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Best Colleges In California

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by Ibrahim Agboola

California is one of the world’s top economies and is a global hub for entertainment, information, education, and technology industries. California is a big contributor to the agricultural, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors on a national scale, which is why many institutions have developed high-quality, low-cost engineering and technology programs, among other things. There are some best colleges in California that not only attract Indians but students from other countries too.

Best Colleges In California

Many international students have made California their top choice; the University of Southern California enrols more international students than any other university in the United States. These top California state universities offer the best learning experience.

While tuition and living expenses may be higher in California compared to other US states, there are numerous options for obtaining substantial financial assistance packages. In addition, with the range of lifestyles and multi-person living circumstances that California students embrace, they can bring down the cost of living in California.

Why Choose Universities In California For International Students?

According to the Institute of International Education’s annual Open Doors study, California is the top-ranked destination for international students year after year. In addition, three of the top five colleges in foreign student enrollment (USC, UCLA, and UCI) are in southern California. People come from all over the world to study at California top schools, colleges, and institutions, but that’s not the whole picture. Here are some more reasons to choose universities in California:

  • Top QS Ranked: California is home to several QS-ranked universities in the top ten. Stanford University (ranked third) and the California Institute of Technology are two examples (Ranked 6th). Like, there are other universities in California ranked top.
  • Top Academic Faculty and Infrastructure: Each university in California carries a top infrastructure that allows better learning opportunities. Moreover, there are top faculties helping students to learn in a practical and theoretical way.
  • Scholarships: Students learning in any of the top colleges in California receive scholarships from the university, state, or non-profit. This financial aid can assist students in covering their study costs.

List Of Top 10 Universities In California

We are now going to list down the best universities in California. You will get to know insight about each, along with other information to choose for your higher studies:

1.  Stanford University

Stanford University was established in 1885 by Leland and Jin Stanford in honour of their son, Stanford Junior. Stanford Institution, located in Stanford, California, is a private research university. Stanford University provides graduate courses in 90 different subjects. Engineering is Stanford’s most popular graduate program, accounting for about 40% of students. In addition, Stanford’s online courses allow students to learn from anywhere, study part-time and connect with teachers worldwide. Former US President John F. Kennedy is among Stanford University’s noteworthy alumni. Its current and former academic members include 48 Nobel Laureates.

University TypePrivate Research University
QS Ranking 20233
Program OfferedBachelor, and Masters
IntakeSpring and Fall
Program Fees (Annually)Undergraduate- USD: 52394.49 (INR 41,00,000)Masters-  USD- 28114.12 (INR- 22,0000)
Admission RequirementsTOEFL iBT- 100TOEFL PBT- 570IELTS – 7.0PTE- 68

2.  The University of California, Berkeley

The University of California—Berkeley (UC Berkeley) is a public research university that was founded in 1868 and is recognized as one of the greatest state universities in the United States. Students can pick from 160 undergraduate programmes and over 350-degree programmes. Furthermore, the university provides Doctoral Undergraduate programmes. The current faculty of UC Berkeley includes four Pulitzer Prize winners and eight Nobel Prize winners. It is one of the best universities in California.

UniversityPublic Research University
Program OfferedBachelors, Masters,  and PhD
IntakeFall and Summer
Program Fees (Annually)Bachelors- USD 40893.26 (INR 32,0000)Masters- USD 65173.64 (INR 51,0000)PhD- USD 57521 (INR 45,01,162.05)
Admission RequirementsSAT- 1330ACT- 29TOEFL- 80IELTS- 6.5

3.  California Institute Of Technology

The prestigious California Institute of Technology is a private research institute founded in 1891. Caltech, located in Pasadena, has earned a reputation as the leading technological institute in the US and globally. As one might expect, it receives many applications from all over the world, including thousands from India. However, admission is not easy. Caltech is often regarded as one of the most difficult universities to gain admission to. This institute’s noteworthy alumni include Frank Borman, who led the 1968 Apollo 8 mission, and C. Gordon Fullerton, who piloted the third space shuttle mission and orbited the Earth in Skylab.

UniversityPrivate Research Institute
QS Ranking 20236
Program OfferedDegree, Masters, and PhD
Program Fees (Annually)Undergraduate- USD 56364 (INR 44,10,623.91)Masters- USD 58479 (INR 45,76,127.95)PhD-USD 58467 (INR 45,75,188.92)
Admission RequirementSAT- 1507ACT- 36TOEFL- 80GRE- 293IELTS- 6.5

4.  University of Southern California

The USC Marshall School of Business is the business school of the University of Southern California, founded in 1920. Southern California University is the state’s oldest research university. Students apply to the USC Marshall School of Business for admission to 95 bachelor’s, certificate, Ph.D., and master’s degree programs. It has a 16.1 percent acceptance rate. Every year, approximately 46,000 students attend the University, with USC Marshall School of Business International students accounting for 28% of the total.

University TypeState
QS Ranking 2023134
Program OfferedUndergraduate, and Masters
Program Fees (Annually)Undergraduate- USD 27660 (INR 21,64464.15)Masters- USD- 25000 (INR 19,56,312.50)MBA- USD 64575 (INR 50,53,155.19)
Admission RequirementSAT- 1530ACT- 34TOEFL- 90 or aboveIELTS- 7

5.  University of California, San Diego

The Institution of California, San Diego, founded in 1903, is an open research university affiliated with AAU. In 1956, the UC Regents approved the university’s degree programs in the discipline of Science and Technology. The University of California, San Diego is one of the US Public Ivy universities whose goal is to give students the same quality education as is available at Ivy League private colleges. Some of the university’s popular majors include economics, computer science, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

University TypeOpen Research
QS Ranking 202353
Programs OfferedUndergraduate, MBA, and Masters
Program Fees (Annually)Undergraduate- USD – 44402, (INR 34,74,567.51)Maters- USD- 55242, (INR 40,88,067.11)MBA- USD -56777.74 (INR 44,43000)
Admission RequirementIELTS-7TOEFL iBT- 83

6.  Pomona College

Pomona College is a private higher learning school founded in 1887. The college follows a semester-based academic calendar and has around 1,703 undergraduate students. It has 600 courses and 48 majors to choose from. It has a 9 percent acceptance rate. Pomona is a member of the Claremont Colleges consortium, which allows its students to take classes at the consortium’s other six colleges: Claremont McKenna College, Pitzer College, Scripps College, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont Graduate University, and Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences.

University TypePrivate
QS Ranking 2023NA
Program OfferedUndergraduate, and Masters
Program Fees (Annually)Undergraduate- USD 75094, (INR 58,76,293.24)Masters- USD 56248, (INR 44,01,546.62)
Admission RequirementsTOEFL- 100IELTS- 7

7.  University of California, Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz is a California public university unlike any other, blending the intimacy of a small liberal arts college with the depth and rigour of a big research university. It was founded in 1965 and is one of ten campuses in the University of California system. Being affiliated with one of the most well-known university branches, this university has shown to be unique in many aspects. This university has never failed to create good alumni due to its large campus and attractive setting.

University TypePublic
QS Ranking 2023375
Program OfferedUndergraduate, Masters, and PhD
IntakeFall, Winter, and Spring
Program Fees (Annually)Undergraduate- USD – 43779 (INR 34,25,816.20)Masters- USD 43820 (INR 34,29,024.55)PhD- US 3814 (INR 29,84,55.04)
Admission RequirementsIELTS-80TOEFL iBT- 6.5

8.  Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College (OCC) is a public community college that was founded in 1947 and began operations in 1948. It is among the best colleges in California and is a member of the Coast Community College District, having been fully accredited under Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The university also offers financial assistance to qualified candidates. Deserving students receive scholarships based on their academic achievement and financial need. The college also provides four High School Scholarship chances to graduating high school students each year.

QS Ranking 2023NA
Programs OfferedDegree,  and MBA
Program Fees (Annually)Degree- USD- 26140 (INR 20,45,520.35)MBA- USD 35781 (INR 28,28140)
Admission RequirementsTOEFL- 61 (Internet)/ 500 (Paper Based)IELTS- 5.5

9.  Claremont Mckenna College

Claremont McKenna College (CMC) is an American private liberal arts college located in California. It was founded in 1946 and provides high-quality education with a focus on finance, international relations, and public affairs. CMC is a non-profit corporation that is part of the Claremont Colleges consortium of seven institutions. Students can attend classes at any of the member colleges as a result of this. Students get the best infrastructure in the form of sharing libraries, sporting facilities, student health services, and other student amenities.

QS Ranking 2023na
Programs OfferedUndergraduate, Masters, and Dual Degree
Program Fees (Annually)Undergraduate- USD- 60175 (INR 47,08,844.19)Masters – USD 35000 (INR 27,38,837.50)Dual Degree- NA
Admission RequirementsSAT- 1440ACT- 33

10.  Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College (HMC) is a private college in Claremont, California established in 1955. It is part of The Claremont Colleges, a prestigious network of universities. Harvey Mudd College has seven academic departments. The University’s departments include engineering, biology, computer science, social sciences, and physics. Admission at Harvey Mudd is exceedingly tough, and the college is known for its strong academic ethos.

QS Ranking 2023NA
Programs OfferedBachelor (Major)
Program Fees (Annually)USD- 62617.81 (INR 49,00,000)
Admission RequirementTOEFL- 100IELTS- 7.5SAT-1530

With this list of universities in California for international students, you will have enough options to select and seek admission for the respective course. If you are keen to know more about the best universities in California, connect with Yocket professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Universities in California

Ques. Is California a good place to study higher education?

Ans: Yes, there are some famous universities in California that offer the best education. Moreover, the students will have a good practical working knowledge too.

Ques: Is there any college offering free education in California?

Ans: No, every student has to pay tuition fees to seek a program in the University of California. However, there are financial grants offered to students that will help in aiding the education.

Ques. Why is California the best for International students?

Ans: High academic standards, a diversified culture, and other factors are among the reasons why international students want to study at the best California colleges.

Ques: What are four systems of higher education in California?

Ans: California Community Colleges, Universities of California (UC), California State Universities (CSU), and Private Colleges are the four main options for in-state higher education systems.

Ques: What are the top courses to study in California?

Ans: Popular courses to consider when studying in California include business studies, law, management, arts, and music.