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College graduates in Nevada enjoy an advantage when competing in a state job market with above-average unemployment (4% in November 2019) and below-average annual wages of $46,170. Additionally, consider the above-average cost of living in major cities such as Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno.

With Las Vegas casinos drawing tourists to the state, leisure and hospitality remains a leading industry in Nevada. Other top industries include professional and business services, government, and education and health services. Healthcare professionals in the Las Vegas-Henderson area can command above-average wages.

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Cheap Colleges in Las Vegas

If you are considering attending one of the best colleges in Las Vegas which provides great educational skills for the betterment of students, then don’t worry!! In order to help you in finding the top colleges, we have compiled a list of the Best Colleges in Las Vegas that will help you to achieve your educational goal.

Las Vegas City in Nevada has more than 25 postsecondary schools and is home to the 3rd largest community college in the United States. Scroll down to see the top-ranked colleges or universities in Las Vegas which provide excellent educational programs and career opportunities for your bright future.

best colleges & universities in Nevada_University_of_Phoenix_Nevada

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

UNLV is a public research institution committed to rigorous educational programs, and promoting well-being and achievement through education, research, scholarship, and creative activity for our diverse faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community. It has transformed itself from a small branch college into a thriving urban research institution. With more than 390 majors, minors, and certificates to choose from, UNLV provides the foundation to set you on your path. UNLV offers more than 350 bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in varying fields, which are taught by 850 faculty members.

Founded In: 1957
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 6,943 USD, Out-of-state 20,853 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 702-895-3011

Nevada State College

Nevada State College is a comprehensive four-year college with a commitment to educating our diverse 4,200+ students for success in the real world. It has around 3,300 undergraduate students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. NSC offers 26 bachelor’s degree programs and 16 minors. Some of the college’s bachelor’s degree programs include: Biology (B.S.), Business Administration (B.S.), Elementary Education (B.A.), English (B.A.), Environmental and Resource Science (B.S.), History (B.A.), Integrated Studies (B.S.), Law Enforcement (B.P.A.), Management (B.A.S.), Nursing (B.S.), Psychology (B.A.), Speech Pathology (B.A.), and Visual Media (B.A.). Nevada State College offers financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans.

Founded In: 2002
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 4,738 USD, Out-of-state 15,423 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 702-992-2000

College of Southern Nevada

The college has more than 2,500 teaching and nonteaching staff and is the largest public higher education institution in Nevada. It is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education. CSN provides job training in more than 70 academic programs with more than 180 degrees certificates available. The college also offers seven bachelor’s degrees. The majority of students, 73.5 percent or 25,301, attend part-time and 26.5 percent or 9,108 students attend full-time. Nationally the college enrolls students from 48 states in more than 3,000 classes each semester.

Founded In: 1971
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 2,805 USD, Out-of-state 9,450 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 702.651.5555

New Mexico Highlands University

New Mexico Highlands University is one of the leading colleges in the country for boosting its students’ social mobility. There are over 50 student organizations at NMHU. Student academic success is paramount at Highlands University. Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered in the arts and sciences, business, education, and social work. Through offering diverse student support services and activities, Highlands helps to ensure student academic success. The university is composed of three branches: executive, legislative (Senate), and judicial.

Founded In: 1893
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 4,800 USD, Out-of-state 7,534 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 877.850.9064

University of Phoenix-Nevada

The University of Phoenix provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities. Its develop competence in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and information utilization, together with a commitment to lifelong learning for enhancement of students’ opportunities for career success. As a student, you have access to our innovative learning platform, career services and wealth of educational resources such as an online library, writing, and math labs and a university-wide academic social network. They offer associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees and a variety of certificate programs so that you can match your education to your interest and professional goals.

Founded In: 1874
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 9,840 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 844-937-8679

Roseman University of Health Sciences

Roseman University of Health Sciences is a non-profit, private institution of higher learning training the next generation of undergraduate and graduate level healthcare professionals that serve. It strives to produce competent graduates in an educational environment that ensures high levels of achievement from all students and fosters cooperation and collaboration in the learning process. The University is comprised of the College of Dental Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing and RN to Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing; and an MBA program. Roseman University of Health Sciences will also offer a Doctor of Medicine through its College of Medicine.

Founded In: 1999
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 38,328 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 702-990-4433

Touro University Nevada

TUN is home to nearly 1,400 students in a wide range of degree programs in allied health sciences and education, as well as osteopathic medicine. Many of these programs are the first of their kind in the state of Nevada. Touro University Nevada students interact in a unique way with students from various health professions with the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the College of Health and Human Services within the same campus. Current and future nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, physician assistants, and physical therapists interact to broaden perspectives and enhance understanding of roles and interactions required in health care delivery. Touro University Nevada inspires students to be caring professionals. Its educational vision stems from the Jewish traditions of social justice, intellectual pursuit, and service to humanity.

Founded In: 2004
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 18,970 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 702-777-8687

ITT Technical Institute-Las Vegas

ITT Tech came under fire for questionable practices, including allegations of high-pressure recruiting tactics, falsified paperwork, and high rates of default on student loans for ITT Tech students, and inadequate educational standards. ITT Tech offered associate, bachelors, and master’s (business-only, online) degrees. The state of Pennsylvania was the only state which forbade ITT Tech to offer master’s degrees. As of December 31, 2015, the ITT Technical Institutes were offering 49 education programs in various fields of study. ITT Technical Institute campuses were generally available during the day and evening. Students taking a full course load could complete associate degree programs in seven or eight academic quarters, bachelor’s degree programs in 14 or 15 academic quarters or a master’s degree program in seven academic quarters.

Founded In: 1969
Ranking:  8th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 7,119 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (702) 385-3111

Related Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

One of the best things about choosing a college or university in Nevada is that the state has partnered with other surrounding states to offer a great program called the Western Undergraduate Exchange. Nevada has joined 16 other US states and territories to offer this program. It allows enrolled out-of-state students taking part in the program to pay no more than 150% of the in-state tuition rate.

Nevada may have just what you are looking for, especially if you want a place where fun indoor and outdoor recreation is always nearby. Here’s a closer look at what Nevada has to offer students seeking higher education.


EDsmart assesses colleges in Nevada based on data that covers four main areas:

  • Cost (average net price)
  • Academic quality (graduation rate)
  • Student satisfaction (retention rate)
  • Salary After Attending (the median earnings of former students who received federal financial aid, at 10 years after entering the school)

All data was gathered from the U.S. Dept of Education websites College Scorecard and College Navigator.

This ranking aims to help students assess the affordability and value of top colleges in Nevada so they can make informed decisions about which college to attend..

Best Colleges & Universities In Nevada

If you’re looking for a college experience unlike any other, look no further than Nevada. From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the majestic mountains of Reno, there’s something for everyone in this great state. And with so many colleges and universities to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your academic and personal needs.

The oldest college in Nevada, established in 1874, is the University of Nevada-Reno. It started in the small city of Elko, Nevada, but later became the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Now, the original University of Nevada has become two large campuses in Reno and Las Vegas.

1. Carrington College-Reno

Score: 100.0

Average Net Price: $39,932
Retention Rate: 72%
Graduation Rate: 84%
Salary After Attending: $32,456

Carrington College is a commuter college that specializes in nursing and healthcare. With campuses in both Las Vegas and Reno, Carrington College caters to a wide range of students, particularly commuters from the general area. Both schools work hard to ensure that students will be able to find a career in their chosen profession upon graduation. The Reno and Las Vegas campuses both provide students with the networking necessary to find employment in whatever area of study they ultimately pursue.

As mentioned above, the Reno branch of Carrington College focuses primarily on its nursing program, but also offers several other educational programs, including medical, dental, veterinary, and criminal justice programs, among others. Along with traditional in-person lectures, Carrington also offers several online programs that make education attainable for any student with an internet connection-an education made all the more attainable by Carrington’s reasonable pricing.

Carrington College prides itself on providing affordable education for the Reno area, and its student finance department offers educational counseling both online and in person. The Carrington College website allows students to seek financial advice before they have enrolled in courses, and there are financial advisors available on campus to help students who are already attending classes.

2. Carrington College-Las Vegas

Score: 99.8

Average Net Price: $26,758
Retention Rate: 63%
Graduation Rate: 66%
Salary After Attending: $32,585

Founded in 1976, close to McCarran International Airport, the Las Vegas campus of Carrington College is centrally located to allow for easy access by students from around the world. Carrington College may focus primarily on medical degrees and programs, but it also offers courses in Criminal Justice, Billing, and Coding, so that students can find a degree plan that appeals to them no matter their interests or the careers that they hope to pursue upon graduation.

The Criminal Justice education track prepares students for a career as loss prevention officers, security guards, transit and railroad police officers, correction officers, and jailers. The average time to complete the course is no longer than a few months, and students who have graduated from Carrington’s specialized education system will be fully equipped to handle the intense reality of such a fast-paced and high-pressure job.

While the above education track is merely an example of Carrington’s dedication to finding employment and a promising career for all of its students, prospective students can find a similar breakdown of their desired career path on Carrington’s website before they even apply. Also included on the page for each program is a projection of that industry’s growth in the next six years, so that students can choose their profession with an informed idea of what they can expect upon graduation.

3. Nevada Career Institute

Score: 99.8

Average Net Price: $29,086
Retention Rate: 74%
Graduation Rate: 70%
Salary After Attending: $34,021

Nevada Career Institute is another technical college that is particularly renowned for its programs in healthcare and medical studies. Founded in 1993, Nevada Career Institute is fully accredited and conveniently located to allow students from the Las Vegas area to access its central campus easily.

What sets Nevada Career Institute apart from the crowd is the speed with which its students can complete most of the programs and graduate. While most of the programs do include a technical internship, which may make scheduling more complicated, the majority of the programs that NCI offers can be completed in as little as nine months. Upon graduation, students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen careers and have often made valuable networking connections that will serve them well in their new jobs!

While NCI does focus on medical studies and programs, it also offers courses in other technical areas. Alongside traditional programs like Medical Assistant, Medical Insurance Biller & Coder, Surgical Technologist, and Dental Assistant, NCI offers programs in Business Office Administration and an Associate of Science certification in Healthcare Administration. This breadth of available courses helps students find the perfect career path!

4. Career College of Northern Nevada

Score: 98.8

Average Net Price: $20,720
Retention Rate: 74%
Graduation Rate: 59%
Salary After Attending: $31,690

The Career College of Northern Nevada, or CCNN, as it’s more commonly known, is a private college nestled in the Sierra Mountains by Lake Tahoe that offers both diploma and Associate of Occupational Studies programs. With classroom and laboratory environments for students to learn and sharpen their skills, CCNN provides plenty of opportunities in a wide variety of technical careers.

Established in 1984 as the Apollo Business and Technical School, CCNN has changed its name multiple times throughout its history, but the university’s commitment to providing a quality education for an affordable price has never wavered. Affordable education is a staple of CCNN’s business model, and both current and future students are given many tools available to help them figure out the best way to get the financial assistance that they need to start pursuing their chosen careers. The CCNN website has a financial aid calculator for prospective students, and financial advisers are on hand to help the students who are already on campus.

Unlike some other technical colleges, CCNN focuses on a wide variety of programs and courses, rather than specializing in one particular career. With Medical Assistant training alongside courses in Welding and Fabrication, CCNN has an area of study for each interested student.

5. Pima Medical Institute-Las Vegas

Score: 98.6

Average Net Price: $19,022
Retention Rate: 70%
Graduation Rate: 61%
Salary After Attending: $33,043

Pima Medical Institute is another for-profit college that was founded in Arizona but quickly grew to have campuses throughout the western United States. As the name implies, PMI focuses on students who are looking to receive certification in a medical program, or who are looking to delve into the medical field before pursuing further education at a different campus. It is the largest independently owned, private allied health school in the United States, which means that it can provide quality education for a much lower price than some of its state-supported counterparts.

The Las Vegas campus of Pima Medical Institute is located off Flamingo Road and Pecos Road. It is centrally located to provide access to a wide variety of career venues and employment opportunities. The school offers Associate Degrees in training as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Veterinary Technician, as well as Associate Degrees courses in Radiography and Respiratory Therapy.

For students who want to start leaving their mark on the industry as quickly as possible, Pima Medical Institute also offers certification courses and training as a Dental Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant Pharmacy Technician, or Veterinary Assistant. Whether students are interested in pursuing a full degree or just getting out into the work environment, PMI can help them reach their goals quickly and effectively.

6. Northwest Career College

Score: 98.4

Average Net Price: $15,546
Retention Rate: 67%
Graduation Rate: 75%
Salary After Attending: $27,405

Certainly, one of the youngest colleges on this list, Northwest Career College, was founded in 1997 as Northwest Massage School. Since then, NCC has grown to offer programs in Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Administrative Assisting, Medical Billing, and Coding. Additionally, the university offers degree-granting programs in Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies.

NCC is a fully accredited, Title IV approved, Veteran’s Administration GI Benefits approved college. NCC remains very proud of its reputation as a family-oriented university that works with multiple generations of students to develop their skills and careers. The university provides professional training and education that will provide students with work experience, interpersonal skills, and industry-specific skill sets that will enable them to succeed in whichever career they choose!

Aside from standard federal aid, NCC also awards multiple grants and scholarships to better assist students in receiving the skills and training that they need to make their mark on the professional world. Additionally, they work closely with several third-party organizations to make sure that students can still qualify for and receive multiple levels of financial aid in the pursuit of their education.

7. University of Nevada-Reno

Score: 98.0

Average Net Price: $14,930
Retention Rate: 81%
Graduation Rate: 58%
Salary After Attending: $55,360

The University of Nevada-Reno is a research university that was founded well over a hundred years ago in 1876. While the University of Nevada, Reno (or UNR, as it’s more commonly known) is a full four-year university, its main strength lies in its medical school and research facilities.

UNR is a national leader in research in civil engineering and seismology and offers a wide range of degree plans in sixteen clinical departments and five departments in basic sciences. The university is also renowned for its excellence in journalism and has produced six Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. With more than 200 courses online, UNR also has one of the most extensive study abroad programs in the nation and boasts one of the largest earthquake simulation labs anywhere in the United States.

8. Great Basin College

Score: 97.8

Average Net Price: $8,467
Retention Rate: 62%
Graduation Rate: 23%
Salary After Attending: $36,240

Originally named Elko Community College when it opened in 1967, Great Basin College is a community college that caters to the greater northeastern region of Nevada. Originally just a single building made possible by a donation from the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, the Great Basin College has grown to be one of the best colleges in Nevada for affordable education in the northeastern quarter of the state.

Great Basin College offers four-year Bachelor’s Degrees in English, elementary and secondary education, applied science, land surveying, nursing, and integrated studies, as well as Associate of Applied Sciences in business, computer office technology, criminal justice, early childhood education, industrial technology, land surveying, and nursing.

The university also offers career and technical education for students who are not interested in pursuing a higher degree. Between its wide range of available topics and its history of catering to a previously difficult-to-reach region of Nevada, Great Basin College is one of the best colleges in NV for students looking to receive a quality education in either academic or technical pursuits. No matter what career they hope to pursue, Great Basin College can provide the tools they need to reach it.

9. Nevada State College

Score: 97.4

Average Net Price: $12,478
Retention Rate: 78%
Graduation Rate: 28%
Salary After Attending: $54,006

Nevada State College opened its doors in September of 2022 as one of Nevada’s first state colleges. Enrollment sits at just around 7,200 students and is ranked #13 in top public schools and #413 for nursing according to US News. Nevada State College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Nevada State College makes our list as one of the best colleges in Nevada by offering more than 60 majors and minors. Located in Henderson Nevada their campus boasts 511-acre and is growing exponentially to support their growing student population and various programs. With an emphasis on energy efficiency, their buildings are energy efficient, offer 40-student or smaller classrooms, and their campus offers solar panels, xeriscaping, and an organic teaching garden that supplies their campus cafe.

10. University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Score: 97.2

Average Net Price: $10,993
Retention Rate: 80%
Graduation Rate: 52%
Salary After Attending: $52,464

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the best schools in Nevada when it comes to research, but UNLV is also the only school in Nevada that offers law or dental degrees, UNLV features more than 350 degrees in other professional fields.

As recently as 2019, UNLV has continued to expand and grow in its push to become one of the premier universities in the western United States. In March of 2019, the university became the home of the first and only accredited School of Public Health in the entire state of Nevada and is poised to continue growing and expanding throughout the next few years.

According to The Military Times, UNLV is ranked 62nd out of more than six hundred colleges for veterans or active service members. US News & World Report ranks the university as the most diverse campus in the nation, and its programs and degree plans have received similar acclaim. UNLV Law School is ranked 59th in the entire country, and the School of Nursing was ranked as the best in Nevada and one of the best in the nation.

11. Las Vegas College

Score: 96.6

Average Net Price: $29,011
Retention Rate: 95%
Graduation Rate: 48%
Salary After Attending: $28,577

With a focus on business, administrative, health care, computer and legal fields, Las Vegas College is located in Henderson, Nevada, and has been providing quality education to students in that region since 1979. Recently, it changed its name to Everest College, but the university’s dedication to providing students with the skills necessary to succeed has not wavered in the slightest, and it continues to work with residents and commuters alike to make sure that they are prepared for success.

As Everest College, Las Vegas College is part of a network of campuses across the nation, which allows students to have access to multiple fields and areas of practice. This mobility and independence play a large part in the prominence of graduates since LVC’s founding.

Honorable Mention

Truckee Meadows Community College

Truckee Meadows Community College is a two-year college in Reno, Nevada, that provides both technical trainings and community college courses. Most of TMCC’s attending students are commuters, and the college boasts five individual campus sections to allow for easy commute times around the Reno area.

Truckee Meadows has five hundred faculty members and serves around thirteen thousand students per semester. The school also prides itself on its excellent employment record and has several programs in place to help graduates find employment soon upon graduation. TMCC works with growing and established businesses in the Reno area to ensure that students who graduate from their technical schools have job opportunities waiting for them once they graduate.

TMCC specializes in computer science and programming degrees and technical education, but the range of courses offered goes far beyond that specialization. Truckee Meadows offers courses in Healthcare, Nursing, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Tech, Food Processing, Culinary Arts, Veterinary Technician, Aerospace, and Defense in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, among others.

Thanks to its low student to teacher ratio, TMCC provides personalized education for students pursuing a variety of education plans and continues to help them after graduation in their chosen career field.

University of Phoenix-Nevada

While its headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, the University of Phoenix has campuses throughout the nation, and its Nevada campus provides a great example of the quality education combined with an affordable price that the University of Phoenix offers its students across the country. Founded in 1976, the University of Phoenix has long sought to provide its students with the specialized education that they need to succeed in the highly competitive career market without having to empty their bank accounts to achieve that success.

With degree programs in business, technology, criminal justice, healthcare, education, human services, and communication, the University of Phoenix is the perfect fit for students who want to earn their certification quickly and start making a mark on the world around them. Most students can finish their degree program in anywhere from a few months to a full four-year degree plan, depending on the course and the amount of time that the student has available.

The University of Phoenix offers everything from Bachelor’s Degrees to Doctoral Degrees to program certifications, so that no matter what career a student chooses to pursue, they are sure to find a course that fits their speed and their learning style.

2023 Rankings for Best Colleges in Nevada:

School NameAverage Net PriceRetention RateGraduation Rate (4-year)Salary after graduating
Carrington College-Reno$39,93272%84%$32,456
Carrington College-Las Vegas$26,75863%66%$32,585
Nevada Career Institute$29,08674%70%$34,021
Career College of Northern Nevada$20,72074%59%$31,690
Pima Medical Institute-Las Vegas$19,02270%61%$33,043
Northwest Career College$15,54667%75%$27,405
University of Nevada-Reno$14,93081%58%$55,360
Great Basin College$8,46762%23%$36,240
nevada state college$12,47878%28%$54,006
University of Nevada-Las Vegas$10,99380%52%$52,464
Las Vegas College$29,01195%48%$28,577

Best Community Colleges in Las Vegas

The best community colleges provide an effective springboard into higher education, offering students high-quality two-year degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. The top-rated community colleges in Nevada offer a broad selection of associate’s degrees, affordable tuition rates, and strong partnerships with public four-year schools so that students can easily transfer their credits into accredited bachelor’s degree programs.

From bigger universities, like the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to smaller schools, like Western Nevada College, students have plenty of options. While the University of Nevada, Las Vegas serves 25,000 students, making it Nevada’s largest higher education institute, their friendly rival university in the north, the University of Nevada, Reno, comes in at a close second, with just over 19,000 students.

RankingCommunity CollegeGraduation RateStudent-to-Faculty Ratio
1Carrington College – Las Vegas71%62:1
2Arizona College of Nursing – Las Vegas68%20:1
3Northwest Career College66%37:1
4Las Vegas College58%20:1
5Pima Medical Institute – Las Vegas54%18:1
6Great Basin College43%18:1
7Truckee Meadows Community College28%21:1
8Western Nevada College27%18:1
9Nevada State College23%18:1
10College of Southern Nevada15%21:1

Resources for College-Bound Students

Whether you’re just getting started on your college search, you’re looking for survival tips on your way to a bachelor’s degree, or you’re preparing for the transition into grad school, we’ve got guides, how to’s and tons of other valuable resources to keep you moving forward in your educational journey.

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