Can I Teach College with a Bachelor’s Degree

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Do you want to learn about the latest findings on “can you become a teacher without a teaching degree”? Get ready! Find out all the information you need right here on so you don’t have to go looking again. Find all the specifics you need, such as how to become a teacher with a bachelors degree not in education, can you become a teacher with a bachelor of arts degree, can i teach at a community college with a bachelors degree, have a bachelors degree and want to become a teacher philippines, can you be a teacher with a bachelors degree in business etc. If you really do want to be a teacher without an advanced degree, there are opportunities at secondary schools, although most public schools will expect you to start working toward your Master’s degree in either Education or your specific field within a few years after you begin. Private secondary schools are less strict in this regard, but these days you’ll find that most teachers will work towards their Master’s even in private schools. With a computer science / engineering degree, you should be competitive for teaching positions in mathematics, physics, computer science/technology, and possibly other sciences. When I started teaching high school physics, my undergraduate degree was in electrical engineering (but I also finished a Master’s in education).There are obviously exceptions to the above — Bill Gates could get a job teaching at virtually any school in the country, and he doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree. But, unless you are in a unique category like that, you should be prepared to get an advanced degree of some sort if you want to teach at the college or university level.Teaching in a college generally requires at least a master’s degree in a specialty, although in some cases, colleges accept teachers with bachelor’s degrees, particularly if the teaching candidate can demonstrate expertise and considerable experience in the field in which she wants to teach. Students in graduate programs who are working toward a graduate degree can teach at the college level under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Most of the classes that master’s or doctorate candidates can teach are introductory courses.

As an Instructor

Become an expert in the field in which you work. Some departments within colleges and community colleges accept instructors who have bachelor’s degrees if they have deep experience in a particular field.Contact the school or department at which you would like to teach and find out what the opportunities are for you in your area of expertise.Put your credentials into an effective resume and list any awards, accomplishments, and training that distinguish you in the field in which you have a specialization.Fill out the necessary forms for the position and submit them with your resume, cover letter, and letters of reference.

As a Graduate Student

Contact the graduate program at the college or university you plan to attend. Ask them for a list of teaching assistant jobs in the department. Most colleges require that graduate student teaching assistants take a minimum number of credit hours during each semester or quarter to qualify.Complete the forms the college requires to apply for the teaching assistant posts for which you are qualified. The hiring entity will contact you for interviews and notify you if you receive the appointment as a teaching assistant.Read the terms and conditions of your appointment carefully if you are selected as a teaching assistant. Almost all teaching assistants have mandatory orientation meetings. Getting appointed as a teaching assistant is typically for one term only, so it is important to know when to apply for the next semester or quarter in order to keep the teaching assistant position.

How to Become a Teacher with a Bachelors Degree not in Education

Most states offer alternative pathways that are specifically designed for those who majored in another subject and wish to become a teacher without an education or teaching degree. To become a teacher if you didn’t major in education, in most states you will need to complete an alternative teacher preparation program. These programs typically must be approved by the state’s board of education and lead to a post-graduate certificate or a master’s degree plus licensure. Many states have approved online alternative programs to allow working professionals a degree of flexibility in completing the requirements.

Can You Become a Teacher with a Bachelor of Arts Degree

People who wish to become art teachers must first choose which path they are interested in taking. There are numerous programs available at the bachelor’s degree level that are designed to lead to initial teacher licensure with a major in art. One of the important factors to consider is whether the teacher preparation program is approved by your state’s department of education and whether it will satisfy requirements for state teacher certification or licensure. The typical path to becoming an art teacher is as follows:
  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree in art education that includes a state-approved teacher preparation program.
  2. Complete a student teaching internship at the grade level(s) you wish to teach.
  3. Pass your state’s required tests for art teachers.
  4. Apply for your teaching certificate.
  5. Begin applying to open art teacher positions.
Many states offer a K-12 certification in art that can lead to a career in teaching art from the elementary level through high school. Prospective art teachers may also decide to focus on art education at a specific grade level, such as middle school or high school. On any of these pathways, students in bachelor’s degree programs can expect to take two years of liberal arts and science courses, as well as art courses. After being admitted to the teacher preparation program at their university, which typically happens in the junior year, students will begin taking courses on methods of teaching specific to the grades they wish to teach. After passing the state tests for teacher certification and completing observations and student teaching, a graduate will be eligible to obtain state teacher certification.For those who already have a bachelor’s degree in art but did not complete an approved teacher preparation program, there are also alternative paths to teacher certification in most states. Earning a master’s degree that includes a teacher preparation component is another common path to initial teacher licensure.

Art Teacher Salary and Job Outlook

Though the US Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t provide art teacher statistics, we use similar teaching categories as a proxy for data on the median salary and employment outlook. Job growth for elementary, middle, and high school teachers over the decade from 2018 to 2028 is projected at 3-4%, slower than the average for all occupations.1-3 The median annual salary for elementary school teachers in 2018 was $58,230, while middle school teachers earned a median of $58,600, and high school teachers earned a median of $60,320 per year.1-3Teachers who acquire further training or a national certification may benefit from opportunities for higher pay. Positions in urban or rural environments may offer higher salaries due to the increased demand for quality teachers in those areas.

Helpful Skills and Experience

Skills and experience in both teaching and art will help individuals be effective in this career. Strong communication skills and in-depth knowledge of art history and art concepts will help a candidate stand out from other applicants.

Can I Teach at a Community College with a Bachelors Degree

To teach non-transferrable classes, most community colleges require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the area being taught. So, for example, a person with a Bachelor’s degree in English would be able to teach Development English classes. Teaching experience is preferred, but it is not always required.To teach transferable classes, most community colleges require a minimum of a Master’s degree and 18 hours at graduate level in the subject being taught. This is slightly different than a Master’s degree in the subject area. What it means is that you can have a Master’s Degree in English, then take 18 credit hours (at the graduate level) in history and be able to teach history. Some colleges may require the degree to match the courses being taught, or they may use that as a way to weed out applicants if there are too many who apply for a position.Keep in mind that those are the minimum requirements. Unlike teaching in the K-12 world, a teaching degree or certificate is not required. Only mastery of the content being taught is required.


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