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The following is more information about applying to city college audio engineering. Universities that impose selective admissions are more likely to admit individuals with the highest degrees. Additionally, schools that utilize highly selective admissions are more inclined to accept students who are highly qualified and talented.

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This Degree Map is a semester-by-semester sample course planning guide to help students complete the degree requirements within four years. The sample schedule serves only as a general guide and is not a substitute for academic advisement. Students should consult an advisor before registering for courses each semester. This map is in effect for the current academic year. Students should follow major requirements which were in effect the year they declared this major.   

BSc (Hons) Music, Sound and Technology degree • City, University of London

To help students in making decisions about the career for which they are preparing, City College provides and encourages students to use the following resources:

Choosing a major – Career exploration 

What Can I do with This Major

First Year Fall

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
FIQWS 100XXFreshman Inquiry Writing Seminar3
FIQWS 101XXComposition for Freshman Inquiry Writing Seminar3
MUS 13100Music Theory Fundamentals3
MUS 15400Keyboard Fundamentals2
MUS 16100Aural Fundamentals2
MUS 21700Basic Audio Concepts3
Total Credit Hours:17

First Year Spring

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
MUS 10100Introduction to Music3
MUS 13200Tonal Harmony and Voice-Leading I – Introduction to Diatonic Practices3
MUS 16200Aural Skills I3
MUS 16400Keyboard Skills I2
MUS 21800The Recording Studio Environment3
MUS 21900Fundamental MIDI & Audio Production3
Total Credit Hours:17

Second Year Fall

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
MUS 23100Tonal Harmony and Voice-Leading II -Diatonic Practices3
MUS 26100Aural Skills II3
MUS 21000Writing About Music3
MUS 32100Synthesis and Sound Design I3
MUS 32500Audio Production Techniques I3
Total Credit Hours:15
Music Audio Technology degree | Arapahoe Community College

Second Year Spring

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
MUS 32300Jazz Repertory and Performance Practices I3
MUS 26200Aural Skills III3
MUS 32200Synthesis and Sound Design II3
MUS 32600Audio Production Techniques II3
General Education Math3
Total Credit Hours:15

Third Year Fall

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
MUS 32700Microphone Applications I3
MUS 32701Song Production Techniques3
MUS 36201Instrumentation and Arranging for Commercial Music3
Foreign Language if Necessary3
Total Credit Hours:15

Third Year Spring

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
MUS 32800Microphone Applications II3
MUS 32801Music and Post Production Mixing3
MUS 43500Audio for Moving Images3
MUS 43400Audio and Music Industry Internships1
Foreign Language if Necessary3
General Education3
Total Credit Hours:16

Fourth Year Fall

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
MUS 43600Advanced Recording, Mixing & Mastering3
MUS 43400Audio and Music Industry Internships1
SPCH 11100Foundations of Speech Communication3
General Education3
General Education3
Total Credit Hours:13
Top 9 Sound Production, Music Engineering, & Music Business Programs

Fourth Year Spring

Requirements List

Course NumberTitleCreditsSee More
General Education3
General Education3
General Education3
Free Elective3
Total Credit Hours:12

Heritage learners only have to take 6 credits of Spanish to fulfill their foreign language requirement instead of 9 credits. 

The required courses are SPAN 19300 and SPAN 19400. Students  must take the Foreign Language placement exam in order to be placed into these courses.​The other three credits can be taken as elective towards the 120 credit degree requirement. 

The Audio Production degree begins with the development of the fundamental skills needed in the fields of audio production, music recording and sound engineering and gradually advances towards the procurement of an audio based portfolio and capstone internship. Aimed at individuals interested in securing work primarily as sound engineers in a variety of media-related fields, this two-year program covers audio recording, mixing, live sound and audio-visual sound design. Also, students will learn the nuts and bolts of studio maintenance and repair, fundamentals of music theory for more effective communication with recording artists and the essentials of the music business as needed for managing a career in the field of audio production, music recording and sound engineering.

Area of Interest: ArtsDegree/Certificate: Associate in Applied Science

Courses Learning Outcomes Employment Transfer Opportunities Contact Additional information

Code Course Credits

First Year / First Semester

ENG-101 English Composition I1 3

MTH-100 Algebraic Concepts 4

MUS-129 Introduction to Audio Recording 3

MUS-133 Audio Recording Techniques I 3



Second Semester

SPE-102 Public Speaking or

ENG-102 English Composition II3 3

MUS-107 Digital Music Composition 1

MUS-134 Audio Recording Techniques II4 3


MUS-227 Live Sound Reinforcement6 3

MUS-228 Business of Music 3


Code Course Credits

Second Year / First Semester

…-… Humanities – Arts General Education Elective 3

BIO-106 Living in the Environment or

CHM-140 Chemistry & Society 4

MUS-229 Basic Studio Maintenance or

FLM-110 Filmmaking I7 3

MUS-230 Audio Production8 3

MUS-231 Mixing Audio9 3


Second Semester

MUS-113 Jazz History or

MUS-106 Worl Music Cultures 3

MUS-232 Sound Design10 3

MUS-233 Advanced Audio Production and Mixing11 3

MUS-275 Audio Internship12 3


Total Minimum Credits 60

1Must test into ENG-101 or complete all appropriate prerequisites

2Co-requisite: MUS-129 and MUS-133

3Prerequisite: ENG-101

4Prerequisite: MUS-133

5Prerequisite: MUS-135; Co-requisite: MUS-134

6Prerequisite: MUS-129

7MUS-229 Prerequisite: MUS-129

8Prerequisite: MUS-134

9Prerequisite: MUS-136

10Prerequisite: MUS-134 and MUS-136

11Prerequisite: MUS-230 and MUS-231

12Prerequisite: MUS-230

Complete all department requirements with a “C” or higher or “P” in each course. Candidates for a Skills Competency Award are required to complete at least 20% of the department requirements through SBCC.

FP 114Non-Linear Editing I3
FP 175Film and Video Production I3
FP 181Production Sound for Film and Television3
FP 281Post-Production Sound for Film and Television3
Total Units

Washington, DC, is one of the highest-paying cities in America for sound engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018).

Top employers for undergraduates from AU’s Audio Technology Program

Discovery Communications Inc.
Fillmore Silver Spring
House Studios
J2 Music
RamsHead Live / AEG Live
WAMU 88.5

See more about audio production alumni career outcomes.

Audio Production (BA)
Offered by the Department of Performing Arts, College of Arts and Sciences.

Admission to the Program
Formal admission to the program requires a grade point average of 2.50 (on a 4.00 scale) and departmental approval.

University Requirements
120 credit hours with minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA (Undergraduate Academic Regulation 2)
Completion of all requirements for a major (Undergraduate Academic Regulation 9)
AU Core Requirements
Completion of AU Core foundation requirements (Undergraduate Academic Regulation 8.2-8.6)
Completion of AU Core Habits of Mind requirements (Undergraduate Academic Regulation 8.7)
Completion of AU Core integrative course requirements (Undergraduate Academic Regulation 8.8-8.11)
For additional information, see AU Core Curriculum.

Major Requirements
44 credit hours with grades of C or better
A minor or second major exclusive of Audio Technology (BS) or Audio Technology (Minor)
Note: These courses are not included in the major GPA.
Course Requirements

Required (29 credit hours)
ATEC-101 Fundamentals of Audio Technology (3)
ATEC-201 Digital Signal Theory (3)
ATEC-225 Digital Audio Workstations I (3)
ATEC-325 Digital Audio Workstations II (3)
ATEC-415 Sound Studio Techniques I (4)
ATEC-416 Sound Studio Techniques II (4)
ATEC-425 Production Mixing (3)
ATEC-481 Advanced Studies in Audio Production (3) (topics)
ATEC-483 Advanced Studies in Audio for Visual Media (3) (topics)
Advanced Studies (3 credit hours)
Complete 3 credit hours from the following:

ATEC-482 Advanced Studies in Audio Technology (3) (topics)
ATEC-484 Advanced Studies in Audio Software Applications (3) (topics)
Electives (9 credit hours)
Complete 9 credit hours from the following, or other approved courses:

ATEC-394 Community Service-Learning Project (1)
ATEC-396 Selected Topics: Non-Recurring (1-6)
ATEC-405 Acoustics (3)
ATEC-407 Sound Synthesis (3)
ATEC-481 Advanced Studies in Audio Production (3) (topics)
ATEC-482 Advanced Studies in Audio Technology (3) (topics)
ATEC-483 Advanced Studies in Audio for Visual Media (3) (topics)
ATEC-484 Advanced Studies in Audio Software Applications (3) (topics)
ATEC-490 Independent Study Project in Audio Technology (1-6)
ATEC-491 Internship (1-6)
ATEC-496 Selected Topics: Non-Recurring (1-6)
Capstone (3 credit hours)
ATEC-450 Audio Technology Capstone (3)
Minor or Second Major
Note: These courses are not included in the major GPA.

Minor or second major exclusive of Audio Technology (BS) or Audio Technology (Minor)
Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
American University offers students the opportunity to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees through its combined bachelor’s/master’s programs. See Admission to a Combined Bachelor’s / Master’s Program and Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees for more information.

Develop your production skills. Grow as a performer. Or take things to the next level with a degree course. Wherever your musical curiosities lie, we’ll help you on the path to music industry success.

Find out more from our tutors in the video below or take a virtual tour of our specialist facilities.

music 01

Apply or find out more
If you’re ready to apply now, choose your course below and apply directly from the course page. Need to know more? Book a call with one of our friendly admissions staff, who can answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

Course Level
BA (Hons) Popular Music (Awarded by Birmingham City University) 6 VIEW COURSE
Foundation Degree in Popular Music (Awarded by Birmingham City University) 5 VIEW COURSE
Music Production BTEC National Extended Diploma – Longbridge (Bournville College) 3 VIEW COURSE
Music Production BTEC National Extended Diploma – Digbeth Campus 3 VIEW COURSE
Music Performance BTEC National Extended Diploma – Digbeth Campus 3 VIEW COURSE
Music Performance BTEC National Extended Diploma – Longbridge (Bournville College) 3 VIEW COURSE
Music Industry Skills BTEC Diploma 2 VIEW COURSE
Music Production Award 2 VIEW COURSE
The UK music sector continues to grow. Not only does it add to the UK’s cultural scene, it is also a major contributor to the economy. According to a 2019 Music by Numbers report, the industry was worth £5.2 billion and employed nearly 200,000 people. Current figures from the West Midlands Combined Authority value the local creative industries at over £4 billion with 10,000 creative enterprises and 49,000 jobs in the West Midlands region.

Our music courses are taught across two campuses with great facilities and location. Both our Digbeth campus which lies in Birmingham’s creative quarter and our Longbridge campus have state-of-the-art recording studios, computer music suites, fully equipped rehearsal rooms and performance spaces for you to use, in and out of your timetabled sessions.

Why Study Music College Courses With Us?
Fantastic facilities with industry standard equipment and software
Courses are delivered by staff with current music industry experience bringing a wealth of experience and up to date practices to their teaching
Imaginative and interesting assignments and project work
Work experience opportunities are available in directly related areas. From external performances, location recording and corporate events to our very own 600 capacity working venue The Crossing at Digbeth.
You will have a range of opportunities to organise and run live and virtual music events across a variety of spaces at Digbeth and Longbridge Campuses
As part of our record labels Cognito Music and 138 Music, you will have the opportunity to make, release and promote your music
Recent students have worked in external positions including Free Radio live concerts, Apprenticeship Awards Show, Supersonic and Future Days festivals, lighting operation for O2 venues, Watt’s Orbit location recordings and providing content for online music production websites.
The college maintains links with external artists, production specialists, industry employers and successful alumni
There is great room for progression with our broad range of programmes from Level 1 specialist courses, Level 2 and 3 Music Performance, Production and Industry skills to FdA and BA(Hons) degree Level 5 and 6, delivered in association with Birmingham City University
Your Career in Music
There a wide range of jobs available in performance, technology and event support. Here are just a few of the roles you could go into after studying with us:

Music technologist
Music production
Music composition
Live sound engineer
Studio engineer
Session musician
Event support technician
Sound designer
Music for games
This map gives you an overview of progression opportunities that our courses in Music can lead on to

Associated Music Brands
music courses associated brands

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