bogazici university phd requirements

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Bogazici University PhD Requirements, phd scholarships bogazici university phd requirements. Bogazici University is the graduate school of the prestigious Bogazici University, Turkey. It encompasses three faculties: Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The word “Bogazici” refers to a specific location in Istanbul where the two branches³ of Bosphorus meet up with each other end to end. Thus, literally, Bogazici means an inlet or a bay from the sea (the Black Sea). The name resembles that of Boğaziçi University in İstanbul (English: Bosphorus University).

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Students with a master’s degree may apply to pursue graduate work toward a PhD degree in English. Applicants must take a written entrance exam and the successful candidates are then invited for an interview. The entrance exam tests applicants’ knowledge of critical theory, literary periods and genres. In order to be eligible, candidates are expected to demonstrate their ability to engage intelligently with theoretical questions with reference to specific texts from different periods and genres. All students are also required to provide proof of English proficiency by submitting a TOEFL/IELTS score or taking the Boğaziçi University English Proficiency Test (BUEPT).

**PhD program in English Literature will not be opened in Fall 2021.

bogazici university phd requirements

Quota10 (There is no quota for English preparatory class)
ALESVerbal: 55
GRE / GMATALES Verbal 55 or GRE Quantitative score of 149 and GRE Verbal score of 146 is accepted.
English proficiencyBUEPT or
TOEFL 550, TWE 4.5 or
TOEFL (CBT) 213, TWE 4.5 or
TOEFL (IBT) 79, TWE 22 or
IELTS Academic Score: 6.5, Academic Writing Score: 6.5
YDS/ÜDS/KPDSMinimum required score of 55 or an equivalent of it accepted by YÖK.
Official TranscriptAn official undergradute transcript and an official graduate transcript are required.
DiplomaA graduate degree diploma or a graduation document.
Those who have not graduated yet, must submit an official letter indicating that they are expected to graduate.
Student disciplinary recordRequired for applicants holding a degree from a university in Turkey.
Statement of PurposeRequired
Reference letterTwo letters
OtherA sample article, consisting of 4000 words.

Total quota for Ph.D. Program in Management is 8 students.

  1. Minimum GPA required (Graduate degree) is 3.00. Official transcript for the graduate degree is necessary. 
  2. GMAT or GRE score or ALES score (photocopy or student copy are not accepted). Minimum GMAT score required is ≥ 600 or minimum GRE score required in the new system is quantitative 157 and verbal 147. Minimum ALES score required is ≥ 80.
  3. Proof of English proficiency (accepted exams and minimum scores)
    • B.Ü. Proficiency;
    • TOEFL ≥ 550, writing ≥ 4.5 (paper-based exam);
    • TOEFL ≥ 213, writing ≥ 4.5 (computer-based exam);
    • TOEFL IBT ≥ 79, writing ≥ 22
  4. At least 55 points from YDS/ÜDS/KPDS or an exam equally accepted by Üniversitelerarasý Kurul
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. 2 reference letters (also required from graduates of Boðaziçi University)
  7. Graduate degree in Management (candidates graduated from other departments will be accepted to the remedial program.)

Applicants that fulfill the aplication requirements will undergo a pre-evaluation and those who succeed will be taken to an oral and a written examination.

Standardized Test Score
Candidates for the undergraduate programs must submit their scores from SAT in the areas of math and reading. The candidate must have received a minimum score of 35.5 out of 40 in the “Math” test and a total score of 65 out of 80 in the “Math” and “Reading” tests of the SAT. 

Bogaziçi Üniversitesi : Rankings, Fees & Courses Details | Top Universities

The SAT score card is valid for two years and may be used to apply to up to three departments or programs. 

Language ProficiencyThe medium of instruction at Boğaziçi University is English. All applicants must submit documentation proving proficiency in English. The Boğaziçi University Senate recognizes the results from a number of standardized tests for this purpose: 
BUEPTBoğaziçi University English Proficiency ExamInformation about the BUEPT and the TWE may be found on the website of YADYOK,
TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign LanguageTOEFL (PBT) 550, TWE 4.5TOEFL (CBT) 213, TWE 4.5TOEFL (IBT)    79, TWE 22TOEFL® (IBT Special Home Edition Test) 79, TWE 22
UK IELTS International English Language Testing SystemIELTS Academic: 6.5, Academic Writing: 6.5Scores are valid for two years after the test date.

bogazici university phd programs

Acting Director: Mutlu Koca

Assistant Director : Şaron Çatak

Heads of Programs :

  • Chemical Engineering: Ramazan Yıldırım
    • Fuel and Energy Technologies : Ahmet Erhan Aksoylu
  • Chemistry : Naz Zeynep Atay Gök
  • Civil Engineering : Emre Otay
  • Computational Science and Engineering : Levent Kurnaz
  • Computer Engineering : Cem Ersoy 
    • Software Engineering : Fatma Başak Aydemir
  • Construction Engineering and Management : Beliz Özorhon Orakçal
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering : Murat Saraçlar 
  • Engineering and Technology Management : Taner Bilgiç
  • Financial Engineering : Refik Güllü
  • Industrial Engineering : Taner Bilgiç
  • Mathematics : Burak Gürel
  • Mechanical Engineering : Kunt Atalık
    • Automotive Engineering : Hasan Bedir
  • Mechatronics Engineering : Mehmet Akar
  • Medical Systems and Informatics : Bora Garipcan
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics : Nesrin Özören
  • Physics : Erhan Gülmez
  • Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education : Ebru Kaya
  • Systems and Control Engineering : Yağmur Denizhan

The Institute for Graduate Studies in Sciences and Engineering offers graduate work leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in the following areas: Chemistry, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Physics, Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Programs which offer only M.S. degrees are Automotive Engineering, Medical systems and Informatics, and Software Engineering. Additionally, there are interdisciplinary programs offering M.S. degrees in Systems and Control Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering, Engineering and Technology Management, Financial Engineering and Fuel and Energy Technologies.

Engineering and Technology Management, Finance Engineering, Medical Systems and Informatics (organized by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering), Software Engineering, and Automotive Engineering and Fuel and Energy Technologies are M.S. programs designed as continuing education programs for working professionals and are subject to additional tuition and fees; they do not require a thesis.

The Institute, established in 1982, constitutes a reorganization of the graduate programs, which previously existed in different Schools of the University. The primary objective of the graduate programs offered is to train creative scientists and engineers to make significant contributions to Turkey’s educational and industrial development as well as to foster research.


Graduate programs leading to the Master of Science degrees in Science and Engineering normally involve 3 to 4 semesters of graduate work and include either, (a) a Master’s thesis, an obligatory non-credit seminar course and a minimum of 21 credits (or seven courses), or, (b) a term project, an obligatory non-credit seminar course and a minimum of 30 credits. At the discretion of the Executive Board of the Institute, the study period may be extended for up to two additional semesters.


Graduate programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Science and Engineering require (a) a minimum of 21 credits and seven courses, to be completed in at most four successive semesters, and (b) a Ph.D. thesis to be completed in at most eight semesters, starting from the enrolment of the student into the Ph.D. program. At the discretion of the Executive Board of the Institute, this period may be extended by at most four additional semesters.

The minimum number of 21 credits of formal course work is made up of required, optional, and/or elective courses, at the discretion of the particular program to which the student is registered. Since a Ph.D. program is essentially the pursuit of individual interest in a specific professional field, the course work is planned under the guidance of an advisor to fit each student’s specific objectives and needs. The 21 credits of course work must be made up of graduate level courses.

Students with only a B.S. degree may also directly apply to the Ph.D. program. In this case the minimum requirement for course work is 42 credits.

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred on candidates who have demonstrated general proficiency and high attainment of knowledge and competence in their special field of study as well as the capacity to carry out an independent investigation, as evidenced by the presentation of an acceptable thesis embodying the results of original research. The degree requirements are completed upon passing an oral thesis defense.

bogazici university dorm fees

Accommodation in apartment units

Uçaksavar Dorm
1st Kilyos Dorm
3rd and 4th North Dorm
The Superdorm
The dormitories offer small apartment units with 2 or more bedrooms, a small kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Each unit is equipped with Internet and telephone connection, beds, closets, chairs, bookshelves, and refrigerators; hot water is available in the bathrooms.

The 4th North Dorm is exclusively for graduate students. Units for married students are available with prior notice.

Accommodation in rooms

Men’s Dorm
Women’s Dorm
2nd Kilyos Dorm
1st and 2nd North Dorms
The number of students accommodated in each unit. Each room has Internet and telephone connection, bunk beds, closets, tables, chairs, bookshelves and a refrigerator. Bathroom and toilet facilities are shared; hot water is available in all bathrooms.

Off-Campus options

Istanbul is a city of apartments, so it is possible to find a place to call your own somewhere in the city. Students often like to find places near Taksim because of the vibrant student nightlife, but there are plenty of options in quieter areas that are near the metro or bus lines. There are two things to keep in mind when looking for an apartment:

Apartments in Turkey come with absolutely nothing in them. You will need to furnish an apartment completely. You might want to consider a roommate situation, as discussed below.
When considering where to live, keep in mind that when you travel by metro, the short branch that goes to Boğaziçi University from 1. Levent requires an additional fare. Also, you will pay full fare until your Student Dİscount Istanbul Card arrives, which typically takes a few weeks following registration for classes and application for the card.
Where to Look
Neighborhoods along the water are often overlooked, which is a shame because they provide direct access to the heart of the city, the Bosporus. The city can be overwhelming at times; taking a walk along the Bosporus can clear your mind and calm your nerves.

Neighborhoods worth considering:

The European Side
Neighborhoods running from Boğaziçi University along the ridge towards the city.

Just outside the campus gates. This neighborhood began as a service community to the university and the wealthy neighborhoods along the Bosporus.
An upscale neighborhood within walking distance to campus. Major shopping center (Akmerkez) and a branch office of Acıbadem Hospital. Metro access.
The upscale neighborhood of white-collar workers and families. Close to the main metro hub
Bosporus villages
There are several beautiful towns along the Bosporus that have been continually inhabited for thousands of years. I think these are overlooked by students because of the hill between them and the university. This can be managed, however, by taking a free shuttle bus that leaves every morning from Bebek at 9:00 that goes up the hill to campus. Free to university personnel and students.

Luxury district, so it would be difficult to find a place here, but not impossible.
full of charming, old wooden homes.
An old neighborhood with small apartment buildings and quiet streets.
Not within walking distance, but has direct buses to Boğaziçi and a vibrant student culture
The Asian Side
The Asian side of the city is worth considering for its slower pace and more conservative, family-oriented lifestyle. You would need to take a ferry to Beşiktaş and then either a bus to the University that goes up along the ridge or a bus that goes to Bebek where you could then take the 9:00 minibus up to the hill to the campus. It takes more effort, but the rents are lower and some people have said they love taking the ferries and being in less Westernized neighborhoods.

Quite liberal, major ferry hub, reliable ferry to Beşiktaş
More conservative culture, reliable ferry to Beşiktaş
Where to look online

Please note that listing these companies here does not signify endorsement by Boğaziçi University in any way. Unlike the Superdorm, we have no dialog with them and simply list them as a means of helping students find suitable housing. As a public university, we are unable to list private companies on our website. Please search the Internet using the terms like “Istanbul Erasmus apartments,” “Istanbul student housing,” and options with English will come up.

Facebook has many pages for student housing in the city.
Airbnb offers some arrangements appropriate for students here for the short-term.
Independent companies advertise rental units for Exchange and Erasmus students.

Tuition for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs

Tuition for Undergraduate Programs for International StudentsTuition per Semester
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences7128.00 TL
School of Applied Sciences7128.00 TL
Faculty of Education7128.00 TL
Faculty of Arts and Sciences ( Science Programs)14256.00 TL
Faculty of Arts and Sciences ( Social Science Programs)14256.00 TL
Faculty of Engineering14256.00 TL
Tuition for Graduate Programs for International StudentsTuition per Semester
Fall Semester3564.00TL
Spring Semester3564.00TL
Total for one year7128.00 TL
Summer study 
*This amount does not include room and board. Please see Boğaziçi Housing for information on the BU dormitories.* Executive graduate programs’ tuition fee information can be found at
Tuition for Undergraduate Programs for International Transfer StudentsTuition per Semester 
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences7128.00 TLSchool of Applied Sciences7128.00 TLFaculty of Education7128.00 TLFaculty of Arts and Sciences ( Science Programs)14256.00 TLFaculty of Arts and Sciences ( Social Science Programs)14256.00 TLFaculty of Engineering14256.00 TL