Bocconi University Admission Requirements

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The SDA Bocconi Full-time MBA has a number of admission requirements and a very rigorous selection process, conducted by dedicated professionals and consultants. Selection process is based on an overall analysis of various factors. Skills, talents and formal prerequisites:

  • enthusiasm
  • ability to listen
  • concentration and involvement
  • responsibility
  • motivation to grow as a manager and a person

The admission process includes various stages, including:

  • Application form
  • Degree certificate, transcript – You are required to submit an original/official or certified original transcript of grades (in English or Italian) from the college or university attended.
  • Detailed CV – Between 2 and 11 years of professional experience (average of 5 years)
  • Proficiency in English – If English is not your mother tongue, you must take the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic tests.
  • GMAT – This is mandatory for all candidates – The GMAT is a very important indicator of class performance, but is only one of the elements considered in the selection process.
  • Two letters of reference
  • Application from sponsor companies (in the case that your company intends to financially support your participation in the program)
  • Interview

Full-time MBA Curriculum

4 phases, 12 months: the new MBA curriculum, for the right balance between career and life.

SDA Bocconi full time MBA programme

The SDA Bocconi MBA is an ambitious undertaking. While it requires drive and motivation, it offers you a unique opportunity to improve, personally and professionally. From day one and throughout the Program, you will be plunged into a very intensive period of full-time work that progresses in set stages.

It is demanding, sometimes stressful, but it is also sustainable, allowing to set a proper balance between career aspirations and personal life.

The SDA Bocconi MBA: an integrated and innovative curriculum.

  • is based on real world management knowledge;
  • draws directly on our faculty’s current research work;
  • blends together the analytical and social dimensions of managerial issues and instills ethical values;
  • takes place in a unique learning environment: academic as well as practice-based; diverse, teamwork oriented; open to the outside world and fostering interpersonal communication.

The MBA also involves you outside the classroom and after hours: extra-curricular activities actually belong to the mainstream program and offer a priceless opportunity to build a professional network.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

Fees and expenses of this SDA Bocconi Full-time MBA

Admissions Procedure Fee: €100

Tuition Fees: The total fee is € 43,500 to be paid in four installments

The fees include:

  • most teaching materials (although some texts must be purchased separately)
  • use of the School’s desktop PCs*
  • access to the School’s databases

* Each participant must have their own laptop.

The intensive nature of this twelve-month program makes it impossible to engage in professional activities that might provide you with financial support –

Entry Criteria

MBA(2 Courses)GMAT: AcceptedGRE: AcceptedIELTS: Accepted
MIM(2 Courses)GRE: AcceptedIELTS: AcceptedTOEFL: Accepted
RankingRank (out of 100)
Overall rank28
Regional rank5
Rank (out of 100)
Open new career opportunities25
Diversity of recruiters38
Percentage who received a job offer within three months of graduation66
Student assessment of career service26
Personal development and educational experience28
Faculty quality18
Student quality60
Student diversity28
Education experience29
Increase in salary56
Percentage increase on pre-MBA salary31
Post-MBA salary58
Potential to network45
Breadth of alumni network77
Internationalism of alumni25
Student rating of alumni effectiveness49

bocconi university fees

Via Sarfatti 25 - The Bocconi Summer School Doubles Up - Learning

For students enrolled in their 1st year in the 2021-2022 academic year, for Master of Science programs, Bocconi University foresees yearly tuition and fees amounting to € 14,073.

Information about deadlines and methods of payment of tuition and fees are available in the proper section “Payments: installments and deadlines”.

Bocconi has a detailed system of funding opportunities. Browse the specific site area to gather all the relevant information.

Application process and the cost of tuition. In addition to the results of the examinations the applicant must submit a certificate of the previous academic performance. Luigi Bocconi University divides its academic year into semesters. A year of bachelor studies will cost you around 12,500 USD. Those who wish to get their master’s degree here should be ready to spend at least 12,500 USD per year. The university has a variety of scholarship programs that students can take part in. Due to the fact that the tuition fees at UNIBOCCONI may vary depending on the faculty, we advise you to check the official website for more accurate information.

Fees and Scholarships

Tuition and FeesStudents will pay the tuition and fees of the university where they are in residence each year.
During the fourth year students will pay according to the university location they choose to attend.
Below you can find the the tuition and fees and accommodation costs at each institution for the WBB program for 2021-2022. Please note that fees and costs are subject to change.

YearYear 1
Year 2
Year 3
TuitionUSD 59,260.00HKD 210,000Euro 18,000
Accommodations*USD 15,916.00HKD 35,000 – 100,000around Euro 7,000

*Depends on the availability of on campus dormitory 


WBB is for students with an outstanding academic record. A number of scholarships have thus been established to acknowledge students’ achievements. All applicants will be automatically considered for scholarships based on their academic merit and other accomplishments. There is no need to file a separate scholarship application.


All students with European citizenship enrolled in the World Bachelor in Business program can apply for a dedicated loan with a major European bank.

Cost of living in Milan

Expenses – USD/MonthMin.Med.
Communications and utilities7497
Sports and leisure33123
Accommodation in MilanUSD/Month
Shared room outside of centre350
Shared room in city centre589
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre561
1 bedroom apartment in city centre800