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There are a number of options for people who want to pursue a fully funded EdD program. In this guide, we review the details of Cheapest Online EDD Programs, fully funded edd programs online, online edd programs no dissertation, best online edd programs and cheapest online doctorate in educational leadership.

A fully funded EdD program is one that does not need outside funding from the student. These programs may provide tuition free access to qualified students. The research students complete may be paid for by the school. The program may pay for housing and meals, as well as other fees related to completing their degree. Read on to know more about Cheapest Online EDD Programs, fully funded edd programs online, online edd programs no dissertation, best online edd programs and cheapest online doctorate in educational leadership.

One option is to find an online university that offers this type of program. Many universities offer their degrees online at no cost to students, which can help them save money on living expenses as well as tuition costs associated with traditional colleges or universities.

Another option is an online university that offers assistance in finding scholarships or grants through organizations such as the Veterans Administration or Pell Grants from the U.S Department of Education. These organizations can help pay for some or all of your education costs based on your financial situation and need level.

Cheapest Online EDD Programs

We begin with Cheapest Online EDD Programs, then fully funded edd programs online, online edd programs no dissertation, best online edd programs and cheapest online doctorate in educational leadership.

5University of the Cumberlands

  • Online Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Cost Per Credit: $375 (Ed.D. Tuition)
Minimum Credits: 60
Minimum Program Cost: $22,500

Affordable Ed.D. Overview

UC’s online Ed.D. has much to recommend it. It comes from a private university with a CAEP-accredited Department of Education. It’s short & sweet (e.g. three years). It allows you to select a specialty area (e.g. Psychology, Nursing, Information Systems, Criminal Justice, etc.). And it’s flexible. You can choose a 100% online format, or you can opt for a blended approach, with on-campus classes that generally meet on Saturdays.

Costs & Financial Support

UC is admirably straightforward about its tuition & fees. On top of the per credit hour tuition, there’s a modest per term technology fee. So with a schedule of 15 eight week terms, you would end up paying $23,250. There may also be course-specific administrative fees—you can ask the program coordinator for details.

UC doesn’t have as many scholarships & support packages as large (and heavily endowed) public universities, but it does have an advice section on Financial Aid for Graduate Students. This has more details on external scholarship opportunities and UC payment plans.

4University of North Georgia

  • Online Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Practice

Cost Per Credit: $453 (Online Tuition + Mandatory Fees)
Minimum Credits: 60
Minimum Program Cost: $20,712

Affordable Ed.D. Overview

Higher education professionals will find plenty to love about UNG’s doctorate. It’s a cohort-based, 100% online degree that comes from a CAEP-accredited College of Education. It only takes three years to complete. It includes dissertation preparation from the get-go. And it has a strong baseline threshold for admissions (3.5 GPA, though UNG will consider other applicants on a provisional basis).

Costs & Financial Support

UNG’s tuition & fee charts can help you calculate the cost of tuition, but it’s important to note that mandatory institutional & technology fees are capped at certain credit thresholds. With a 60-credit doctorate that takes 9 semesters, you’re looking at:

  • Semesters 1 & 2 = 9 hours each semester ($3,027 x 2)
  • Semesters 3-7 = 7 hours each semester ($2,421 x 5)
  • Semester 8 = 6 hours ($2,099.25 x 1)
  • Semester 9 = 1 hour ($453 x 1)

Additional miscellaneous fees are listed in the general tuition & fees section (e.g. application fee, graduation fee, etc.). Don’t forget to budget for books & materials.

College of Education scholarships are primarily reserved for students seeking teaching certification. You may have more luck with the section on Financial Information in Graduate Admissions. This has info on payment plans, graduate assistantships, and the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for University System of Georgia employees. You can also use the UNG Scholarship Opportunities database to search for institutional awards.

Most Affordable Online EdD in Special Education | Grad School Hub

3University of Massachusetts-Lowell

  • Online Ed.D. in Leadership in Schooling

Cost Per Credit: $470 (Online Tuition)
Minimum Credits: 42
Minimum Program Cost: $19,740

Affordable Ed.D. Overview

If you’re a PreK-12 educator, UMass Lowell’s online Ed.D. is worth your inspection! The College of Education often achieves a top 20 ranking in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Graduate Education Programs. It has chosen to take part in the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED). And it offers the Ed.D. in two useful tracks: general leadership or STEM. But it does not lead to licensure. Instead, it’s intended to help teachers and/or instructional leaders move up to the next level in their careers.

Costs & Financial Support

UMass Lowell provides a breakdown of costs in the Tuition & Financing section of the program. On top of the tuition price, you’ll need to budget for three on-campus residencies (one week each summer) and associated fees (e.g. first-year student fee, registration fee per semester, books, etc.). When you add up all these costs, the grand total comes to ~$24,500, not including travel expenses.

Visit the section on Costs & Aid for Graduate Programs to get a sense of funding opportunities. UMass Lowell’s Math & Science Education doctoral programs qualify for the New England Regional Student Program (NERSP) discount. Full-time graduate students who live in Southern New Hampshire should also check out the Proximity Regional Rates Program.

2Marshall University

  • Online Ed.D. in Leadership Studies

Cost Per Credit: $426 (Distance Tuition + Per Credit E-course Delivery Fee)
Minimum Credits: 45
Minimum Program Cost: $19,170

Affordable Ed.D. Overview

Marshall’s flexible Ed.D. comes to you courtesy of MU Online and the CAEP-accredited College of Education & Professional Development (COEPD). It’s an online doctorate that’s tailor-made for leaders in schools, universities, government organizations, non-profits, the military, and more. Students are admitted on a rolling basis and may begin the program in any term. If you’re in West Virginia, we also want to mention that Marshall offers an on-campus Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction.

Costs & Financial Support

The Ed.D. in Leadership is a distance learning program, so it qualifies for distance tuition rates. These are the same for in-state and out-of-state graduate students. Marshall also provides separate tuition calculations for full-time students (e.g. 9 credit hours per term).

For financial assistance, start with the section on COEPD Scholarships—there’s an application link for all scholarships. In the doctoral handbook, Marshall states that students pursuing dissertation research may be eligible for modest awards (e.g. $500). You may also want to check out the COEPD’s section on Doctoral Graduate Assistantships and the Graduate College’s page on How to Finance Your Graduate Education. Employees of Marshall University (but not their dependents) are eligible for a Tuition Waiver.

1Valdosta State University

  • Online Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction: Learning & Development
  • Online Ed.D. in Leadership
  • Hybrid Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction: P-12 Disciplinary
  • Hybrid Ed.D. in Adult and Career Education

Cost Per Credit: $293 (eTuition)
Minimum Credits: 54-55
Minimum Program Cost: $15,822

Affordable Ed.D. Overview

This public university hits our #1 spot thanks to a great eTuition rate and a solid track record! VSU is part of the University System of Georgia. The College of Education & Human Services (COEHS) is CAEP-accredited. And Ed.D. programs are streamlined & diverse. The university offers all kinds of concentrations & certificate options, as well as a hybrid P-12 Disciplinary degree that’s designed for educators seeking action on their Georgia Certificate. Just bear in mind that VSU has high admissions standards (e.g. 3.5 GPA).

Costs & Financial Support

The eTuition rate applies to all fully online courses, and it’s the same for in-state & out-of-state graduate students. However, there will be additional fees. For example, with a 54-credit program, you might end up paying ~$20,500 in total. This figure includes eTuition for 45 credit hours of coursework (e.g. 24-30 months) and 9 credit hours for the dissertation (time varies) plus standard university fees. If you’re interested in a hybrid program, ask the program coordinator about tuition rates for any campus courses.

Check out the COEHS Scholarships—there are a few options for graduate students. The Graduate School also has a section on Financial Aid for Graduate Students, with a list of general graduate scholarships and info on Graduate Assistantships. Better yet, up to 12 credit hours (i.e. 4 courses) of transfer credits are allowed.

fully funded edd programs online

Now we look into fully funded edd programs online, online edd programs no dissertation, best online edd programs and cheapest online doctorate in educational leadership.

Fully Funded Doctoral Programs

Doctoral students with high academic records and strong qualifications receive support of a tuition waiver. Additionally, qualified doctoral and thesis master’s students often receive departmental stipends of $23,400-$40,000 per year to cover living expenses.


Deadlines vary by program; see deadline same as application deadline


Graduate – Doctorate


Architecture, Business, Engineering, Humanities, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Scienecs

online edd programs no dissertation

More details coming up on online edd programs no dissertation, best online edd programs and cheapest online doctorate in educational leadership.

List of Doctorate Degrees Without Dissertation Requirements

As noted, most doctorate degrees require a dissertation. Some schools even market their programs as those without them, but professors require them. To help students, we compiled a list of programs that may help you avoid this project. An 18 month doctorate program without dissertation could be in your future.

Many programs exist. This includes health care administration. A doctor of philosophy may be possible. Human resource education is another avenue. Yet another is organizational leadership. An online doctor of education is also possible. However, online doctorate degree options are not always short term. Some online format programs require longer study periods. Others, like online EDD programs, are ongoing, taken over years.

Here is a list of available online doctoral programs. Some of these are 18 month doctorate programs that may not require a dissertation. These requirements may change over time. Students should take care in ensuring the requirements of any program. Resource guides and school rankings are important factors to think about. Not all schools offer financial aid for these programs. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Here is a look at some top online PhD programs to consider.

Boston University

Post Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy Degree

Boston University offers a Post Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy Degree program. This is done through the school’s College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. The degree may be earned in under 18 months. Students will complete a total of 10 courses. This is about 33 to 37 credits. The curriculum is versatile. A key benefit is that students may concentrate in various areas. There are a total of six foundation courses required to earn this degree. After this, students may choose what to learn to complete their credit requirement. They could choose topics they have not covered in previous educational experiences.

This is available as an online degree program. As such, students could take two courses every semester. This may allow students to wrap up their education sooner. Each semester program takes seven weeks to complete. Courses start every September, January, and May.

This program is available to doctoral students who completed any accredited entry level occupational therapy program previously. International students can apply as well. Foundation courses include Evidence Based Practice and Health Care Management. No dissertation is necessary. However, students will complete a capstone project. A doctoral project is also required for online grad courses. These requirements are typically less than a dissertation. They will require the student to conduct research.

Maryville University of St. Louis

Online Doctor of Nursing (DNP) Program

Maryville University of St. Louis offers a Doctor of Nursing (DNP) program. Students do not have to attend the St. Louis campus to earn it. This program requires students to complete a total of 33 credit hours of education. It is a flexible program. Many students in it are working as nurses in the field. These are nurses who want to enhance their career or achieve a higher level of education. This online program may take 18 to 20 months to complete. This program requires students to have completed a masters degree prior from an accredited school.

This course does not require a GMAT or GRE. It is completed fully online without any campus visits. Unlike other programs, it may not have a waiting list. Some programs require clinicals. They may be done in the student’s preferred setting.

Another option is the Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership. This is another fully online program. Students may receive personal coaching throughout the process. This model is a cohort learning method with online education. Students might need a bit more time to complete this version. It does not require a dissertation.

Frontier Nursing University

Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program

Frontier Nursing University is in Hyden, Kentucky. This school offers an online Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program. The school designed this program for working registered nurses. It allows them to enhance their education while working. They could take their nursing skills to managerial and other areas. There is a post master’s degree and a post graduate certificate option available. Choose based on the type of education you have or desire. Those who complete the post grad certificate program could work towards earning their doctoral in nursing practice degree later.

It may be completed in 12, 15, or 18 months. Students are in a small class size of no more than 25 people. Students may complete 28 credit hours to complete this course. Classes range widely. Many students may be able to customize them towards their specific goals. Virtually all of the course is online. There is a three day on campus experience that is necessary. No dissertation is necessary in this program. Students may need to complete a capstone project. Clinical hours may be completed where the student already works.

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Doctor of Social Work in Clinical Practice and Leadership (DSW) Program

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville offers a Doctor of Social Work in Clinical Practice and Leadership program. This is a fully online program. It is through the College of Social Work. Students may complete the program in 18 to 36 months. The length depends on the type of courses taken. This is designed to be a fast track format. It may be perfect for those who are already working in the field. It may allow students to move through courses quickly and could also allow for them to keep working while learning.

This educational track requires students to take three classes every semester. These are credit hour classes. There are a total of eight semesters of edu to complete. Summer study is an option. Overall, 48 credit hours is completed. This includes both self paced education as well as live lectures. There may be a good amount of flexibility in the program.

This degree a professional practice degree. That means it aim to help students learn practical skills to work in leadership positions within a practice. Individuals may work with at risk people. This may include veterans and military professionals. It may also include children. Students learn hands on. There is no dissertation to complete the degree program.

Monmouth University

Doctor or Nursing Practice Degree Program

Monmouth U is in Long Branch, New Jersey. This school offers an online Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree program. This school is accredited. The program is designed to meet the needs of working nurses in the field. It aims to allow them to pursue career enhancement. They may continue to work while earning this degree. Students who need flexibility benefit from this program. Students could take part time courses if they desire. Full time online courses require mostly off campus learning at your own pace.

The degree requires students to complete 36 hours of education. It is done online. Students typically take one or two courses each semester. They could take more to earn the degree sooner. Fall, spring, and summer classes are available. Students could learn organization skills. There is a strong focus on leadership skills. As a practice degree, there are also hands on skills in areas of administration. There is a focus on new science and evaluation processes. This school aims to offer a up-to-date course curriculum. Innovative solutions are a typical component here. This is not a practical immersion experience.

Seton Hall University

Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program

A Doctor of Nursing Practice program is available from Seton Hall U. This is an accredited school in South Orange, New Jersey. A Ph.D. is the highest clinical degree a student in the nursing field could earn. The college aims to help students to achieve it while they are working in the field. The focus here is on evidence based methods and healthcare systems. There is a lot of focus on population health. Students may take courses in business management and leadership, too.

This degree program is accredited. There are two ways to earn it. Students with a BSN may take this course and complete 79 credit hours. For those with an MSN, there is only a requirement for 33 credit hours. This may be done in under two years. Students in either program will learn safety and improving patient outcomes. They may also choose courses that interest them to a degree. For students who wish to complete a more advanced course, this may be a great choice overall. Some use this program and then transition to an Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership, Management, and Public Policy program. That is not a requirement. A dissertation is not necessary.

College of St Scholastica

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (TDPT) Program

The College of St. Scholastica is in Duluth, Minnesota. The Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy program is online. Students do not have to visit the campus to earn this degree. This program is designed for those who wish to earn an advanced physical therapy degree. It is designed for for students who are practicing therapists right now. It can help them to pursue a higher level of skill. Many students may use this program to pursue admin or managerial positions. It has a strong leadership component to it. The teachers in this program are experienced in clinical practice.

This college curriculum spans just six classes. It has a total of 16 credit hours. Students could  earn their degree in 18 to 24 months. This depends on if they attend full or part time. The focus is on intensive career prep in the field. Students could receive a significant amount of hands on training. They may apply clinical hours at their place of business. There are options for students who have foreign training. This is a rigorous course line up. It is fully online, which means students could learn at their own pace for most classes.

best online edd programs

Keep in mind that these top ranked online EdD programs are mere tools in your career advancement! While you will get topnotch higher education, you must apply yourself to the rigorous academic program including the dissertation process. You will be given the tools to become an expert in your field – ultimately, it’s up to you to use them well.



online edd

Program Standouts: 

If you’re interested in pursuing an online doctorate in Education, Vanderbilt’s Peabody Online offers one of the best online programs in the country. This 54-credit online degree is designed for leaders in education who want the skills and knowledge for driving organizational change. This fast online doctorate can be completed in only 3-4 years and requires one annual on-campus visit and a capstone project.

Campus Location: Nashville, TN

Accreditation: The Peabody College at VU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges, 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033

Admission Requirements:

TheVanderbilt EdD online program is among the most competitive programs in the US, as evidenced by its admission requirements:  

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • GPA of above 3.0
  • Leadership experience
  • High level of skill in verbal communication and quantitative analysis normally demonstrated through GRE or GMAT
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official transcripts

The Vanderbilt EdD program has a rolling admissions system for both U.S. residents and international students. The acceptance rate is 55%, and it must be emphasized that qualified students may still be denied entry. 

The Best Online EdD Programs Under $30,000 | GetEducated

Sample Course Options:

  • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Learning in Organizations
  • Ethics of Leadership
  • Psychological Perspectives on Learning

Degree Outcomes: Graduates from this degree program will have received some of the best online instruction in educational theory and practice. Through this fast online degree, they will possess knowledge of effective organizational change and improvement; they will be able to apply different methods of inquiry and analysis from a wide array of perspectives; they will have needed skill in improving educational practices and processes, and graduates will have gained a bundle of new skills in data analysis.



ed.d programs

Program Standouts:

Technology drastically affects the educational landscape, and outstanding practitioners and researchers are needed to fit this dynamic need. An institution that addresses this need in the School of Education at Johns Hopkins, one of the most respected in the world. Naturally, its online doctor of education degree translates the university’s excellent education vision and practice into one of the very best online programs available. The combined coursework and research allow students to gain knowledge and develop the skills needed to address education in the age of technology fast! Based upon 54-credits and a practical research problem that functions like a dissertation, the convenience, online delivery of this program provides the easiest and fastest way, for those wanted to study online, to earn an EdD and contribute to the betterment of education.

Campus Location: Baltimore, MD

Accreditation: The online EdD at Johns Hopkins is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market St., 2nd Floor West, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Admission Requirements:

  • Master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Official transcripts from all previous college work
  • CV or resume
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Description of a significant problem of practice and its importance

Outline of Program Components:

  • Foundations of Education (12 credits)
  • Applied Research and Evaluation (12 credits)
  • Specialization Area (12 credits)
  • Applied Dissertation (9 credits)

Degree Outcomes: Students of Johns Hopkins will benefit from some of the best online training in how to participate in a diverse community or educational practice; they will fast be able to contribute to public discussion on education; they will be able to connect outstanding education to practical research and innovative policy decisions; graduates will be able to practice inclusive and just policies.



Program Standouts: 

Rossier School of Education and USC Online team up in a fast online doctorate of education degree geared towards current, longstanding leaders in education who are currently employed. As one of the best online education degrees, leaders in education, through USC’s fast and outstanding program, will become educational innovators and reformers that can achieve massive improvements in policy, practice, and evaluation. This degree is fast, able to be finished in as few as 25 months. There is a strong on-campus component of this online degree. Nine short, intensive residencies are required. USC’s online doctorate of education culminates in a dissertation that addresses a practical problem in the field of education with sharp scholarly knowledge and tools gained in coursework.

Campus Location: Los Angeles, CA

Accreditation: USC Online is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and College, 533 Airport Blvd., Suite 200, Burlingame, CA 94010-2009

Admission Requirements:

  • Advanced degree (master’s/JD) from an accredited institution
  • Professional experience of at least 10 years
  • Transcripts of previous college work
  • Resume/CV
  • Essay
  • Three letters of recommendation

Sample Course Options:

  • Framing Educational Leadership in a Global Context
  • The Fundamentals of Creativity, Innovations, and Entrepreneurship
  • Understanding Research that Informs Leadership
  • Location of Educational Performance Problems

Degree Outcomes: Rossier-USC Online graduates with a doctorate of education will have a sound and broad grasp of global trends in education and their implications; they will be able to marshal evidence and theory in solving difficulties in education policy, evaluation, and practice.

cheapest online doctorate in educational leadership


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