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Best University For Studying Nursing In Australia

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sometimes it might be difficult to get the right information you are searching for on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean there are no right information out there like the article below. The article below brings you the best and latest information on best nursing school in Australia 2020, top nursing universities in the world & best uni for nursing PHD.

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Are you looking for the best University for studying Nursing in Australia? If so, this survey will help you figure it out. In an era where the need for nursing is tremendous, there are many choices to choose from as you research which university offers the best study environment for Nursing. The best school will have a number of things in common. You’ll need to set aside a large amount of your time but also enjoy the atmosphere and comfort that a good University has to offer. 

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Top Nursing Universities in Australia

If you are someone who enjoys making a difference in people’s lives for the better, consider making nursing as a career! Nursing is a highly respected and trusted profession, filled with many opportunities and rewards. The following are a few reasons and benefits of why choosing Nursing as a career might be the most suitable option for you.

The best nursing universities in Australia do an outstanding job of teaching future nurses. They develop competencies, provide a fun learning experience, and help you get started on a career. Here is a comprehensive list of Best University for Studying Nursing in Australia.

 University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney is a Sydney based institution which was founded in 1870 and is considered a leading university in different fields of academic studies. Though the university was found in the 1870s, main work and studies started in 1988. University campus has different laboratories for research and development. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies. As of 2018, UTS enrols 45,930 students, including 33,070 undergraduate and 12,860 postgraduate students through its 9 faculties and schools.

  • Location: Sydney
  • Number of Students: 45,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MBA – 18 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH/B.E – 17 Lakh INR
    • MS- 10 Lakh INR
  • Other Info: The university is known for its various sports clubs and music rooms.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney’s School of Nursing has been recognised in QS Subject Rankings as number two in Australia and number 15 in the world! Located in suburban Camperdown, Sydney Nursing School offers three entry-to-practice pathways for those looking to become a Registered Nurse, and a range of specialist postgraduate qualifications including Masters, Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates.

Choose from cancer and haematology nursing, emergency nursing, nurse practitioner and others.

Monash University

Monash University is an Australian university located in the beautiful city of Melbourne. It was founded in 1958. It is also the second founded in Victoria. It is one of best nursing university in Australia. There is a total four campus of Monash University around the world, out of them one is located in Malaysia.

  • Location: Melbourne
  • Number of Students: 19,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • B.TECH- 21 Lakh INR
    • MBA – 23 Lakh INR
    • MS- 18 Lakh INR
  • Other Info: The R&D department is known for its journals across the globe.

University of Melbourne

At University of Melbourne, you will complete a 3-year Bachelor degree such as a Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Design, followed by a 2-year Master of Nursing Science to quality as a registered nurse. The Parkville campus is the setting for this course which is available to domestic and international students, with a March intake. The curriculum of UM’s Master of Nursing degree features a higher ratio of clinical hours to theory than other entry-to-practice nursing degrees.

Every semester, you will complete 6 to 8 weeks of intensive teaching and then proceed into 3 to 4 weeks of professional experience placement at hospitals that partner with UM. The latest facilities and teaching equipment are on hand to ensure the best education.

Deakin University

Deakin University was founded in 1974. It is a government-funded university located in the state of Victoria. The university is named after the second prime minister of Australia. The main campus of the university is located n Melbourne. It is considered as the best university for nursing in Australia. The university receives a research funding of 47.2 million dollars.

  • Location: Burwood
  • Number of Students: 13,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MBA- 15 Lakh INR
    • MS- 17 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH- 16 Lakh INR
  • Other Info: Institution has a strong alumni network across the country.

 University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is located in Melbourne and is government-funded research-based the university of Australia. It was established in 1853 and is the second oldest university in the country. The university is known for its research in different fields of Technology.

  • Location: Melbourne
  • Number of Students: 23,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MS-22 Lakh INR
    • MBA- 23 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH- 19 Lakh INR
  • Other Info: It receives funding of more than 20 million dollars for research.

Queensland University of Technology

The Queensland University of Technology is research-based public university. It is located in a beautiful city, Brisbane. It is one of the top nursing universities in Australia. The university has two campus- Garden Point and Kelvin Grove.

  • Location: Brisbane
  • Number of Students: 30,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MS-16 Lakh INR
    • MBA-21 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH- 18 Lakh INR
  • Other Info: It has one of the best sports clubs and cultural clubs on the university campus.

University of Adelaide

Adelaide University is a government university located in Adelaide, It was founded in 1874. The university receives funding of more than $30 million per year for research and development.

  • Location: Adelaide
    Number of Students: 
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MS-15 Lakh INR
    • MBA-19 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH-21 Lakh INR
  • Other Info: There is a big number of international students in the university.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland, located in the capital of Australia was founded in 1909. It is a government-funded university which is known for its research work. The university has global network with 21 intuitions and is one the leading university of Australia. It is ranked among top 50 universities across the world.

  • Location: Queensland
  • Number of Students: 40,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MS-23 Lakh INR
    • MBA-21 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH-20- Lakh INR
  • Other Info: The university has given scientists and researches which are known worldwide.

Griffith University

Griffith University is known for its

Asian studies. It is a public university in the east coast of Australia. It was founded in 1971 with degrees in environmental science. It is one of the best nursing schools in Australia.  The institution has a strong alumni connection.

  • Location: East Coast
  • Number of Students: 15,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MS-12 Lakh INR
    • MBA-18 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH-15 lakh INR
  • Other Info: The university is known for its beautiful campus.

 Australian Catholic University

It is a public university of Australia which maintains two campuses. One campus is located in Rome. It is known for its research quality. The institution provides a wide variety of academic courses. The university campus is equipped with all facilities and technologies.

  • Location: Ballarat
  • Number of Students: 10,000
  • Top Courses with Fee:
    • MS-10 Lakh INR
    • MBA-19 Lakh INR
    • B.TECH-14 Lakh INR
  • Other Info: It gets funds from major churches of the world as it’s a Catholic university.

Nursing around the world

After completing your nursing studies in Australia, you will be able to take your qualification and skills anywhere in the world, including back to your home country. Nursing is an occupation that pays well and rewards highly. There is a nurse’s shortage in many countries where you will be warmly welcomed for your skills and dedication. The highest paying countries include the US, Canada, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, UAE, Virgin Islands and Switzerland.

Imagine being able to indulge your passion for caring for others whilst being well remunerated and enjoying new horizons! Simply remember to pack your Australian nursing qualification along with your passport and visa and get set for a fulfilling life in some of the world’s most interesting places.

Best Nursing Universities in Australia

The best nursing schools and universities in Australia do an excellent job of training future nurses. They develop competencies, provide an enjoyable learning experience, and help you get started on a career.

Quality indicators for a nursing and midwifery program are:

  • large numbers of students enroll in the program
  • high courses satisfaction rates among students and recent graduates
  • strong rates of graduate employment.

Top 10 university rankings

The top 10 universities for nursing and midwifery in 2017 are: University of Notre Dame Australia, Australian Catholic University, Edith Cowan University, University of Adelaide, University of Technology Sydney, Charles Darwin University, Deakin University, University of South Australia, Curtin University, James Cook University (Source: Uni Reviews).

Nurses consulting over a patient's x-ray.

Why Nursing is a Good Career

A nursing career offers many benefits. Nursing and midwifery in Australia is associated with high job satisfaction, secure employment, solid pay, and the flexibility to work in any city or town.

Training to be a nurse is a big commitment of time and energy. But there is an attractive payoff. Here are the top 5 reasons why studying nursing is a good career move.

Job satisfaction

Nursing is a job where you can help people directly – so you get to see the results of your good work. That can bring extra satisfaction. Nurses are vital to the delivery of health services and in supporting people during difficult times. It is a positive role that you can take pride in.

Nurses have their good days and bad days and the job can be stressful. But, overall, they feel upbeat about their profession. An Australian study found that 96% of nurses and midwives are at least moderately satisfied with their work (Skinner et al).

Employable skills

Most nursing graduates find full-time employment within a few months of finishing their degree. The employment rate is around 80%, which is higher than most other disciplines (source: Graduate Destinations Survey). Once you’ve made a start on your career, job security is excellent. Hospitals and other health service institutions are reliable employers.


Nursing is a career which accommodates changing life circumstances. Experienced nurses are needed in every city and town. So you can move to any populated part of the country and expect to find work. The profession also allows for timeouts. You can take years off for family and other reasons and pick up your career again without great difficulty.


As a people-orientated job, nursing presents constant variety. Nurses who help patients or clients directly meet new people each day. Your work can change with each case or as you move into different roles.

Growth potential

Like most professions, nursing has career paths which allow for growth, development and extra responsibilities. Senior nurses can move into director, specialist, consultant, education and health administration roles.

Nursing is a wonderful and rewarding career, but it can be hard, emotionally and physically. Shift work can be tough and working a seven day roster can play havoc on your social life. Your first month of full-time work will be exhausting, but seeing the impact you have on your patients makes it worthwhile.

After completing your initial registration as a nurse, you can seek employment directly with hospitals or healthcare services. Many hospitals offer graduate programs which give nurses the opportunity to experience nursing work across a range of fields and specialisations. Alternatively, you may choose to start your career with a healthcare provider in a particular sector. Nursing careers can be highly varied and diverse in the nature of work performed, the types of patients you will care for and the clinical conditions that you may be exposed to.~ HealthTimes

Top Bachelor of Nursing Programs

The best nursing universities in Australia offer a bachelor program of the right size.

  • In any part of Australia, there is only so much demand for trainee nurses and nursing graduates.
  • If a nursing program is too big, the quality of training placements can suffer. Graduates may also struggle to find a job in the local area.

With this in mind, our top rated nursing programs are at the University of Notre Dame Australia and the Adelaide Nursing School.

  • The nursing schools are sizeable but not large by Australian standards.
  • Importantly, they perform well in surveys of student satisfaction, and average graduate salaries (which account for unemployment) are high.

For detailed nursing program statistics, see Uni Reviews.

For detailed nursing program statistics, see Uni Reviews.

Bachelor degree students.

Notre Dame Bachelor of Nursing

The University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle and Perth) has the top rated nursing school. It scores highly for student satisfaction with courses, and performs well in getting graduates into jobs.

Program numbers are limited, which helps Notre Dame find suitable placements for all students. As per national requirements, students complete 400 hours of supervised training each year.

The Fremantle campus offers nursing diploma holders an articulated bachelor degree – a shortened 2-year program for students already eligible for enrolled nurse registration.Brochure

Notre Dame.

Adelaide Nursing School

The Adelaide Nursing School (University of Adelaide) is relatively small but achieves excellent results. It is at or near the top in Australia for course satisfaction ratings and graduate salaries.

The Bachelor of Nursing program provides extensive practical experience in a clinical setting – more than the standard amount in Australia. Placement settings are diverse and graduates are well equipped for any kind of nursing career.Brochure


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