping them to incorporate the theoretical knowledge into their practice sessions. The bachelors in aerospace engineering take place in a total of seven semesters, to become professionals exhibiting excellence in their line of work.

Scope of Aerospace Engineering in Germany – CollegeLearners.com

The university also offers a masters course for a specialization in one of the following domains:

  • Aeronautical engineering
  • General aerospace engineering
  • Advanced aerospace engineering
  • Stimulation engineering
  • Astronautical engineering
  • Propulsion engineering

This wide spectrum of courses offered at the institutes has made students apply to this German university.

Bremen University of Applied Sciences

The Bremen University combines four universities of applied sciences, pertaining to the fields of technology, social sciences, business, and nautical sciences. With a range of degree courses offered, the university has a base of 9000 students. The education offered is both theoretical and practical, with a highly innovative system to bring out the best out of the students.

The university offers aerospace engineering with a forward approach to make a contribution in the same field. The faculty of aerospace engineering offers the knowledge and expertise in the construction, design, and development of aircraft and spacecraft, with immense scope for growth.


There is no doubt about the fact that Germany is one of the best countries to pursue an education in; offering you an immense scope to attain knowledge and experience growth. To fully enjoy the international student life in Germany, we suggest that you take German language classes. Learning German not only will help you with your studies but will also make you familiar with other aspects of the country. So get ready to pursue aerospace engineering in the country and fly high.

Top 10 Masters Scholarships in Aerospace Engineering

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