auckland medical school international students

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International students at Auckland medical school come from all over the world. The programme is highly competitive, an average of 200 applicants are vying for each place. AAMC provides a supportive and friendly environment for their students. There a number of support staff and student associations that help international students settle down in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Auckland Medical School International Students

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s leading university*. The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences also provides much of the country’s health research.

International students from across the globe enrol in both our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and we also offer a great range of taught courses along with opportunities to pursue research.

We offer a supportive learning environment in modern facilities.

We hope you will join us for your career in health.


Mai Al Sharaf
International Manager
Email: [email protected]

university of auckland admission requirements for international students

Graduate Entry to FMHS undergraduate clinical programmes for 2022 entry

The deadline for submission of final grades (either showing in Student Services Online for University of Auckland students, or sent to us by official transcript for students from other institutions) has previously been noted in the online application form for undergraduate clinical programmes as being the 30 November 2021, for 2022 entry.

Due to the continued disturbance of Covid-19 and associated lockdowns on Semester Two 2021 courses, the deadline has been extended to 5pm Monday 6 December 2021, for 2022 entry to FMHS undergraduate clinical programmes.

Applicants who are concerned that they still may not meet this new deadline are encouraged to contact us by email as soon as possible, via [email protected]

auckland university medical school entry requirements

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

MBChB applicants are selected on the basis of academic merit, UCAT ANZ performance and personal qualities exhibited during the admission interview (MMI).

There are two application categories for entry into the MBChB:

1. First year entry: First year applicants may apply from either the BHSc or BSc (Biomedical Science) at the University of Auckland

2. Graduate entry

For more information on application categories and selection criteria see: Entry requirements for MBChB.

new zealand medical school requirements international students

UCAT ANZ (University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand)

All MBChB applicants (except international graduates) are required to sit the UCAT ANZ in the year of application to MBChB.

UCAT ANZ is not required for BMedImag(Hons), BOptom, BPharm, MAud or MHSc NUDI applications.

how to get into medical school as an international student with a Scholarship


There are a range of faculty based scholarships available to
international students coming to study at FMHS.  Find out more about our
scholarships here:

  • Deans International Doctoral Scholarship (FMHS)
  • Graduate Entry MBChB International Student Scholarship
  • Master of Health Leadership Scholarship
  • School of Medical Sciences International Masters Scholarship
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  • Medicine, Optometry and Pharmacy interview datesInterviews usually take place during the last two weeks of November. For current information on interview dates, please check the Faculty…
  • Preparation courses for medicineThe Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences does not endorse in any way courses offered by providers outside the University of Auckland that purport…
  • International application for medicineInternational applicants may compete for a limited number of places in the MBChB programme. There are two admission categories for international…
  • MBChB Year 2 lecture dates 2018The first week of the MBChB Year 2 lectures begins at 9am on Monday 19 February with an introduction to the programme. A timetable of other…
  • UMAT testing changed to UCATUMAT (Undergraduate Medicine Admission Test) has been replaced by UCAT, the University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand…
  • Late applicationsApplications to the University of Auckland must be received no later than the published closing date. Applications received after the closing date…
  • Change from Biomedical Science to different majorIf you are majoring in Biomedical Science and want to change your major or programme, you will need to contact your faculty directly to discuss this…

new zealand medical school requirements international students

It is the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery qualification (MBChB). International applicants must have completed relevant courses in health sciences, biomedical sciences or similar before applying. The First Year BHSc or BSc in Biomedical Science is a prerequisite for domestic students.

university of auckland medical school acceptance rate

Of between 1500 to 2000 students from around the country who meet the rank score and sit first-year premed in Auckland, only approximately 6 to 8% of these students will be accepted into medical school.