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There is no doubt that a good education opens many doors in the future, and the best masters in international relations have a lot to offer. Apart from being a gateway for a job as a high ranking diplomat, the right international relations masters program will help you learn all about big geopolitical issues and how to solve them. Only a proper education can help you achieve this result, and we’re here to tell you which are the best international relations masters programs in Europe at the moment.

There are many types of degrees that you can get in colleges and universities. Among them, degrees in international relations are becoming very popular. International relations is the subject that deals with diplomatic activities between countries or government systems. It is not easy to choose among all the best universities for masters in international relations in the world as there are so many different factors that you should consider when looking for them. That’s why writing about the best universities for masters in international relations in Europe will be useful for those who want to study this subject or simply know more about it.

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Best International Relations Masters Programs In Europe

ESEI International Business School Barcelona Barcelona , Spain

ESEI’s Master in International Relations and International Business is the right qualification for a graduate looking to excel in global business. Diving into political and economic considerations and examining social affairs, you will learn to analyze and understand the roots and reach of internationalization and its impact on corporations and start-ups.

MA in International Relations

Webster Athens Athens , Greece

The Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to critically analyze and assess global affairs. You will graduate with a crucial mix of classroom education and real-world experiences, a combination of skills that employers seek out in the field of international relations.

MA in International Relations

Kadir Has University Istanbul , Turkey

The M.A. Program in International Relations provides a rigorous approach to the study of global affairs with a particular emphasis on security and regional studies. Students are expected to develop substantive knowledge, theoretical perspectives and methodological skills necessary for conducting research and teaching in their field.

MA in Modern History and International Relations

University of Groningen Groningen , Netherlands

The MA in Modern History and International Relations provides a challenging multidisciplinary approach while offering intensive supervision by high-quality researchers in small groups. We also provide research assistantships for the students who are interested. The two-year Master’s track in Modern History and International Relations teaches you to carry out independent academic research in the fields of modern history and international relations. You will explore recent developments in these fields and study relevant theoretical and methodological backgrounds. 

Master of Science in International Relations, Strategy and Security

Neapolis University Pafos Paphos , Cyprus

The MSc in International Relations, Strategy, and Security aims at providing students with a broad assessment of contemporary international relations, with an emphasis on strategy and security issues. It combines in-depth academic training in key concepts, theories, and case studies, alongside a structured process of engagement with contemporary debates and experience. It integrates theoretical approaches with the study of many cases and issues.

Executive Master in International Relations (EMIR)

Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations Geneva, Switzerland

The Executive Master in International Relations (EMIR) is a flexible and challenging graduate programme aimed at enriching the skills of professionals through a diverse modular curriculum, tailored teaching methods, and an interactive learning environment.

MA European Public Affairs

Maastricht University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Maastricht, Netherlands

The master’s programme in European Public Affairs was established in 1999 and is designed to meet the growing need for professionals who have a solid understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of policy-making in Europe. 

Master of Arts in International Relations

UBIS University of Business and International Studies Geneva, Switzerland

The Masters of Art in International Relations (MA-IR) from the University of Business and International Studies UBIS is combining both international relations and international business courses. This combination gives you strong knowledge with the managerial skills necessary for any leading position. 

best international relations schools in europe

Studying International Relations (IR) in Europe is a great choice. When compared to institutions from the US, European universities and colleges offer more affordable (or even free) tuition fees but maintain high academic standards and welcome students from all over the world.

  • Sciences Po, France
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • King’s College London, UK
  • Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • SOAS University of London, UK
  • Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Central European University, Austria
  • University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Online Master of Arts in International Relations

Nottingham Trent University Online Nottingham , United Kingdom

Whether you’re looking to negotiate a policy for environmental change or generate solutions to global disputes, the online MA in International Relations from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) can enrich your experience and unlock a world of career opportunities.

Comparative International Relations

Ca’ Foscari University of VeniceVenice , Italy

This Comparative International Relations program at Ca’ the Foscari University of Venice offers two study paths taught in English that intertwine the study of languages and foreign cultures, international law and economics.

Online MA in International Relations

Queen Mary Online London, United Kingdom

This masters programme focuses on the traditional geographic areas of international relations as well as emerging areas of interest in the developing world. It discusses the historical significance of globalisation and how it relates to a number of key issues in international relations today. The programme offers challenging and thought-provoking modules to help you formulate your answers and a lively, intelligent group of students and academics with which to debate and exchange ideas. 

MA in International Relations

Webster Leiden Campus- Webster University USA Leiden , Netherlands

The Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to critically analyze and assess global affairs. You will graduate with a crucial mix of classroom education and real-world experiences, a combination of skills that employers seek out in the field of international relations.

MA in intercultural conflict management

Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin Berlin , Germany

Because of the changes that have been experienced by many societies as a consequence of increasing global interdependence, Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences (ASH) offers a Master of Arts in Intercultural Conflict Management (MA-ICM), in order to 

Master of International Management (with a specialization in International Relations)

Geneva Business School Geneva , Switzerland

Earning a master’s degree in International Relations will give you a practical understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the politics, markets, and people that make up the world we live in. 

Master in Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation

University of Turin Turin , Italy

The Master’s Degree course in Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation aims to provide the skills necessary to operate effectively in the various professions that constitute the field of international cooperation and area studies.

best universities for masters in international relations in the world

International Relations (IR) is a very popular discipline among students. To keep up with the interests of students, universities and colleges improve and add new IR courses all the time. On our portals alone, there are over 1,200 Bachelor’s and 1,100 Master’s degrees in International Relations.

The following are the best international relations schools in the world:

1) University of Oxford

2) London School of Economics and Political Science

3) Sciences Po – Paris

4) University of Cambridge

5) The Australian National University

6) University of Toronto

7) National University of Singapore

8) Freie University Berlin

9) University of Tokyo

10) University of Sydney

Courses in International Relations in Europe

Global Studies: Cultures and Organizations in International Relations Course – Grenoble Ecole de Management

FutureLearnGrenoble , France

Explore whether cultural, institutional and environmental differences can be overcome to create a more cooperative world.

Debating International Relations Course

University of Edinburgh Winter School Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The four-week online Debating International Relations course provides at least 72 hours of core academic teaching, along with development sessions to make the most of your international experience. 

Berlin – Security Studies & International Affairs

IES Abroad Berlin , Germany

Your coursework takes advantage of Berlin’s position as Germany’s capital, and the country’s role as a leading state in the European Union. The English-taught courses explore the history and challenges of European security policy, espionage, and strategic intelligence during the Cold War and beyond, the roots of global terrorism, and the challenges of migration.

Politics and International Relations Gap Year Programme

Oxford Royale Academy Yarnton , United Kingdom

The Politics and International Relations Gap Year programme is an academic Project for the politicians and leaders of the future.

Short Course in International Relations

European School of EconomicsLondon , United Kingdom

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a basic understanding of foreign affairs and introduce you to the fundamental principles of international relations within the political science framework. 

Global Studies: Risks and Threats in International Relations Course – Grenoble Ecole de Management

FutureLearnGrenoble , France

Explore global issues and discover how cultural divides and security threats impact foreign affairs and global policies.

Sustainable Development in Humanitarian Action Course – International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

FutureLearnParis , France

Discover the principles of sustainable development, and how to make it a reality in humanitarian organizations.

International Relations: Politics in Turbulent Times Course – The University of Kent

FutureLearn Canterbury , United Kingdom

Explore key political challenges confronting diplomacy in the 21st century and enhance your knowledge of modern global politics.

Paris – Business & International Affairs

IES Abroad Paris , France

Enjoy all that Paris has to offer while studying Business and International Affairs in the City of Light. If your French is at a high level, you can also enroll in an internship, which includes time spent working at your placement and an academic seminar that helps you contextualize what you’re learning.

Barcelona – Political Science & International Relations

IES Abroad Barcelona , Spain

On this program, you can take courses on a wide range of topics including politics, regionalism, international security, international business and relations, and many others. Imagine taking in all that Barcelona has to offer while taking exciting courses, like Campaigning in Europe: From Propaganda to Political Marketing or Globalized Economy & Migration. 

Rome – International Relations

IES Abroad Rome , Italy

Enhance what you learn in the classroom and add international work experience to your résumé by participating in an optional internship or social action/service learning placement and accompanying seminar. Possible placements include an NGO focusing on developing nations, an urban planning organization, an international politics think tank, a not-for-profit working with immigrants, and more.

Vienna – Business, Economics & International Relations

IES Abroad Vienna , Austria

A stunningly beautiful city, Vienna occupies a unique position at the crossroads between east and west, north and south, long making the city a central meeting place for trade and international politics, as well as arts and culture. Imagine studying International Business in the birthplace of Peter Drucker, or learning about politics and international organizations and then visiting the UN, the OSCE, OPEC. This is studying abroad!

best countries to study international relations

  • The United States

The United States is one of the best countries to look out for studying International Relations. It provides the most favourable opportunity to learn more about democracy, a type-state that many nations are trying to attain. Many nations still adopt the American style of government in their own nations. But moving to the U.S. to learn would be a very great decision if you were to become a civil servant in your home country later on. Aside from studying the tenets of democracy, the United States is also the headquarters of many international organizations. Representatives from different countries around the globe meet to promote peace and stabilize socio-economic and political ties with each other.

Top US Universities for International Relations

  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University 
  • Stanford University 
  • Yale University 
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the top countries to look out for studying IR by students. As the location of the Geneva Convention and home to several international, political and economic bodies, several of Switzerland’s businesses and institutions are open to international audiences, and political knowledge is felt in the country’s institutions. There are a lot of schools which have a beginners course in International and Diplomatic Relations. The country also hosts the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, one of the most respected institutions that focus on politics, business, and government on an international scale.

Top Swiss Universities for International Relations

  • University of Geneva
  • University of Zurich 
  • University of Bern
  • University of Basel
  • The United Kingdom

UK universities deliver the best level of excellence in IR. Students who look out for studying IR often choose the UK as it is a very popular destination. It is also home to some of the most esteemed professors in the field. Many ambitious politicians and civil servants have graduated from these top universities in the United Kingdom.

Top UK universities for International Relations

  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • UCL
  • Kings College of London
  • The Netherlands

Another European destination that is ideal for students of IR is the Netherlands. Studying abroad in Amsterdam does not only deliver a desirable global climate. It also opens the doors to internships in The Hague or at the offices of the International Criminal Court. If you are intending to focus on global law, the Netherlands is the place to be.

Top Netherlands Universities for International Relations

  • Leiden University
  • Erasmus University
  • Maastricht University
  • Singapore

If you want to learn more about Asian and Global diplomacy, you must study in Singapore. It provides a good learning atmosphere for students interested in the field of global politics and especially those who want to specialize in international business. The country is also similar to other Asian nations and provides a multidimensional culture of Chinese, Malays, Hindus and Westerners.

Top Singapore Universities for International Relations

  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University


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