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For those looking for the right Catholic education, we have compiled the College Choice ranking of the 75 Best Catholic Colleges and Universities in the United States. In compiling our list we used criteria that college freshman indicated were most important to them: college reputation, net cost, financial aid packages, and average graduate salary.

The Catholic Church takes education seriously. Some of the nation’s oldest and most storied colleges and universities were founded by the Catholic Church. Most of these schools continue to educate their students within the Catholic tradition, providing an education that is both rigorous academically as well as geared toward the twin aims of service to the world and personal growth in faith.

Because the Catholic faith is so rich in culture and history, it is important for those who wish to be surrounded by such a religious tradition to find the right Catholic college or university.

Top 5 Best Catholic Colleges and Universities

1University of Notre DameNotre Dame, IN
2Georgetown UniversityWashington , DC
3VIllanova UniversityVillanova, PA
4Boston CollegeChestnut Hill, MA
5Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE

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