best law schools in ireland

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1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity’s School of Law is consistently ranked in the world’s top 100 law schools and is the oldest Law School in Ireland. It is reputed internationally and its alumni comprises of prolific lawyers, judges, Chief Justices and Presidents of Ireland. The Trinity College Law Review and The Dublin University Law Journal are Trinity’s legal publications with international dissemination.

Law Courses at Trinity

  • Undergraduate – LLB, LLB (Pol. Sc.), LLB (Law and Business)
  • Postgraduate – LLM

2. University College Dublin

The Sutherland School of Law, one of the oldest law schools of Ireland, is internationally recognised and the first university law school in Ireland to be accredited by the Bar Council of India. The school endeavours to develop critical thinking and interdisciplinary knowledge in students and courses are ranked in the world top 100.

Law Courses at UCD

  • Undergraduate – LLB, Business and Law, Law with Economics, Law with Politics, Law with Social Justice
  • Postgraduate – LLM Law, LLM International Commercial Law, LLM International Human Rights

3. University College Cork

A law degree from UCC allows students flexibility to choose from specialised modules to suit the requirements of a diverse range of students. Students also have opportunities to combine postgraduate and undergraduate modules and to study or work abroad for a year. It offers seven undergraduate programmes in law and postgraduate degrees in business law, children and family law, marine and maritime law among others.

Law Courses at UCC

  • Undergraduate – Law Clinical (BCL Hons.), Law International (BCL Hons.), Law and Business (BCL Hons.)
  • Postgraduate – LLM Law, LLM Marine and Maritime Law, LLM International Human Rights and Public Policy, LLM Intellectual Property and E-Law, LLM Environment and Natural Resource Law, LLM Business Law

4. National University of Ireland, Galway

Known for its innovative legal education and high quality legal research, the School of Law at NUI Galway offers multiple undergraduate and postgraduate law courses and opportunities for clinical legal education. The Centre for Disability Law & Policy and Irish Centre for Human Rights are world leaders in their respective fields.

Law Courses at NUI, Galway

  • Undergraduate – LLB, Law in Bachelor of Arts , Bachelor of Civil Law, Bachelor of Corporate Law
  • Postgraduate – LLM International and Comparative Business Law, LLM Criminal Law, LLM Human Rights

5. Dublin City University

The best academic journals in law are published by the School of Law and Government at DCU. The law school delivers cutting edge programmes in coordination with government agencies and public institutions and professional bodies. The school of law focuses on research and policy development.

Law Courses at DCU

  • Undergraduate – LLB, Bachelor of Civil Law, Bachelor of Corporate Law
  • Postgraduate – LLM


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