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carleton university acceptance rate

Last Updated on August 12, 2023 by Oluwajuwon Alvina

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Carleton College is a liberal arts college in the United States. It is consistently ranked among the top US liberal arts college and education making it one of the best places to study in the USA. Enrolling 2,100 students annually, Carleton College offers over 1,000 courses including 70 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and various other online certificate programs.

Having an acceptance rate of 19%, Carleton College has an admission intake during fall, winter and summer and follows a semester-based academic pattern. In addition to this, the college has around 200 student-led and created organizations, boosts a small yet notable faculty and small class with student: faculty ratio of 9:1. Carleton College is home to an attractive number of international students from over 45 diverse nationalities.

Carleton University, Ottawa Courses, Fees, Ranking, & Admission Criteria

Carleton College Ranking

A glance at recent ranking highlights of Carleton College is listed below:

#36 US CollegeTimes Higher Education 2021
#1 in National Liberal Arts CollegesUS News 2021
#1 in Best Undergraduate TeachingUS News 2021
#11 in Most Innovative SchoolsUS News 2021
#28 in Best Values SchoolUS News 2021
#177 in Top Performers on Social MobilityUS News 2021
>#110 in the list of Best Undergraduate Engineering ProgramsUS News 2021


College TypePrivate
College SettingSmall town campus
Academic CalendarSemester – based
Intake SeasonsSpring, Summer, Fall Semesters
Mode of ProgramUndergraduate, graduate and off -campus programs
Mode of PaymentBank Transfer, the Hub, Check, Flywire, etc
English Language Proficiency TestTOEFL (IBT, CBT or PBT), IELTS, DET (Duolingo English Test)
Campus Housing and accommodationStudent Residences and Housing available
Financial AidLoans, Grants, Scholarships and Work Study available
Admission Helpdesk[email protected]

Carleton College Campus

  • A campus encircling a large yet comfortable campus of over 1,040 acres, Carleton College is graciously located in a pleasant locality, overlooking the Cannon River.
  • Carleton College encourages students in areas of interest spanning from sports, seminars, performing arts and other relevant fields, either to improve or pick up on any of these skills.
  • Sports activities such as Basketball, Soccer, Bald Spot Frisbee, Women’s Rugby are provided by the college to boost the students’ profile.
  • Students also enjoy excursions and trips through a student- organised group named CANOE, where activities like camping, hiking, canoeing, skiing and more help students interact and form a great bond.
  • The college entails the extra -curricular talents of students and boasts over 200 student -organised clubs.

Carleton College Student Residence

  • Carleton College comprises over 12 Residential Buildings across the campus.
  • Students interested in the Carleton College Student Residence services are required to fill a form or questionnaire, after which they are allowed to choose their roommates or groups. Students also have an option to select their room based on availability indeed.
  • The college also offers private apartments and gated communities for a bounded number of students only, unfortunately. This is referred to as the Northfield Option and the student, if interested, is required to fill an application. Students who ultimately get to stay with the Northfield Option are selected through a lottery process and are thoroughly responsible for their housing arrangements and facilities.
  • Carleton College also offers Interest Houses where a group of students with a common purpose may choose to stay together. The activities for each house, nevertheless, are open for all students.
  • Each room has all the basic amenities including a twin bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, closet / wardrobe, etc.
  • Dining options are densely offered with the college providing convenient meal plans. Carleton College encompasses 4 on -campus dining options or locations:
  • East Dining Hall
    • Burton Dining Hall
    • Sayles Hill Café
    • Weitz Cafe
  • Students may also choose to cook their own food using the kitchen present on every residence hall floor, well equipped with kitchen utensils and amenities such as oven, refrigerator, microwave and storage cabinets.
  • Alternatively there are some other residing options available in the USA.

Carleton College Programs

  • Carleton College offers courses in multi -disciplinary programs including Computer Science, Psychology, Public Policy, Religion, Economics, Educational Studies, French and Francophone Studies, Neuroscience.
  • Carleton College offers distinctive programs in undergraduate and graduate levels. Additional platforms such as off -campus programs are also offered by the academy. Off -campus programs are to be taken during the Spring, Summer or Winter breaks.
  • To help create a flexible link and bridge any potential gaps, Carleton College offers a Summer program for Secondary school (high school) students, known as Carleton College Summer Liberal Arts Institute (SLAI), in order to lay a strong foundation and clear any possibly existing confusion about each course.
  • Following a semester – based academic calendar with three intake seasons, the academy allows students to start their pursuit for deeper learning with Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons.
  • The Carleton Global Engagement Programs allow students to experience a global perception in terms of education, learning and training. Students enjoy a study trip to a place as suited to the course of choice. These are also referred to as Study Abroad programs.

Carleton College Application Process

Mentioned below is the application process for admissions at Carleton College.

Application Portal: Online application available on the official website. Applicants can apply through either Common Application, Coalition Application or QuestBridge Application.

Application Fee: Application fee payable for students interested in admission is free of cost. Common Application, QuestBridge Application and Coalition Applications come free of cost in most cases.

Application Deadlines: Carleton College is not lenient in concerns with admission deadlines and dates. The academy expects prompt and on -schedule submissions, without any delay. The admission deadlines are as follows.

Fall Early DecisionNovember 15
Regular DecisionJanuary 15
TransferMarch 31
Winter Early DecisionJanuary 15
QuestBridge ApplicationLate September

Admission Requirements: The admission requirements for interested applicants is as listed below.

  • A completed online application form
  • Copies of all official transcripts and relevant previous degrees and education
  • Standardised Test Scores to study in USA: Students whose native or first language is not English or who have not studied 4 years of English are obligated to submit any one of the following scores.
    • IELTS: A minimum band score of 7.0
    • TOEFL (IBT): A minimum score of 100
    • TOEFL (PBT): A minimum score of 600
    • TOEFL (CPT): A minimum score of 250
    • DET (Duolingo English Test): A minimum score of 120
    • SAT: Carleton College has an optional test policy for freshman or first -year students applying for Fall 2021, though students are encouraged to send it, if they prefer so
    • ACT: Carleton College has an optional test policy for freshman or first -year students applying for Fall 2021, though students are encouraged to send it, if preferred so
  • Financial support documents
  • School Report or a high school counsellor recommendation
  • letters of recommendation from 2 academic professionals or references who must not be in relation to the student
  • Portfolios and additional coursework to be demonstrated, if the course of choice requires it.
  • Study Permit or F-1 visa
  • Interview – Students who stay in or nearby Minnesota may walk -in for an optional interview

Note: Students who have a higher degree of knowledge and experience in their elected course of choice and are able to demonstrate the same, stand at a better position to be considered for admission.

Carleton College Cost Of Attendance

The cost of attendance for admissions in Carleton College is as listed below. Carleton College refers to Comprehensive Fee as an all -included fee which is termed annually. The college charges separately for student activities which actively involves sports, music, theatre, art and related activities. Moreover, the academy does not charge separately for laboratory facilities, study trips, etc. The breakdown of fee payment is cited below.

ExpenditureAmount (USD)
Student Activity Fee384
Room accommodation7,995

Carleton College Financial Aid

Carleton College believes in helping students pursue their course of choice in a comfortable space and is thus, generous in regards with financial aid and support.

  • Merit -based scholarships are also offered by the institute. Carleton College has awarded 36 National Merit Scholarships.
  • 55.8 million dollars were utilised for students as provision for financial aid.
  • Grants are offered, either from the college or from endowments to the college and hence, help students meet their financial needs without any expectation to be repaid. The college, additionally, has registered for a number of federal grants, namely SEOG and many more.
  • Carleton College participates in federal student loans such as Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan Program, Federal Direct Plus Loans, etc.
  • Students may also choose to pay through monthly instalments and plans.
  • Work Study is another option for students to help meet financial requirements. Through this option, students may earn through campus employment.
  • Students can also apply for the scholarships available in the USA.

Carleton College Placements

  • Carleton College offers a vibrant spectrum of professional opportunities through multiple pathways.
  • The academy offers a few placement tests as a measure of students’ employability skills and preparation for workforce culture.
  • 72% of the graduating students are full -time employees and 9% are part -time employees.

The following mentioned are the most common and frequent employers of Carleton College students:

  • Deloitte
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • U.S Department of State
  • Goldman, Sachs and Co.
  • Google, Inc.

A glance at Carleton College graduates getting salary/year depending on their degree and qualification:

Architectural Studies - Undergraduate Admissions - Carleton University -  Undergraduate Admissions - Carleton University
Degree/QualificationAverage Salary
Other Degree$77,000
Bachelor of Arts$57,000
Bachelor of Science$61,000
Master of Science$61,000
Bachelor (other)$49,000
  • An average Carleton College Graduate earns roughly $155,000 highest and $42,000 lowest by profession and according to degree/qualifications, candidates getting other degrees from Carleton College have the chance to earn highest.

Carleton College Alumni

Impacting a large number of adept and accomplished students and professionals, Carleton College aims to nurture the minds of the members with adequate and comfortable amounts of space to grow, professionally and individually.

  • The Carleton Alumni Association is a large connection between intellectual and creative people, as large as 28,000 proactive members.
  • The alumni are run and led by the Carleton Alumni Council with a board of 25 skilled directors, linking the alumni with the college.
  • The alumni also help students with dynamic and experiential learning through workshops, seminars as well as on and off -campus.
  • Employability and internship opportunities offered by this strong alumni association blend years of rigorous training with practical knowledge and deep understanding of the subject and program of choice.

The following mentioned are a few notable Carleton College Alumni members:

  • Jimmy Chin – Academy -award winning filmmaker
  • T.J. Stiles – two times Pulitzer Prize winning historian
  • Pierce Butler – US Supreme Court Justice
  • Douglas Vakoch – astrobiologist and president of METI
  • Melvin R. Laird – US Secretary of Défense
  • Mary -Claire King – geneticist and discoverer of BRCA1
  • Margaret Raymond – law professor and dean