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Germany’s art schools have a reputation for preparing brilliant pupils to become exceptional painters. Read the art school reviews supplied with the thorough school descriptions to become an artist in one of Germany’s art schools. Aside from in-depth reviews, you’ll learn about the application procedure, tuition prices, and admission requirements for art programs in Germany.

It is well known that in Germany, education at public universities is largely free of tuition, this consequently means that you are provided with the opportunity to study arts in Germany for free. Knowing where to find the right information on the web isn’t always straightforward, but the following article will show you all you need to know to know about Art Schools in Germany,  art and design schools in Germany, artistic schools in Germany.

You can find an amazing article on fine art universities in Germany at Collegelearners.

Are you considering a career in the arts or design? Though not definitive, we’ve put together a list of Art and Design schools in Germany.

top art schools in germany

1. Berlin University of the Arts

The Universität der Künste Berlin, or Berlin University of the Arts, is one of the best art schools in Europe. This university is recognized worldwide for being one of the biggest and most diverse universities in the field of art and design. Pursuing your art qualification at this university means you get to be taught by outstanding professors who are the best at what they do.

A majority of study courses at this university have a tradition going back centuries ago. Students get the opportunity to learn more about a variety of art forms and extend the boundaries of art. With thousands of students across its art and design courses, this university creates skilled graduates who are brilliant at what they do.

2. State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart

The State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart is also highly valued when it comes to its art school. It has more than 250 years of history, offering 20 courses in the fields of art, design, architecture with around 900 students enrolled in its degree programmes.

These students get to study in excellent and welcoming environments, with the courses taking place in small classes with utmost supervision by professors. The academic staff pays special attention to developing artistic skills, technical knowledge, as well as practical knowledge. By being exposed to creative and artistic innovation, students become highly-skilled professionals succeeding in their dream careers.

3. The Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig

This academy is one of the oldest art schools in Europe, standing for the highest level of artistic training for over 250 years. Offering a number of courses in the fields of visual art and graphic design, this academy has more than 100 partners in the aforementioned areas of study.

It is highly regarded for its teaching as well as practice, by consistently aiming to create an environment where students and teachers share ideas and engage in intensive discussion about art. During your time at this academy, you will learn how to carry out artistic projects on your own while being empowered to reflect on your own work with a critical point of view.

4. Bauhaus University, Weimar

Bauhaus University offers a variety of undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programmes in the field of art and design. Around 1,000 students are enrolled in its courses, benefitting from the state-of-the-art facilities as well as the academic support provided by the university’s staff.

The undergraduate degree programmes in the Faculty of Art and Design at this university offer first-level professional qualification, with courses the likes of Media Art and Design, Product Design, Visual Communication, etc. It also offers master’s degree courses in numerous related concentrations, as well as a PhD programme in Art and Design, the only one of its kind in Germany.

5. Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences

Studying art and design at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences means you will be exposed to a wonderful environment of artistic minds. At this art college, you will find subjects like visual and performing arts, artistic therapies, architecture, philosophy, pedagogy, and economics.

This university promotes “thinking outside of the box” by combining science as well as art. The academic staff at Alanus University pays special attention to personal, scientific, and artistic development through collaboration between lecturers and students in small study groups.

6. University of Fine Arts, Münster

The Münster Art Academy was founded in the year 1971 as an institute for art teachers and became independent in the year 1987. At this university you can find a variety of courses in Fine Art as well as teaching courses for the three general school types.

Through intellectual freedom and exercising, researching, and teaching resources, this university provides its students and teachers with the skills to further develop the visual arts. Over 350 students are enrolled at this academy of arts, benefitting from its practical courses, international academic staff, as well as the excellent working conditions.

7. University of the Arts, Bremen

Hochschule für Künste Bremen, or Bremen University of the Arts, is also one of the best universities when it comes to art and design. The Faculty of Art and Design at this university offers degree programmes in different fields of art, including Fine Arts, Integrated Design, and Digital Media. With a highly qualified academic staff, this university aims to provide utmost support to its students, by offering opportunities that help students discover their creative potential.

Students at this faculty get to explore all relevant fields of artistic expression, the likes of painting, sculpture, drawing, objects, concept, photography and media. This contributes to further enhance their creative skills and ensure they are fully equipped to overcome the challenges of today’s world.

8. Braunschweig University of Art

As one of the young art schools in Germany, this university is an internationally-oriented, artistic-scientific university, with around 1,000 students enrolled across its courses. It offers courses in the fields of fine art, teaching, design, art science, as well as media studies.

This university is one of the largest art schools in Germany, providing some of the best study conditions. Its workshops and laboratories help facilitate the learning process by offering hands-on experience and theoretical expertise by professionals in the field of art and design. Here, students may also find a photo studio for analog and digital photography as well as workplaces for film, sound art, computer animation, and video technology.

art schools in germany that teach in english

Innovation Design Management

University of Arts and Design Berlin, Germany

Acquire deep knowledge of how leading companies employ design for creating innovative and more meaningful products, establishing corporate culture and delivering sustainable customer value by taking the Master Degree in Innovation Design Management offered by University of Applied Sciences Europe. Innovation Design Management is available at University of Europe for Applied Sciences. 

Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (HfMT) -

Strategic Design

Berlin School of Design and Communication Berlin, Germany

Design is not just about esthetics. It has the potential to change the world and create sustainable companies. Do you agree? And do you have a Bachelor’s degree in disciplines like Design, Architecture, Art, Photography or Film? If so, then the Master’s of Strategic Design at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences might be right for you!

Visual and Experience Design

University of Arts and Design Berlin, Germany

Gain a deep understanding of innovative visual design procedures with the future – oriented master programme. Bring your design skills to a vibrant multicultural and interdisciplinary environment by taking the Master Degree in Visual and Experience Design offered by University of Applied Sciences Europe. This programme is available at the Berlin study location.

Smart City Design

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences München, Germany

The Master’s study in Smart City Design from Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is tailored to help you develop a strong understanding of both the strategic and operational facets of designing smart and sustainable cities. The curriculum combines a wide overview of design topics with specialised courses designed to give an in-depth expertise in smart city design.

Design Management

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences München, Germany

Do you want to create, manage and lead design process-driven organisations? Design thinking is at the core of this MA in Design Management from Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. It is practised in interdisciplinary teams and applied to real time projects with the industry where design and management merge into innovation. 

Design Thinking

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences München, Germany

In this Design Thinking course from Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, students are not exclusively trained for creative industries. Far beyond this, they are prepared to overcome the limitations in their own mind to solve a wide variety of problems. 

Digital Media


The project based master’s degree programme Digital Media offered by Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences combines the creativity of design with the cutting-edge of information technology.

University of the Arts Bremen

The University of the Arts Bremen (German: Hochschule für Künste Bremen, HfK Bremen) is a public university in Bremen, Germany. It is one of the most successful arts institutions, and its origins date back to 1873. The University of the Arts Bremen runs a Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, and a Faculty of Music, with approximately 900 students, 65 professors and about 180 assistant professors.

The academic subdivisions within the University are Music, Art, Design and practical theory. The institution’s specialisms in both music and visual arts is unique within Germany, save for the Berlin University of the Arts. Recent works and exhibitions combine visual art, digital media and music, with emphasis on co-operation between disciplines.

best art schools in the world (Europe)

1. The Faculty of Design at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (unibz) is the only trilingual university in Europe, with teaching in Italian, German and English. It is located in the heart of the Italian Alps, and was recently ranked among the ten best small universities in the world. Perhaps for this reason, the Faculty of Design attracts students from all over central Europe.

The faculty offers Bachelor’s degree courses, with a design curriculum and an art curriculum, and a Master’s degree. The teaching is based on group work and interdisciplinary study, and makes good use of the numerous and well-equipped workshops made available to students. Research in various fields is also carried out in the faculty, ranging from communication design to typography.

2. École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), France     

Located in Paris, the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) has a long and important history: it was officially opened in 1767 at the request of King Louis XV, with the aim of improving the quality of France’s industrial products. The educational curriculum lasts five years, and to get in you have to pass a demanding entrance exam, which allows you to access the first, the second or the fourth year. The school specialises especially in interior designartanimationgraphic designproduct designtextile designfashionprintingphotography and video and set design. EnsAD is a public institution, meaning tuition fees remain low, at approximately £600 a year.

3. Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK        

Central Saint Martins is one of six colleges at the University of the Arts London, considered to be the sixth best art and design university in the world. The best thing about the training offered at Central Saint Martins is the range of opportunities: from Bachelor’s degrees (including some highly specific courses like ceramic designjewellery design and textile design) through to PhDs. If you already work in the sector and are looking for an advanced course, have a look at the college’s short courses for professionals. Central Saint Martins also organises open days to visit the Institute – you can book an appointment online.

4. ArtEZ, University of the Arts, The Netherlands       

In the Dutch guide to the country’s best creative arts institutions, five of the courses offered by the University of the Arts (ArtEZ) come top of the pile. The university is made up of various art institutes located in three Dutch cities: Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle, each one represented by one of the capital letters in the name.

Don’t worry if Dutch is not your forte: more than 10 courses, including both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, are offered in English, in a variety of fields: designphotographytypographyfine arts and interaction design. For shorter training options, meanwhile, take a look at the summer schools.

5. École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Tournai, Belgium   

Founded in 1878 in a Belgian town near the French border, the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Tournai is another college with a long history. At the school you can take a Bachelor’s degree course in plastic, visual and spatial arts focused on six different fields: interior designgraphic designphotographyadvertisingfashion and product design.

6. Escola Massana, Spain

Escola Massana is a visual arts, applied arts and design institute in Barcelona. First opened in 1929, the school offers three levels of training: secondary education, a degree in art and design lasting four years and short courses for beginners and professionals. The short courses cover graphic design for the printing industryillustrationindustrial design, interior designartistic jewellerytextile artsculpture and mural art.

7. ECAL, Switzerland

In recent years, ECAL in Lausanne has often been named among the top ten art and design universities in the world. It offers six Bachelor’s degree courses (fine artscinemagraphic designindustrial design and photography), five Master’s degrees (fine artsfilmphotographyproduct design and typography) and two advanced Master’s courses in luxury design and design research for digital innovation. There is also a one-year foundation course to prepare students for admission to the degree courses.

The Bachelor’s degrees are predominantly in French, while the Master’s degrees are mostly bilingual. You don’t need a language qualification, but if you pass the entrance exam the school may force you to attend language courses before you are admitted definitively.

Best Art Schools in Berlin

Many prospective international students who plan to complete an Arts degree don’t even consider Berlin as a possible study abroad destination. Once anyone visits Berlin though, it will be impossible not to notice the numerous art galleries and one of the most interesting and creative street art. In fact, today, Berlin is known as one of the most prolific cities in terms of contemporary art, including paintings, design, music, theatre and fashion.

Berlin offers numerous advantages to international students, including free tuition in public universities, a wide range of English-taught degrees, including for Bachelor’s and Master’s Art degrees and a vibrant city life atmosphere.

Why study abroad in Berlin?

According to Huffington Post, Berlin is the hippest city in Europe, covering a large multicultural, young and vibrant environment. Berlin is one of the largest student cities in Germany, but it is also the main cultural and commercial hub in the country. According to QS Rankings, Berlin managed to lead the top of best student cities in Germany, in terms of universities offerings, international student services and the overall leisure activities.

Some of the reasons that made international students rate Berlin as a great study location are:

  • A lot of historic monuments – students generally interested in history can’t go wrong with Berlin (from the Berlin Wall to the Jewish Museum, to Neues Palais).
  • Many interesting local events, including Berlin Weekly, Berlin Fashion Week, Jazzfest Berlin, Oktoberfest, Festival of Lights and more.
  • Beer culture and thriving nightlife – In Berlin, any event is an excuse for drinking beer. Local bars and pubs don’t have a closing hour so you can party till dawn with your mates.
  • Berlin is one of the most liberal capitals of Europe, making any visitor feel welcomed and moreover, encouraging everyone to express themselves freely in all regards.
  • Compared to most cities in Germany, Berlin is highly international and multicultural so speaking English is quite common.

Interesting places worth visiting in Berlin are: Berlin Wall Memorial, The Holocaust Memorial, Museum Island, Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam, Charlottenburg Palace.

Why study an Art degree in Berlin?

Berlin gathers several art institutes and universities that offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Art, and provide artistic and advanced art training.

All universities and art schools integrate practical study and visits to local art galleries (around 450) and museums. Universities include modern facilities and offer students the opportunity to use motion design labs, photo and TV studios.

Some of the Art and Design degree programmes include semesters abroad, summers schools, student competitions or exchange programmes, allowing students to gain international experience. Since Berlin is such an international city, you get to see and get inspired from different art styles and techniques and exchange ideas with a large and varied network of artists.

In addition, Berlin hosts several artistic events and several local organisations support artists in showcasing and promoting their work, while others focus on marketing all exhibitions, screenings, performances and lectures.

artists showcase work berlin.jpg

Teaching style in universities and colleges from Berlin

International programmes provided by universities from Berlin are fully or partially taught in English. An interesting and rather unique feature of studying at a college of art or music in Berlin is that instruction is given one on one or in small groups closely supervised by a member of the teaching staff.

Other characteristics of Art degrees in Berlin universities include:

  1. Theoretical classes are always combined with practical experience or projects.
  2. Students are encouraged to express their creativity freely and choose their own topics for projects.
  3. Students can have open and free discussions with professors, and ask questions and advice at any time.

Universities offering Art degree courses in Berlin

The main higher education institutions dedicated to students who want to study Arts are:

  • Berlin Art Institute
  • Berlin University of the Arts
  • Bard College Berlin 
  • Esmod Berlin International University of Art for Fashion  

Top-ranked universities in Berlin, providing a few Art degrees are:

  • Freie University of Berlin (no. 119th in QS, and no.75 in World University Rankings)
  • Humboldt University Berlin (no. 126th in QS and no. 57 in World University Rankings)

Here are a few tips on how you can apply to German universities.

Career development for Art degree students

Due to the fact that Berlin gathers numerous commercial galleries, and several local foundations sponsor fellowships and artistic competitions, this city is ideal for any beginner artist or one that plans a start-up in the field. Studios or performance spaces in Berlin are quite cheap to rent and the German government also provides financial support to anyone working in the creative industries, so these are valuable advantages for Art students and graduates.

Here are some interesting sources for Art graduates looking for a job opportunity in Berlin:

  1. The German Federal Cultural Foundation
  2. The International Association of Art in Germany (IGBK)
  3. Art/culture related job positions

Living in Berlin: Accommodation and transportation

Berlin is not an expensive city to live in, but it isn’t cheap either, so students should carefully manage their budget.

Average costs of living in Berlin

You will need between 836-1340 EUR/month to cover your living costs. 

Types of student accommodation options in Berlin include:

  • Student residences/dorms: around 300 EUR/month
  • Shared flats: between 300-450 EUR/month
  • One-bedroom apartment: rent is between 550-750 EUR/month

Performing Arts Schools in Germany

Germany has a number of thriving performing arts institutions with esteemed alumni working on Broadway, touring theatre, local theatre, TV and film! Below, BroadwayWorld rounds up the top performing arts schools in Germany. Check out the list below!

Are you a performing arts student who is interested in blogging about your school productions and the theatre scene in Germany? 

College of Performing Arts

The College of Performing Arts is equipped with its own theatre and brings together training programmes in all art forms related to the theatre (except dance and directing): writing, design and performance. Uniting these study programmes in one college facilitates close, practice-oriented and project-based cooperation corresponds to the way theatres themselves function. Great emphasis is placed on giving students early opportunities to work independently. All study programmes present the results of their students’ work in public performances at the College’s venue UNI.T – the Theatre of the UdK Berlin.

Hamburg University

Founded in 1950, HfMT University of Music and Theatre offers a variety of courses in and relating to the performing arts, ranging from classical training in disciplines such as singing and drama, to theatre direction and music teaching. Located on the Outer Alster lake, the HfMT provides students with the highest level of artistic education. HfMT boasts 83 classrooms, theatre, voice and dance studios, and a main concert venue which seats over 400 people. Furthermore, the university hosts hundreds of cultural events every year, making it one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Hamburg.

In 2005, the Theaterakademie was founded to teach singing, dramaturgy, opera and a range of other theatrical subjects. Housed separately from the university’s main building on the Alster lake, the Theaterakademie has a range of courses, including directing for film and musical theatre. Students gain practical experience right from the start of their studies through performances and internships, and in a city as culturally rich as Hamburg, they are in the perfect environment to enhance their studies and artistic pursuits

LMU Munich

By studying Theatre Studies, students learn to use an academic approach to tackle the various forms of the phenomenon “theatre”. Thus, this degree – like all other humanities degrees – does not offer vocational training for future actors, directors, script advisors, theatre critics etc. However, the degree imparts a variety of knowledge and experience which are indispensable for such careers. Interdisciplinary research and teaching is a matter of course for the employees of the institute.

With its many stages, from amateur theatre to the Kammerspiele München, the Residenztheater and the two opera houses, Bayerische Staatsoper and the Gärtnerplatz-Theater, not to mention the newspapers, publishing houses, film and television production companies, Munich offers a wealth of opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge learned during the degree in a variety of ways within the framework of work experience and internships and thus to begin to make contacts which will be useful for the students’ future careers.

Moreover, the institute has a studio theatre (Studiobühne TWM), in which drama projects and performance workshops are offered. Here the students have the opportunity to rehearse and perform their own projects.

Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media

The Drama School of the renowned Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (HMTMH) provides practical instruction in numerous well-equipped studios that include a theatre for 200 spectators. Students on this full-time, four-year programme learn how to act both on stage and in front of a camera and receive a grounding in the specific requirements of the broadcasting, film and television sectors and new media. Students are awarded a diploma.

Following a systematically structured process, courses progress from elementary skills to more complex aspects. The curriculum includes lessons on performing-arts theory, workshops with international performers and study trips to selected performances and important festivals. The academic year finishes with a symposium week which will be open to E:UTSA students. In recent years there has been an increased focus on students’ individual “free” scenic work. There are also moves to establish international exchanges and work placements. Students take up Erasmus grants in England, Poland, Czech Republic, France and Greece and apply to take part in projects with young International Artists.

The university collaborates with theatres in northern Germany (Hanover, Bremen, Braunschweig, Goettingen, Oldenburg, Hamburg), the federal broadcasting station NDR and the directors class of the Hamburg Theatre Academy. The department receives regular invitations to national and international festivals such as the Heidelberger Stueckemarkt, the Muehlheimer Theatertage and festivals in Brno, Brussels and Lodz. Awards: Marta Awards in Brno for: “Reading Maria Stuart”, “Barbarian Paradise”, “The Wardrobe”/Annual Contest of the Drama Schools of German-speaking Countries for “Twelfth Night”, “Barbarian Paradise” and “To Moscow?!”

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