Best Film Schools In The World Europe

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Top Ten Film Schools In The World

A film school is a great place to learn the art of filmmaking and storytelling. There’s no learning like on-the-job training, but some schools offer that plus an enjoyable atmosphere where everyone is driven by the same common goal: to make movies.

The study of film involves a wide variety of different topics, including directing, production, history, and criticism. Students often analyze everything from film structure and storytelling to visual symbolism and social context.

Best Film Schools In The World Europe

Films, television shows, commercials, and instructional videos are made all over the world. Because they are home to the world’s top TV and film productions, Hollywood and New York are the best student towns to study Filmmaking. Aside from the United States, Europe is home to a number of internationally famous film schools where you may study TV and film production, video production, digital filmmaking, and theatrical arts. This blog lists the best cinema schools in Europe that provide English-taught film studies courses.

top film schools in europe

  • London Film School
  • University of Television and Film, Munich
  • Academy of Performing Arts’ Film and TV School
  • La Fémis
  • Lodz Film School
  • National Film and Television School
  • Norwegian Film School

London Film School

Tuition Fees: £59,498 ( Approx. Rs. 60,00,000 which includes £200 Visa Administration Fee)

London Film School comes at the first position in our top 10 Film Schools in Europe. This is one of the most prestigious film schools in Europe, if not the world, and only accepts postgraduates who wish to pursue a Master’s or a Ph.D. in their chosen field of filmmaking. The London Film School, which has been in operation since 1966, has a worldwide reach. Every year, only a select number of candidates are admitted, and these candidates may be from anywhere in the world. This year, 60 percent of the student body is made up of students from more than 30 foreign countries.

Here are the most popular filmmaking courses offered by London Film School:

MA Filmmaking – Directing
MA Filmmaking – Cinematographic
MA Filmmaking – Editing
MA Filmmaking – Sound
MA Filmmaking – Production Design
MA Filmmaking – Screenwriting
MA Filmmaking – Producing
MA Filmmaking – Music
MA Filmmaking – Screen Studies

University of Television and Film, Munich

Tuition Fees

  • For Bachelors, 1,000 USD/year (Approx. 73,000)
  • For Masters, 1,000 USD/year (Approx. 73,000)

For a long time, German schools have been powerhouses in the fields of art and engineering. The Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, or Munich University of Television and Film, was established in 1966. It is not only a top film school in Germany but it is now regarded as one of the world’s top film schools. In most semesters, the student-to-teacher ratio is less than 10:1, creating an ideal atmosphere for studying basics as well as broader, insider skills and disciplines. Many graduates have gone on to considerable success in film and television, including winning Oscars.

Check out the specialisations offered by the University of Television and Film Munich:

Media StudiesTechnologyFeature Film and Television Feature
Film and Television DocumentaryTelevision JournalismProduction and Media Business
AdvertisingScreenplaySerial Storytelling
Creative WritingCinematographyImage, Light, Space
MontageVFXTheatre, Film and Television Criticism

Academy of Performing Arts’ Film and TV School

Tuition Fees: Average fees of $45,674

The Academy, also known as FAMU, is one of the world’s top film universities, based in Prague, Czech Republic, and offering several degrees. It was established in 1946 and is the world’s fifth oldest film school, behind only Moscow, Berlin, Rome, and Paris. Directing, Documentary Filmmaking, Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy, Animated Film, Cinematography, Sound Design, Editing, Production, Photography, and Audio Visual Studies are also available as Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs.

Courses Offered:

FAMU offered various courses in Masters in the fields of Directing, Cinematography, and Editing. Other than Master courses, FAMU also offers a One-year Intensive Program and also sets up the Summer Filmmaking Campus.

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

La Fémis

Tuition Fees: $15,334 (Approx. Rs. 11,00,000)

La Fémis (Fondation Européenne pour les Métiers de l’Image et du Son), located in Paris, was established in 1943 and restructured in 1986. It is a top-rated film school in Europe and around the world. Since 1926, buildings on school grounds have housed motion picture studios. 

The school has divisions that teach direction, screenwriting, film, sound, editing, development, stage design, script continuity, and distribution/exploitation. A master workshop and a development curriculum for advanced training are also available. The courses are taught entirely in French.

La Fémis offers courses in fields such as:

Theatrical Film ExhibitionScreen Writing

Lodz Film School

Tuition Fees
For Bachelors, 15,000 USD/year (Approx. Rs. 11,00,000) 
For Masters, 15,000 USD/year (Approx. Rs. 11,00,000)

The Film School in Lodz, Poland, another top-rated film school, was established in 1948 and is the leading Polish academy for training actors, directors, photographers, camera operators, and television production professionals. 

The school trains directors, photographers, animators, screenwriters, editors, film and television production supervisors, and actors. Students practice and gain expertise with their preferred field through classroom training and practice on actual film sets.

Courses Offered:

Lodz Film School offers courses on a Full-Time basis, Part-Time basis, Masters, Ph.D., and Doctoral basis in the fields of:

Film & Television DirectionScreenwritingPhotography
ActingProductionFilm Editing

National Film and Television School

Tuition Fees: $32,000 (Approx. Rs. 23,00,000)

The NFTS offers over 30 English language classes, from certificates and Bachelors to Masters degrees in film, television, and sports. It offers more behind-the-scenes classes than any other film academy. Among the programs and courses available are directing and cinematography and specialized fields such as screenplay supervision and production accounting. NFTS has its own video and tv studios, all of which are fully equipped with industry-standard facilities. 

Courses Offered

National Film and Television School offers courses in fields such as:

CinematographyFilm & TelevisionAnimation
Digital EffectsEditingProduction

Norwegian Film School

Den Norske Filmskolen, or Norwegian Film School, first opened its doors in 1997. It provides a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree program in Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production management, Digital graphic design, Screenwriting, Sound design/technique, and Documentary.

A Masters’s program in Audiovisual Storytelling is designed for people who work actively in the film, television, and other media industries who wish to improve their talents, credentials, and overall marketability.

Courses Offered:

This institute offers courses in various fields, some of them are:

Script Development Visual Effects

best film school in the world

For a successful career in the global film industry, candidates must learn the essential tools and gain cutting edge skills necessary to succeed in this competitive field. Various qualifications in film studies include diplomas, certificates, degrees such as BA, MA, BFA, MFA, and Ph.D./M.Phil. Below are some of the best film schools in the world to study film making along with an overview of the programs they offer:

1. American Film Institute

Located in the film-making capital of the world, Hollywood, the American Film Institute or AFI is one of the most famous schools in the world. AFI’s film making programs are offered by the AFI Conservatory boasting of alumni with major industry awards including the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards. The AFI Conservatory does not offer typical degrees or diplomas but a highly structured Masters of Fine Arts program in six disciplines – Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design and Screenwriting. Applicants normally must hold an undergraduate degree but if you do not possess one you can apply as an Associate Fellow and go on to receive a Certificate of Completion. Students get an opportunity to learn from the masters in the industry through small class size and have access to cutting-edge equipments, facilities, faculty and alumni network, mentors and production coordinators. The estimated tuition fee is around $57000 a year.

2. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

One of the world’s best-known schools for pursuing cinematic, performing and emerging media arts, NYU Tisch School of the Arts is a major training platform for artists and filmmakers. The school offers a wide range of programs to suit one’s passion from BA to Ph.D. You can learn acting, dance, design, animation, games, film performance, film, writing for musical theatre, stage, screen & television, recorded music, photography, preservation, interactive media, and also public policy. After a stint with New York’s cultural life you can study away at one of the school’s campuses in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai or at the other global academic centres in London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Prague, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Florence, Paris, Washington D.C., Accra, and Berlin. NYU Tisch is one of the competitive film schools for enrollment. The admission requirements vary with each department and program.  Interested applicants must check the school website for up-to-date information.

3. Los Angeles Film School

If you are fresh from high school and aspire a career in the film industry and do not possess a relevant background and work experience, consider the Los Angeles Film School. A top-ranking school for film studies, the LA Film School is considered one of the best for those starting out their careers in this industry. The school offers associate and bachelor degrees in Film, Animation, Entertainment Business, Audio Production, Music Production, and Animation. In addition to the programs offered in their Hollywood campus, the school offers online programs in Digital Filmmaking, Entertainment Business, Graphic Design, Music Production, and Animation. One of the school’s facilities includes the historic RCA Building which is known for being a recording place of artists including Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones. The estimated annual tuition fees including books, tech kit, and other fees may range from $30,000 to $87,000 for both domestic and international students.

4. Vancouver Film School

Located in Vancouver, Canada, Vancouver Film School or VFS is a leading school for entertainment arts. Such is the film school’s reputation that the Government of Shanghai selected VFS to rebuild the nation’s creative industry. The school offers post-secondary programs of one-year duration in areas including Film Production, Makeup Design for Film & Television, Acting for Film & Television, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Digital Design, Classical Animation, Foundation Visual Art & Design, Game Design, Entertainment Business Management, Sound Design for Visual Media, and Writing for Film & Television. VFS also runs a four-month Acting Essentials course and a 6-month Digital Character Animation program. You are expected to be a high school graduate or at least 19 years of age to apply to VFS.

5. Concordia University

Concordia University’s The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema is the largest, university-based centre for the study of film animation, film production and film studies in Canada. It is one of the nine departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the university which offers world-leading programs in visual, performing, cinematic, design, digital, and therapeutic arts. Programs offered by the prestigious Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema includes a BFA with majors in areas of Film Animation, Film Production and Film Studies,  MFA in Cinematic Arts, and MA and Ph.D. in Film Studies. In addition to film studies, the faculty of arts offers plenty of degree programs in disciplines such as Contemporary Dance, Jazz Studies, Studio Art and many more. Visit the website to browse through the many programs and choose one of your interest.

6. London Film School

Enhance your skills deeply in film making at the centre of the European Film industry by pursuing a graduate degree from the London Film School or LFS.  LFS is a non-profit organization, one of three UK graduate schools in the UK ScreenSkills Film Academy Network, accredited as a centre of excellence and a global film conservatoire with over 60 percent students from more than 30 countries. LFS offers MA, Ph.D. and part-time workshops programmes focused on craft excellence, aesthetic achievement, creative collaboration, and artistic freedom. Areas of study include MA Film Making, MA Screenwriting, MA International Film Business and Ph.D. Film by Practice and many short-term professional development courses. Some of the school’s alumni include cinematographer Roger Pratt (HARRY POTTER) and editor Mark Goldblatt (RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES).

7. National Film and Television School (NFTS), London

Featured as one of the top 15 International film schools by The Hollywood Reporter, 2018 ranking, the National Film and Television School (NFTS)  film, television and games school based in England. NFTS student community makes over a hundred films a year as part of the course curriculum which is higher than any other UK film school. In the last six years, NFTS student films have been nominated three times for an Oscar. The wide variety of programs offered by NFTS include MA courses in Cinematography, Film Studies Programming and Curation, Sound Design to name a few, Diploma courses in Directing Commercials, Sports Production among others and Certificate courses in areas such as Character Animation and Producing Your First Feature to name just a few. Interested applicants must go through program-specific application requirements as many Diploma and Certificate courses are not open to international students. The estimated cost to pursue one of the MA degrees is around €30,000 (Euro) a year for international applicants with scholarship options for deserving ones.

8. Sydney Film School, Australia 

Australia is a popular study abroad destination, those interested to pursue film studies in Australia can consider the popular Sydney Film School (SFS) which was founded 14 years ago. It is a private film school offering two 1- year courses – Diploma of Screen and Media, and Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. The Diploma program is an introductory program designed for candidates with no experience and covers all aspect of film making. The Advanced Diploma is designed for more deeper studies and offers a specialization such as Production, Cinematography among others for skill enhancement.  The estimated tuition fee for international students is around $19,000. International students are also eligible for scholarships through the Endeavour Awards for participating countries and pursue their studies in SFS.

9. City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media

For students looking for study options in Asia, the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong could just be the ideal choice. It is the region’s first such institution and offers interdisciplinary training programs across many areas such as computer science, fine arts, visual design, creative writing, cultural studies, and digital technology. The school offers BA and BSc in Creative Media, BAS New Media, Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media and Ph.D./MPhil programmes. Programmes are integrated with study abroad exchange programmes and internships enabling students to gain industry experience. Admissions are rigorous and may include written tests, interviews, portfolio submissions to assess the applicant’s fit into the school. Applicants must check the requirements on the school website before applying.

10Lodz Film School

One of the oldest film schools in the world, Poland’s Lodz Film School is a one-stop solution for candidates seeking knowledge in film art, television, photography, and acting. Also known as the Polish National Film School in Lodz or Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television, and Theatre, the school has four departments – Film and Television Directing, Direction of Photography and Television Production, Acting and Film Art Organization. The school typically offers consolidated Masters programs lasting for 4- 5 years in areas such as Direction, Screenwriting and Acting. Tuition fee can range from 2000 to 6000 Euro per semester for Masters studies. The school also offers various part-time programs and Ph.D. studies in film, television and theatre specializations.  As a foreign student without Polish language knowledge, you have to join a Polish language class since the language of instruction is entirely Polish. Graduates from Lodz are placed across the global film industry as academy award and BAFTA award-winning directors, photographers, animators, cinematographers, production managers and actors among others. Visit their website and browse through all the program specific information before applying.

In addition to the above, aspiring filmmakers can also consider these reputed schools around the globe:

  • Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Australia 
  • Film and Television Institute of India, India
  • Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), Prague
  • Screen Academy Scotland, UK 
  • York University, Canada
  • USC School of Cinematic Arts, USA
  • Biola University, USA
  • New York Film Academy, USA
  • Boston University, USA
  • Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), South Korea
  • Beijing Film Academy, China

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