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When traveling to the Caribbean for medical school, you want to make sure that you are making the right decision. Finding out about physician assistant programs can be a little bit more complicated than you might think. With so much information online that is not accurate, it can a daunting task to find the truth. This article will provide you with some of the best known Caribbean physician assistant programs and some additional suggestions as well.

The physician assistant profession is a growing field that offers many exciting opportunities. Physician assistants are trained to work with doctors and nurses to provide patient care in a variety of settings. They are educated to assess, diagnose and treat patients as part of a team in many areas of medicine. This post offers you all you need to know about Caribbean Physician Assistant Programs, accelerated physician assistant programs, physician associate program, st johns pa program requirements and queens university pa program.

Physician assistant graduate programs combine coursework and clinical experiences to provide a strong foundation of medical knowledge. Classes may cover core topics in science, pathology, human anatomy, clinical medicine, pharmacology and medical ethics. Then students participate in supervised clinic hours in several areas to gain hands on experience and prepare for the diverse challenges they may face in the field. Read on to learn more about Caribbean Physician Assistant Programs, accelerated physician assistant programs, physician associate program, st johns pa program requirements and queens university pa program and more on collegelearners.

Caribbean Physician Assistant Programs

We begin with Caribbean Physician Assistant Programs, then accelerated physician assistant programs, physician associate program, st johns pa program requirements and queens university pa program.

PA programs are becoming increasingly popular as people across the globe are taking advantage of the new opportunities that these programs offer. With an increased demand for PAs, more schools are starting to offer these programs and have started to expand their enrollment numbers.

The following is a list of some of the easiest PA schools to get into in the Caribbean:

St. John’s University – New York City, NY: St. John’s University offers a 2-year Physician Assistant program, which can be completed on campus or online. Students who attend school on campus will receive hands-on training through clinical rotations at local hospitals throughout NYC. The majority of students will complete this program within 2 years, but those who enroll in an accelerated program can finish in just 15 months!

Chatham University – Pittsburgh, PA: Chatham University offers both a 3-year Bachelor of Science degree as well as a 2-year Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS). The BS requires 120 credit hours while the MSPAS requires 64 credit hours with no general education requirements needed before applying to either degree track!

Mercy College – Pharmacy & Physician Assistant Science Program.

accelerated physician assistant programs

Now we consider accelerated physician assistant programs, physician associate program, st johns pa program requirements and queens university pa program.

Accelerated/Dual Degree Physician Assistant Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physician assistant positions are expected to grow 38% through 2022, a rate well above almost any other profession and double that of medical doctors. Traditionally, these programs take 2-3 years to complete as a graduate student but accelerated dual degree programs allow students to begin their Physician’s Assistant coursework after just three years of undergraduate coursework, shaving off a full year of study. The schools that made College Transitions’ list offer direct entry, dual-degree programs which allow for this accelerated pathway toward this rewarding and lucrative profession.

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InstitutionInterview Required?Required GPA(to Advance)Required GRE score(to Advance)LengthPANCE Pass Rate(Five-Year)Notes
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesYes3.2Waived97%
Arcadia UniversityYes3.4147 (quantitative); 158 (verbal)6 years100%
College of Saint Mary (NE)Yes3No Minimum5 years96%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1180/24
D’Youville CollegeYesNo MinimumNot Required4.5 years96%
Daeman CollegeYes3Not Required5 years97%~10% acceptance rate; most successful applicants possess an SAT score >1170
DeSales UniversityRecommended3Not Required5 years99%
Drexel UniversityYes3.5Not Required5.25 years97%
Duquesne UniversityYes3Not Required5 years93%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1170/24
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University5.5 years94%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1250/26
Gannon UniversityYes3Not Required5 years95%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1140/23
Hofstra UniversityYes3.3Not Required5.5 years99%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1300/27
Kettering College3.75 years99%
King’s CollegeNo3.2Not Required5 years98%
Le Moyne CollegeNo3.4Not Required5 years96%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1250/26
Lock Haven UniversityYes3.23005 years97%
Marquette UniversityYes3Not Required5 years100%
Marywood UniversityYes3.5Not Required5 years95%
MA College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesYes3Not Required6 years91%
New York Institute of TechnologyYes3.4Not Required6 years98%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1170/24
Nova Southeastern UniversityYes3.2153 (quantitative); 153 (verbal)6 years98%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1220/25
Pennsylvania College of TechnologyNo3.6Not Required5 years94%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1200/25; CASPer exam also required
Quinnipiac UniversityNo3.2Not Required6.25 years99.60%
Rochester Institute of TechnologyYes3Not Required5 years95%
Rutgers University – New BrunswickYes3.2Not Required6 years98%
Saint Francis UniversityNo3.2Not Required5 years98%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1220/25
Salus University/Western New England Univ.Yes3Not Required5 years97%Students attending the folloiwng colleges are eligible for a 4+2 PA degree: Cedar Crest College; Immaculata University; Indiana University of PA; Keystone College; Messiah College; Rosemont College; and University of the Sciences
Seton Hall UniversityNo3.5Not Required6 years99%
Seton Hill UniversityYes3.2Not Required5 years93%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1160/24
Slippery Rock UniversityNo3.25Not Required5 years95%
Springfield CollegeNo3Not Required6 years97%Successful applicants possess an average SAT/ACT score of 1250/27
Stockton UniversityNo3.25Not Required5.25 years96%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1300/28
Thomas Jefferson UniversityYes3.25Not Required5 years96%
Union College (NE)Yes3.5Not Required6 years96%Enrollees in the pre-PA program are not guaranteed admission, only preferred status
University of the CumberlandsYes3Not Required5 years96%
University of Detroit MercyYes3.52915 years95%Applicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1170/26
University of EvansvilleYes3.5Not Required6 years100%
University of the SciencesYes3.2Not Required5 yearsNew Program
Valparaiso UniversityNo3Not Required5 yearsNew ProgramApplicants must possess an SAT/ACT score of 1230/25
Wagner CollegeYes3.2Not Required5 years94%

physician associate program

More details coming up on physician associate program, st johns pa program requirements and queens university pa program.

The Physician Associate Programme is an exciting and challenging two-year full-time programme that trains healthcare professionals to support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients. Physician Associates (PAs) are trained to perform a number of roles including taking medical histories, performing examinations, diagnosing illnesses, analysing test results, developing management plans and much more.

This highly regarded programme has been designed to train a new generation of healthcare professionals to support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients. PAs are trained to perform a number of roles including taking medical histories, performing examinations, diagnosing illnesses, analysing test results and developing management plans.

This is a two-year full-time programme requiring ninety weeks of study and combines the theoretical and scientific basis of medicine with clinical experience. The programme leads to the award of MSc in Physician Associate Studies. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates are eligible to sit the national examination which entitles entry onto the national register and practise as a PA in the UK.

st johns pa program

The St. John’s University Physician Assistant program utilizes a student-centered approach to provide our learners with the necessary academic, clinical, professional and interpersonal skills to function competently, confidently, compassionately and efficiently as primary care practitioners. We aim to sensitize students to the diversity of healthcare needs and the impact of socioeconomic factors on healthcare, to promote non-discrimination and inspire graduates to provide high quality, cost-effective, compassionate and accessible care to underserved patients in urban communities. Our graduates will excel in the competencies and values required for leadership and service in a rapidly evolving global community. The St. John’s PA program faculty educators serve as role models to the student and their interactions with students influence the direction and growth of our learners. Many faculty members have practiced in underserved areas of the city.


  • Accredited Status:  Continuing Accreditation
  • Campus Location: Queens, NY
  • Degrees Offered: Masters
  • Class Start Month: September
  • Class Duration: 33 months
  • Class Capacity: 75 students
  • Decision Criteria: Matched to mission academic ability and understanding role of physician assistant, personal interview, personal statement
  • Seat Deposit: See Program Website
  • International Students: Accepted
  • TOEFL: Required


  • Resident tuition: $122,640
  • Nonresident tuition: $122,640


  • First-time PANCE pass rate: 84%
  • Five year first-time PANCE pass rate: 93%

st johns pa program requirements

PA students offer clinics and health education in Belize - Physician  Assistant Program

As stated on the program website:

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree. For more information about admission to this and other St. John’s graduate programs, please visit the Office of Graduate Admission.
The MSPA program accepts a maximum of 75 students every year. Admission into the program is contingent upon past academic performance, completion of a bachelor’s degree within 5 years or completion of all program pre-requisites within 5 years of entrance to the program, an individual interview, excellent communication skills, and the ability to fulfill the technical standards of the program.
Required pre-requisites for the program include:

  • Completed Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0
  • Minimum cumulative math/science GPA of 3.0
  • General Biology with lab – 2 semesters
  • General Chemistry with lab – 2 semesters
  • Organic Chemistry with lab– 2 semesters OR 1 semester of organic chemistry with lab AND one semester of biochemistry
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology with lab – 2 semesters
  • Microbiology
  • Behavioral Sciences – 6 credits
  • English composition
  • Calculus or higher level math
  • TOEFL for applicants who have not attended a post-secondary institution in which English was the language of instruction
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation

Direct patient-care experience is strongly recommended.

queens university pa program

Personal Academic Advising to Prepare You for a Career as a Physician Assistant

To be successful in a career as a physician assistant, you need to care about people and connect with them on a personal level. Strong classes in STEM–science, technology, engineering, and math–combined with a liberal arts education best prepare our students for a successful career in a health care profession, such as one as a physician assistant. We invite you to explore how we can share your journey and prepare you for a successful career in health care. 

How do I know the Pre-Physician Assistant Program at Queens is the best for me? 

At Queens, you will get a personal academic advisor who will guide you throughout your time at Queens. They will ensure you take all the classes you need to in order to fulfill your pre-physician assistant requirements, regardless of what major you take. That matters because you can take any major at Queens along with your concentration in pre-physician assistant.

You study what you want, whether it’s because you find it the most interesting or if it’s because you think it will best prepare you for your career. The liberal arts education Queens offers guarantees you will be well-rounded enough to succeed in your profession. International travel and internship opportunities that Queens provides completes an experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere. 

Required Courses

Standardized Exam required for admission: GRE (Be sure to check your program of interest to see if the MCAT or other exam is accepted)
Resource for national standards: American Academy of Physician Assistants

BIO 201 Cellular and Molecular Foundations
BIO 213 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 214 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 120 OR BIO 330 Microbiology
Some programs require microbiology for majors which is the BIO 330 Microbiology course.
BIO 303 Genetics
Some programs require or recommend Genetics.  Some programs require another upper level biology course and Genetics is recommended. 
CHM 111, 111L Chemistry Principles I & Lab
CHM 112, 112L Chemistry Principles II & Lab
MAT 130 Introductory Statistics for Social Sciences or ENV 225 Data Analysis for Natural Sciences
PSY 101 General Psychology
NUR 105 Medical Terminology
Many but not all programs require a medical terminology course.

Social Science and Humanities:

Many physician assistant programs require 1-2 courses chosen from ethics, history, religion, sociology, economics and/or psychology.  This content may be covered in general education courses.  Some course suggestions are listed below which meet this requirement. 
ATH 101 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
PHL 310 Biomedical Ethics
PSY 210 Developmental Psychology
PSY 271 Abnormal Psychology

Total: 44-48 Hrs 

Recommended Courses

Math Courses:

Some programs require one math course in addition to statistics.
MAT 140 Precalculus
MAT Algebra

Natural Science Courses:

Some programs recommend higher level biology, exercise science, and/or chemistry courses in addition to the required courses listed above.  Check the program details to see if organic chemistry and/or biochemistry, and if any physics is required for admission.
BIO 331 Cell Biology
CHM 303, 303L Organic Chemistry I & Lab
CHM 304, 304L Organic Chemistry II & Lab
CHM 401 Biochemistry (with or without CHM 401L lab)
KIN 314 Exercise and Sport Physiology
PHY 201 College Physics I


Consider starting Spanish or continuing it from high school to increase your ability to work with Spanish-speaking patients as this skill will be valuable with demographic trends in the United States.

Contact us:

Dr. Patricia Koplas, PhD, PT 
[email protected]
Pre-Health and Pre-Vet Advisor

Note: Physician assistant programs vary widely for their requirements, especially for the math and science courses.  Be sure to check all programs you are considering applying to early during your undergraduate career for specific pre-requisites needed to apply to that school’s program. The information for this list was compiled from physician assistant programs in North Carolina.

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