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  • BBA in Singapore is a 3-4 years course depending on the university of your choice.
  • The average course fee to avail of a BBA course from Singaporean Universities is around 26000 SGD/Year -28000 SGD/Year. This varies from 37,167 SGD/year (Nanyang Technological University) to 15,600 SGD/Year (Singapore Institute of Management).
  • Students need to complete their 12 years of general education with a minimum aggregate of 65% to apply for BBA in Singapore.
  • The average salary paid to a BBA graduate stands to around 8000 SGD/month.

Why study BBA in Singapore?

  • The Singapore Government spends around 19.66% of the total expenditure on education out of which 35.28% on higher education.
  • As per QS world ranking 2020, the top 3 institutes providing BBA in Singapore are among the top 50 universities around the globe.
  • Good job opportunities as the unemployment rate are as low as 2.2%.
  • Opportunities to pursue an MBA degree after completion of a BBA course is available in many universities like National University Singapore, INSEAD, etc.
  • Average salary of a BBA graduate is around 8,000 SGD/month, according to
  • As per QS best student cities ranking 2019, Singapore ranked 20th in the list of preferred cities for studying across the globe.
  • Another reason to choose to study in Singapore is the low costs of living in the country as compared to other student destinations. 
Name of the UniversityTOEFLIELTSSAT (out of 1600)ACT (out of 36)
National University SingaporeAcceptedAccepted125029
Nanyang Technological UniversityAcceptedAccepted125030
Singapore Management University937.01350_
Singapore Institute of Management926.51282_
SP Jain School of Global Management6061250_
James Cook University- Singapore796__
EESEC Business School-Singapore906.5__

Pre-Arrival Cost

Students’ pre-arrival cost constitutes expenses like visa application and different entrance examinations fees, which are mentioned below. 

CategoriesCost in SGD
VISA application30: VISA processing fee 6: Service Fee
IELTS Fee365
SAT Fee64.50

The application fee which varies among universities has not been included in the table. Though it is an important aspect of pre-arrival expenses. 

Tuition Fees for BBA in Singapore

Tuition Fee for a BBA degree in Singapore costs an average of around 26-28K SGD/Year. The total program fees for top universities in Singapore offering the program are compared in the graphical image below. Given are the annual tuition fees in SGD of the program. 

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