Best Kinesiology Programs In Texas

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Best Kinesiology Degree Programs

To assist you in finding a school that meets your needs, we’ve prepared a ranking of the finest universities in Texas that offer Kinesiology And Exercise Science degrees for the year 2021. The rankings for each school are based on a combination of data gathered from reputable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial evaluation. You can also look through our complete list of all 61 Kinesiology And Exercise Science schools in Texas.

We also provide reviews, facts, and questions and answers for schools on our site and offer you access to get valuable information from colleges and universities today.

There are several colleges and universities across the United States that offer degree programs in sports medicine. These programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels and may offer sports medicine as a major or an additional concentration in a field like kinesiology or exercise science.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University - Wikipedia

Division of Sport Management

Texas A&M University, or TAMU, was founded in 1876 and was the state’s first institution of higher learning. It has since grown into the flagship research-intensive university that it is today. The Division of Sport Management at TAMU is part of the Department of Health and Kinesiology, which in turn is housed within the College of Education and Human Development. This particular school provides a solid option for students seeking sport management degree programs in Texas at the doctoral level, as this is one of the few schools in the state to provide this advanced degree.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Students interested in pursuing this undergraduate degree at TAMU have two options for pathways: one that includes an internship and one that does not. Internships are the finest alternative for students who want to get hands-on experience in the sports business. Students will study sport management from a business perspective in the classroom, followed by a 13-week internship that will serve as a capstone experience, allowing them to apply the principles and theories taught in the classroom to real-world situations. Students can also use their internship experience to network and possibly transfer into a job or career after graduation.

Students seeking the non-internship option are more likely to seek administrative and management positions in health, athletic and country clubs or entry-level positions in management within collegiate or professional athletic organizations. With this option, students are required to complete two minors as well as their major coursework, and these minors can be chosen from a list that includes business, journalism, coaching, parks and recreation management, and tourism resource management. Alternately, students can create a personal cognate program with the assistance of their advisor.

Texas Tech University

Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

Texas Tech University provides two of the many sports management degree programs in Texas, one at the undergraduate level and one at the graduate level. At Texas Tech, the goal is to foster student achievement above all else and to be seen as one of the top research universities in the nation. The university is large enough to provide the best possible facilities and technology while still remaining small enough to provide individual attention to each student. The department of kinesiology and sport management provides the bachelor and master degrees described here, as well as minors in sport management and kinesiology, athletic coaching, and health and public health.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Beyond the general education requirements for the four-year undergraduate degree, this particular BS of Sport Management involves 36 credit hours of major-required coursework and the addition of a required minor that adds an additional 18 credit hours. Minors can be chosen in such fields as General Business, Legal Studies, Communications Studies, Journalism, Electronic Media, and Public Relations. As with other degrees of this nature, students are prepared upon graduation to enter administrative positions within collegiate, amateur, and professional sports organizations, with particular career options likely coinciding with the student’s choice of focus within his or her chosen minor. Courses in this major involve fundamentals, social aspects, financial and economic aspects, leadership and management aspects, and international sport management concepts. These are then supplemented with the specifics of the chosen minor.

Schreiner University

Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics

Located in the Texas Hill Country, Schreiner University is a liberal arts college offering degrees in the sciences, arts, business, education, and nursing. Designated both a Hispanic Serving Institution and a Yellow Ribbon school, Schreiner is proud to serve an undergraduate population that is at least 25 percent Hispanic and to be instrumental in helping military men and women complete degrees quickly and easily so as to transition into successful careers that much faster. The Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics is one of three subdivisions within the university, offering degrees in the various sciences, mathematics, engineering, public health and nursing, exercise health and sports management.

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management

Of all the sports management degree programs in Texas, this is one of the few Bachelor of Arts rather than Science programs to be found. This particular degree is designed for students looking to enter the fields of marketing and business as they pertain to the sports industry, as well as sports management. Graduates can choose administrative careers such as high school athletic directors, work with professional sports teams and/or athletes, or manage sports facilities such as arenas, health clubs, or ball parks. This degree can also lead to further graduate work to prepare for positions working at the college or university level in athletics. Curriculum for this degree combines coursework in exercise science and sports ethics with business courses in areas such as finance, marketing, and business law.

Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University - Wikipedia

Annette Caldwell Simmons Schools of Education and Human Development

Cox School of Business

Southern Methodist University was founded by what is now the United Methodist Church in partnership with civic leaders of the time. It provides a strong foundation in the humanities and the sciences and takes a nonsectarian view of teaching, emphasizing academic freedom and open inquiry as part of the overall learning process. Being located in Dallas, one of the top sports markets in the country, provides for many opportunities for internships and experiential learning within both undergraduate or graduate courses of study. This particular university offers two of the sports management degree programs offered in Texas, housed across two of the seven schools that make up SMU.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Sports Management

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Sports Management degree combines a solid understanding of the biological basis of health and fitness principles with the business background needed by professionals in the sport, health, and fitness industries. The curriculum involves both academic coursework and experiential learning and prepares students for careers in both the business side of sports management, such as marketing and management of sporting organizations, and in health management, to include corporate wellness and commercial health and fitness facility management. The program culminates in a mentored senior project in which the student chooses a concentration in sports management that integrates the science and business components of the program content and demonstrates research and evidence-based practices in his or her particular concentration.

Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Department of Kinesiology

Part of the prestigious Texas A&M system, this university is nonetheless the only one in the nation to reside on its own island. Established in 1947, the university offers more than 80 of the most popular degree programs in the state and does so with the same academic integrity and rigidity as its parent university. As with the main TAMU, the sport management degree described below is housed in the Department of Kinesiology, which in turn is part of the College of Education and Human Development. This particular campus offers only the undergraduate degree in this particular field.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Like many of the other sports management degree programs in Texas described here, this degree program prepares graduates for jobs and careers with professional athletic teams, collegiate sports organizations, and amateur sports organizations, as well as within marketing and sales of sporting equipment and event promotion. Students will complete a minimum of 124 to 127 credit hours for this degree, which includes the general education requirements for any four-year degree. Major requirements involve various foundational courses in kinesiology, nutrition for human performance, and the psychological aspects of kinesiology, as well as the courses in legal, financial, and promotional aspects of sport management. Beyond these core courses, students take 18 credit hours in special foundations courses. These can be general business-related courses or can involve declaration of a minor in either business administration or marketing.

Sam Houston State University

College of Health Sciences

Named for Texan hero Sam Houston, Sam Houston State University was founded in 1879 and has since continually provided educational opportunities geared toward preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement. While striving to honor its historical roots through academic excellence, the university also strives to meet the needs of contemporary students by offering programs online as well as on campus. The College of Health Sciences encompasses several departments with programs designed to promote health and quality of life for both local and global populations.

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