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CAU has successfully established international cooperation programs with more than 20 countries.

China Agricultural University (CAU), is directly subordinated to the Ministry of Education and a Key National University entering the State 985 Program and the State 211 Program. CAU has developed itself as a comprehensive university with agriculture as its distinguished feature and advantage. It covers a wide range of disciplines on a complementary basis, such as agriculture and life science, resources and environment, information and computer science, agricultural engineering and automation science, economic management and social sciences, etc. Currently, CAU is composed of 13 colleges within the nine categories of agronomy, engineering, science, economics, law, literature, medicine and philosophy. In addition, CAU also has a Graduate School and a School of Continuing Education. In the educational sector, CAU owns 19 Key State Disciplines, 15 Key Ministerial Disciplines and ten Post-Doctor Working Stations. A number of key labs were also established in CAU including three Key State Labs, 22 Key Ministerial Labs, four State Research Centers, ten Ministerial Research Centers and five Innovative Research Teams. CAU is proud of having a strong and highly qualified faculty team with 1,398 members in total. Among whom, there are five Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and five Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 351 professors, 598 associate professors, nine specially-invited professors, two guest professors, 25 young faculty members supported by the State Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Professionals and 39 faculty members financed by the Ministry of Education Program for New Century Excellent Professionals. CAU also invited a number of world-known scholars including Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug as CAU Honorable Professors and Guest Professors. CAU1CAU has so far established a complete and harmonized system for B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD education. CAU has always paid great attention to improve educational quality, actively promote educational reform and initiate new patterns for high-quality and innovative educational practice. CAU today has 15,891 undergraduate students enrolled, 3,355 and 2,065 postgraduate students registered for MSc and PhD degrees, respectively. The CAU Postgraduate Working Station has 95 post-doctorial researchers. In addition, CAU also has 2,262 and 139 postgraduate students working on MSc and PhD degrees in specialized fields, respectively. The number of students registered in the School of Continuing Education and those for distance education reaches 35,093. CAU has constructed itself as a research-oriented institute in order to better serve the country and the world by using its rich and highly qualified personnel resources. Attention has been paid to fundamental researches with focus on high-technologies in the fields of agriculture and biology aiming at applied prospects significant to national economic development. In year 2005 alone, CAU was awarded three times for State Prize and 25 times for Ministerial Prize. CAU has always attached great importance to initiate international programs and activities on exchange and cooperation with foreign countries in order to continue its open policy, to speed up the pace of CAU‘s internationalization and to promote CAU‘s reputation worldwide. CAU has successfully established international cooperation programs with more than 20 countries and regions and signed reciprocal agreements with more than 60 world famous universities. Hundreds of foreign scientists and specialists are invited to give lectures and exchange research progress. CAU has well established the following institutions to satisfy the needs in the field of international education and cooperative research: Sino-German Center for Integrated Agricultural Development, China-Japan Training Center for Farm Machinery Maintenance and Chinese-Israeli International Center for Research and Training in Agriculture, China- Japan Research Center for Agriculture and Livestock Management. A diversified and colorful campus life attracts all the students with active participation of faculty and staff members. CAU has more than 70 students’ associations/teams covering a wide range of cultural and social activities, such as politics, economics, culture, science and technology, theory, practice and volunteers. CAU students actively participate in science and technology innovative activities.

Master’s Programmes



As the oldest agricultural higher education institution in China, CAU’s history can be dated back to October 1905, when the College of Agriculture was founded by the Qing Dynasty in the Jing Shi Da Xue Tang (the former Imperial University of Peking and the present Peking University).


As the leading institution of higher learning and research in the field of agriculture in China, CAU consists of 14 colleges and 60 departments. CAU’s faculty includes six academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and six academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 526 professors and 755 associate professors. The total enrollment is approximately 20,000 students, including 13,000 undergraduates and 6,700 post-graduates.Show more


CAU faculty and staff participate in more than 400 overseas visits per year for research, training and conference. More than 200 CAU students are studying abroad this year. The number and enthusiasm of students for study overseas has been increasing.

University Ranking

Academic Ranking of World Universitiesby Shanghai Jiao Tong University2020301 2019301 2018301ARWU World University rankings is the first world university ranking. It ranks the world’s top 1000 colleges and universities based on objective indicator. Read moreBest Global Universities Rankingsby U.S. News & World Report2021406  66 2020472  25 2019497Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report presents all the top universities from the U.S. and 60 other countries around the world. Read moreWorld University Rankingsby Times Higher Education2021601 2020601 2019601World University Rankings is a vital resource that provides the definitive list of the world’s best universities. Read moreQS World University Rankingsby TopUniversities2021701  50 2020651 2019651QS World University Rankings is one of the top international rankings measuring the popularity and performance of universities all over the world. Read more

  • Faculties & Colleges

^ Faculty of Plant Science

College of Agriculture

College of Plant Protection

College of Horticulture

^ Faculty of Animal Science

College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Animal Science & Technology

College of Agro-grassland Science

Wuxi Fisheries College

^ Faculty of Biology and Environment

College of Resources & Environmental Sciences

College of Life Sciences

College of Sciences

^ Faculty of Food and Engineering

College of Food Science & Technology

College of Engineering

College of Information Science & Technology

^ Faculty of Social Science

College of Economics & Management

College of Public Administration

College of Humanities & Social Development

College of Finance

College of Foreign Studies

School of Marxism

China Agricultural University

China Agricultural University

  • Beijing, China

Join institutionOverviewDepartments (126)Members (6,123)DepartmentsCollege of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering

  • 419 members

College of Biological Sciences

  • 337 members

College of Resources and Environmental Sciences

  • 288 members

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • 244 members

College of Animal Science and Technology

  • 221 members

College of Information and Electrical Engineering

  • 211 members

College of Agronomy and Biotechnology

  • 188 members

College of Engineering

  • 184 members

Department of Agronomy

  • 121 members

Department of Plant Pathology

  • 116 members

College of Economics and Management

  • 115 members

College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering

  • 113 members

College of Science

  • 105 members

Department of Entomology

  • 98 members

Department of Applied Chemistry

  • 95 members

Center for Agricultural Water Research in China

  • 93 members

Department of Plant Protection and Plant Quarantine

  • 85 members

Department of Plant Nutrition

  • 84 members

Center for Agricultural Modeling and Forecast

  • 81 members

Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

  • 76 members

Department of Agricultural Engineering

  • 72 members

Center for Food Security and Safety

  • 70 members

College of Humanities and Development

  • 67 members

Department of Soil and Water Science

  • 62 members

Department of Genetic Breeding and Reproduction

  • 56 members

Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine

  • 55 members

Department of Land Resource Management

  • 55 members

State Key Laboratory for Agrobiotechnology

  • 55 members

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

  • 54 members

Department of Basic Veterinary Medicine

  • 45 members

Department of Agricultural Economics

  • 43 members

Department of Ecological Science & Engineering

  • 42 members

Department of Computer Science

  • 41 members

Department of Food Sciences and Engineering

  • 41 members

Department of Agricultural Structure & Bioenvironmental Engineering

  • 39 members

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

  • 39 members

Department of Seed Science and Ornamental Horticulture

  • 39 members

Department of Water Resources Engineering

  • 39 members

Center for Maize Breeding Engineering

  • 37 members

Department of Electrical Engineering

  • 37 members

Department of Preventative Veterinary Medicine

  • 37 members

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • 33 members

National Maize Improvement Center of China

  • 33 members

Department of Applied Mathematics

  • 30 members

Department of Agricultural Meteorology

  • 29 members

Department of Grasslands

  • 28 members

National Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition

  • 22 members

Department of Finance

  • 20 members

Yantai Academy of China Agricultural University (Yantai Campus)

  • 20 members

Center for Conservation Tillage

  • 19 members

Department of Electronic Engineering

  • 19 members

Department of Pomology

  • 19 members

Department of Vegetable Science

  • 19 members

International College at Beijing

  • 19 members

China State Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

  • 17 members

Department of Plant Sciences

  • 17 members

Center for Rural Development Policy

  • 16 members

Center of Agricultural Mechanization

  • 16 members

Department of Geographical Information Engineering

  • 16 members

Department of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

  • 16 members

Department of Vehicles and Transportation Engineering

  • 16 members

Department of Applied Mechanics

  • 15 members

Department of Fluid Engineering & Fluid Machinery

  • 15 members

Department of Zoology and Animal Physiology

  • 14 members

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

  • 13 members

Department of Sociology

  • 13 members

Center for Agricultural Products Circulation and Marketing

  • 12 members

Center for Farmer Household Economy

  • 12 members

Chinese-Israeli International Center for Research and Training in Agriculture

  • 11 members

Department of Civil Engineering

  • 11 members

Department of Landscape Architecture

  • 11 members

Center for Monitoring of Agricultural Transgenic Technology

  • 9 members

Department of Development Management

  • 9 members

Department of Nutrition and Food Safety

  • 8 members

Institute of Grassland Science

  • 8 members

Institution of Agricultural Engineering

  • 8 members

Department of Business Administration

  • 7 members

Department of Food Biotechnology

  • 7 members

Department of Foreign Language Studies

  • 7 members

Department of Media and Communication

  • 7 members

Research Center of Resource Sciences

  • 7 members

Center for Quality Control, Monitoring & Testing of Agro-products

  • 6 members

Department of Information Management and E-commerce

  • 6 members

Department of Mechanical and Electric Engineering

  • 6 members

Department of Viticulture and Enology

  • 6 members

Center for Quality Control, Monitoring and Testing of Herbage and Turf Grass Seeds

  • 5 members

Department of Accounting

  • 5 members

Institute of Agricultural Economics

  • 5 members

Center for Strategy and Decision Research

  • 4 members

Department of Applied Physics

  • 4 members

Department of International Education

  • 4 members

Department of International Trade

  • 4 members

Department of Law

  • 4 members

Department of Management of Science and Technology

  • 4 members

Key Laboratory for Plant-Soil Interactions

  • 4 members

Key Laboratory of MOE on Modern Precision Agriculture System Integration Research

  • 4 members

Center for Futures and Financial Derivatives

  • 3 members

Center for Rural Finance and Investment

  • 2 members

Mechanical Engineering Training Center

  • 2 members

Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Plant Nutrition

  • 2 members

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