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Masters Degree Programs in Animal Massage Therapy are available at these accredited school locations hand-picked by our team of experts based on the state’s licensing requirements. We have detailed information regarding the Animal Massage Therapy Schools Florida, how to become an animal massage therapist, animal massage therapy salary, online animal massage therapy certification & free online canine massage courses to help you discover if one of these schools is the right fit for you.Do you want to learn about Animal Massage Therapy Schools Florida ? Get ready! Find out all the information you need right here on so you don’t have to go looking again. Find all the specifics you need, such as best canine massage therapy schools, equine massage therapy school Florida, how to become an animal massage therapist and so on.

Prospective animal massage therapists learn to heal injured animals, as well as promote healthy immune systems in animals. Schools throughout the U.S. offer training programs suitable for aspiring animal massage therapists.

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How to become an animal massage therapist

What to Look ForLow student-to-teacher ratios, experienced instructors, hands-on opportunities
AccreditationNational Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM)
Program OptionsSmall animal, canine, and equine therapy programs
Animal massage therapists work in a variety of settings including zoos, kennels, grooming facilities and veterinary offices. They may work independently and make house calls. Some therapists specialize in a specific animal, such as dog or horse, while others may be trained in several different animals. Programs are usually available through specialized animal massage therapy schools.Consider the following when choosing an animal massage therapy program:
  • Consider schools that offer low student-to-teacher ratios in order to receive personalized attention while learning massage techniques and procedures.
  • Individuals should look for schools accredited by the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM).
Schools that employ experienced instructors may provide a more in-depth education for students. Additionally, programs with extensive hands-on experience may be beneficial to aspiring animal massage therapists. These programs may prepare students for certification required by some employers.

Small Animal Massage Therapy Programs

Small animal massage programs typically cover cats and dogs. Programs award graduates with a certificate of achievement and may include 100-200 hours of coursework and a practicum or internship. These programs provide students with knowledge in small animal anatomy, as well as basic and advanced animal massage and bodywork procedures. Subjects covered may include:
  • Massage theory and practice
  • Animal anatomy and physiology
  • Pathology
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Canine Massage Therapy Programs

canine massage therapy program is suitable for learners who want to work solely with dogs and may last 6-12 months in duration. This program typically covers all breeds of dogs and includes topics such as:
  • Massage techniques
  • Canine anatomy and physiology
  • Dog handling

Equine Massage Therapy Programs

Equine massage programs are for individuals who want to work with horses, and they are typically comprised of 200-300 hours of classes and practical work. In addition to discussing horse breeds, these programs cover:
  • Equine anatomy and physiology
  • Equine pathology
  • Horse handling and safety

Schools with Animal Massage Therapy Programs

The following is a list of schools with animal massage therapy programs:
  • Bradford School
  • Johnson College
  • Institute of Technical Arts
  • Midwest Institute
  • Milwaukee Career College
  • Palo Alto College
  • Pensacola State College
  • Pima Community College
  • Trident Technical College
  • Fort Valley State University
Most of these schools have 2-year programs, and some of them are for-profit. Further research is recommended to ensure the school best suits your intended career goals. Massage therapy for small animals, canines, and horses each have their own set of skills training, and it is recommended to look for schools with smaller class sizes and, most importantly, schools accredited by the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM).Massage Therapy and Body Work for your Pet | Healing Paws Center

Animal massage therapy schools in florida

Equissage: Animal Massage Therapy Certification Program, a nationally and internationally recognized leader in animal massage schools, offers both on-site instruction as well as distance learning programs.NBCAAM – Follow Us At NBCAAM Animal Acupressure & Massage Practitioners have passed a standardized national certification exam and are … and veterinarians in the fields of animal massage and … NBCAAM looks forward to providing educational and other professional resources for practitioners and schools.Canine Massage Workshop, Equine Massage Workshop, Pet Fitness … Certification Programs are available in states that allow Animal Massage Therapy including FL, GA, TN … Eve is a CE Provider for the state of Florida qualified to offer CEUs to … “What I do that is different from most of the other Animal Massage schools is that I encourage students …Animal Massage Therapy Schools And Colleges: How To Choose Animal Massage Therapy Schools and Colleges: How to Choose. Prospective animal massage therapists learn to heal injured animals, as well as promote healthy immune systems in animals.Holistic Animal Health Schools - USA | Animal Wellness GuideSmall Animal Massage Home Small Animal Massage offers pet massage resources, therapy, and training for massage therapy on your cat, dog, small animal pet, or horse. … Get information on top Animal Massage Therapy Schools and learn how these programs can make your dream a reality!Rocky Mountain School Of Animal Acupressure And Massage | To … … reiki, essential oils, animal communication and more. We are proud of our offerings and our legacy. Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure Massage has three … Schools. RMSAAM is … Provider #719; RMSAAM is an approved provider of Florida LMT CE’s; IAAMB/ACWT …Animal Massage Therapist Career Profile – About.Com Careers Animal Massage Therapist 2. … Equissage is perhaps the best known training program for animal massage therapy, … Both schools report that equine sports massage therapists can charge $50 to $100 per session. Travel cost …Animal Therapy Training | Animal Physical Therapy Schools Animal physical therapy schools can lead to a rewarding career improving the health of our furry companions using many of the same natural therapeutic modalities that humans find effective, … you might choose to take courses in animal massage therapy, …Massage Schools – Florida – Florida School Of Massage … … personal growth, self awareness, and empowerment. Enroll today at Florida School of Massage. Gainesville, FL Ocala, FL Lake City, FL. Home; Start Here. Why FSM; Our Programs; Schedule … Florida Board of Massage Therapy; License Renewal; Links; Moodle; Clinics. Professional Clinic; Student …Abundant Life Massage Massage Sarasota, massage therapy, massage therapy 34236, canine massage, canine massage certification, massage ceus, massage therapy continuing education, dog massage. Home; About Us; … Abundant Life Massage Education, Inc. [email protected]Massage Therapy School: Everything You Need to Know | Massage MagazineThe Lang Institute For Canine Massage The Lang Institute for Canine Massage … We will provide you with the core knowledge and skills needed to excel when you establish your successful animal massage business, as well as customized seminars for giving dogs and horses the winning edge.Florida Board Of Massage Therapy – Licensing, Renewals … Welcome to the State of Florida’s Online Resource for Massage Therapists, Massage Establishments, Apprentices, and Education Program Approval, Licensing, Renewals and Information. … The Florida Board of Massage Therapy is responsible for the licensure, …PetMassage | Dog Massage School Dog Massage is the way to enhance your dogs’ quality of life! When your dogs feel good, you feel good. … We believe that practicing PetMassage TM professionally fulfills the dreams of people who want a career helping dogs. PetMassage TM your own dog.Youngblood Animal Massage Therapy About. Youngblood Animal Massage Therapy was founded in 2013 and is a mother/daughter owned business with a foundation based on God. We have a close, nurturing, and loving relationship with all of our animals which include cats, dogs, horses, chickens, and cattle.SMALL ANIMAL MASSAGE PROGRAMS SMALL ANIMAL MASSAGE PROGRAMS : … Would you like more information on one of the leading Animal Massage Therapy Schools in the country? Request a brochure to find out information on specific programs for top animal massage therapy programs near you.Massage Schools In Florida | Florida Massage Schools Florida Massage Schools Massage Therapy Schools in Florida Learn a new career with a great future! … We have investigated many of the massage schools in Florida and selected the schools listed below to recommend for your review.Courses And Instructors – BANCROFT: School Of Massage Therapy Courses and Instructors: Student Services: Tuition and Financial Assistance: Take a video tour: … distance learning education, and massage therapy workshops for your career in animal massage therapy or to obtain your animal massage certification: equine massage, horse massage, small animal …Horse & Dog Massage Certification – Animal Massage Therapy School Our animal massage therapy school provides horse massage certification and dog massage certification training in Ohio. … Benefits of Massage Therapy; Horse Massage FAQs; Our Graduates. Testimonials; News & Articles; Home. Brandenburg Massage Therapy.Equine Sports Massage At Animal Dynamics , our talent and expertise is in identifying the root causes of equine performance problems and providing the permanent, proper solutions. … The effectiveness of any equine sports massage therapy session is dependent upon: …Schools | All About Animal Massage Want to train as a professional? For starters, I recommend a visit to the website for the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage: … Doggone U at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy: …Video Thumbnail
oing back and forth between websites and trying to compare schools and programs can be both time consuming and confusing. To help save a little bit of time, we have put together a short comparison of the more comprehensive canine massage certificate programs available in the US (in order by state). Note that most of these also offer shorter courses and workshops, so check them out even if you’re not looking for a full-fledged certificate program.

Best canine massage therapy schools

The contact info for each school can be found on the list of US animal massage schools.
Caninology Name of program: Canine Body Worker Certification Course Length of program: 9 days, 100 hours (total 300+ hours with required field work) On Site/Distance: 100 hours on site (divided in two 4-day courses), 80 hours guided externship Location: Petaluma, CA (this course is also offered in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) Prerequisite: Knowledge of directional terms, veterinary vocabulary and anatomy. Canine Anatomy and Behavior Distance study (100 hour online course).Ojai School of Massage Name of program: Small Animal / Canine Massage Program Length of program: 200 hours On Site/Distance: 100 hours / 100 hours (on site 2 week intensive) Location: Ojai, CA Prerequisites: None
Lang Institute for Canine Massage; The Name of program: Canine Massage Program Length of program: 663 hours On Site/Distance: Home study + on site practicum Location: Loveland, CO Prerequisites: NoneRocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage Name of program: Canine Massage Program Length of program: 12 days on site + home study (350 hours total) On Site/Distance: On site + home study Location: Elizabeth, CO or Fort Myers, FL Prerequisites: None
Abundant Life Massage Name of program: Canine Massage Therapy Certification Length of program: 200 hours On Site/Distance: On site Location: Sarasota, FL Prerequisites: Learn to Massage Your Dog course (15 hours)
Chicago School of Canine Massage (CSCM) Name of program: Canine Massage and Advanced Canine Massage Certification Length of program: 300 hours. Available both as a 10-month program and a one-month full time intensive On Site/Distance: On site Location: Chicago, IL Prerequisites: None
Bancroft School of Massage Therapy / Doggone U Name of program: Small Animal Massage Certification Program™ Length of program: 200 hours On Site/Distance: On Site or Distance learning / On Site combination (49 hours online classes, 112 hours on site and 39 hours off-campus internship) Location: Worcester, MA Prerequisites: High School Graduate or equivalent More about Bancroft
Integrated Touch Therapy Name of program: Small Animal Massage Certification Length of program: 150 hours On Site/Distance: Home study + lectures and workshops on site Location: Circleville, OH Prerequisites: NonePetMassage, Ltd. Name of program: Foundation Workshop, Advanced Workshop Length of program: 5 days / 100 hours/course. A certificate is awarded at completion of each course On Site/Distance: On site (with pre-course home study modules) Location: Toledo, OH Prerequisites: None (Foundation course for the Advanced course)
Northwest School of Animal Massage Name of program: Certification in Small Animal Massage Length of program: 350 hours On Site/Distance: On site or Distance learning + 5-day practical on site Location: Vashon Island, WA. Practicals also offered in Portland, OR. Prerequisites: None

Equine massage therapy school florida

Whether you’re a veterinary professional looking to expand your skills, an owner or trainer planning to work on your own animals, or a student seeking certification, EquiLearn Institute provides all the high-quality instruction you need for success in achieving your goals.


Learning proper equine massage therapy techniques is not something that can be done in a few short hours of instruction. Instead, it takes multiple hours of lecture, study, and hands-on experience to best prepare you for performing equine bodywork safely.Arizona Animal Massage - Institute for JusticeOur Equinology certification programs range from more than 300 hours of instruction to more than 2,500 hours of instruction, presented in a modular format. In total, our Equinology programs are on par with a typical two-year program.EquiLearn offers four progressive levels, starting with the Equinology Equine Body Worker Level I certification and ending with the Master Equinology Equine Body Worker certification. In addition, we offer the Equinology Equine Myofascial Release qualification for those who want a program offering equine massage therapy certifications.Courses in each program do not necessarily need to be taken in a particular order, unless there is a specific prerequisite for the course.Those who believe they already know the material in a prerequisite course may challenge the course for $100 per course. Prior to beginning all courses, students are encouraged to check with their state veterinary board to confirm laws of practice.


In addition to our Equinology courses, EquiLearn offers Caninology canine massage therapy certifications.Similar to our Equinology courses, our Caninology coursework provides more than 600 hours of instruction in proper methods and techniques of canine massage therapy. An externship requirement provides hands-on practice in the discipline, preparing graduates for work in the field.

animal massage therapy salary

The salaries of Animal Massage Therapists in the US range from $11,524 to $306,525 , with a median salary of $56,024 . The middle 57% of Animal Massage Therapists makes between $56,024 and $138,945, with the top 86% making $306,525.

Animal Massage Therapist Job Duties

Animal massage therapists apply massage techniques to animals to improve circulation, reduce inflammation or swelling, and improve the animal’s overall health. An animal massage therapist should have love and empathy for animals and a desire to alleviate their physical pain. It’s possible for an animal massage therapist to specialize in one particular animal; two common options are dogs and horses. A massage therapist must be knowledgeable in the anatomy of a particular animal before providing massage therapy to that animal.Licensing requirements for animal massage therapists vary by state, with qualifying practice hours ranging from 100-500. Animal massage therapy might be part of regular veterinary medicine licensure in some states, while others have no explicit requirements. Regulations might be dictated by the same state organization that oversees massage therapy for humans. Training and certificate programs are available and might be required for animal massage practitioners. These include a combination of coursework and contact hours.

Career Outlook for Animal Massage Therapists

According to the BLS, job opportunities for animal care and service workers were expected to grow 22% from 2019-2029. This is faster than the average for all professions, partially due to the fact that both pet ownership and pet owners’ disposable incomes are expected to increase.Animal massage specialists might be able to find work with police and military dogs, racehorses, work horses, or other animals that are physically active. Other clients might include personal pets, especially those that are aging.Animal massage therapists work with animals to alleviate pain, and can specialize with dogs, racehorses, or aging pets. They must have a love for animals, and some may be required to complete a training program and attain licensure. Animal care and service workers will enjoy a much-faster-than-average growth in employment opportunities from 2019-2029, with job demand increasing by as much as 22%.
Massage Therapy and Body Work for your Pet | Healing Paws Center

online animal massage therapy certification

Earn a canine massage therapy  certification online. At e-Training for Dogs, we have partnered with Treetops to offer students the ability to earn their canine massage therapy certification. Our canine massage therapy certification was described by a research team at Colorado State University as the only “stand alone” program in Canine Massage Therapy in North America in 2015. This is not a weekend course, it is a course designed for those serious in Canine Massage Therapy.

About the Certificate program:

In this program, you will take three courses. The first course is in Canine Anatomy and Physiology. This course is basically in lecture format with quizzes following the lectures and some written homework submitted to the Instructor. In the second course, you will learn all the relevant Swedish massage therapy strokes; history and theory of massage; definition and purpose of massage for canines; creating a positive environment for massage; physiological effects of massage for canines; psychological effects of massage for canines; contraindications to massage for canines; assessment and treatment protocols for canines; an introduction to hydrotherapy for canines; canine biomechanics and kinesiology; case studies of common canine soft tissue issues.  The advanced canine massage course develops specialized massage skills to deal with a wide variety of health issues. You will also learn business skills. The course also helps students perform 40 case studies with one-on-one Instructor guidance and feedback. Each of the courses comes with a comprehensive instruction manual.Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of dogs as well as enthusiasm and interest in providing supportive health care through the use of massage to dogs in need.Purpose: This canine massage therapy certification program strives to develop fully trained, qualified and thoughtful massage practitioners who are able to conduct themselves safely and professionally as members of a canine health care team.

Possible career opportunities on completion of this diploma program:

Self employment as a canine massage practitioner or as a employee within a veterinarian clinic, animal rehabilitation facility, humane society, rescue or other supportive canine care facility.Accreditation: Since there are no formal Accrediting agencies in the United States or Canada for Canine Massage professionals, we have done our best to make sure that our courses are approved by the top organizations both Nationally and Internationally. As such, all of our courses are approved by the IAABC, NADOI and the CCPDT for Continuing Education Credits and Educational Events.  Some schools claim they are approved by their State, but this is only as a business offering educational products, NOT true accreditation. ONLY a University has the ability to offer true accreditation.

What students can expect to learn from this program:

  • Eighteen hours of online instruction in anatomy and physiology of canines.
  • This provides a unique opportunity to come back to each lesson with questions, concerns and insights after completing your homework assignments.
  • Homework assignments that ensure you master the material.
  • Students should prepare to complete 6 hours of homework each week.
  • Students must successfully complete the canine anatomy and physiology course before enrolling in the introductory canine massage course.
  • Test Out Option from the anatomy and physiology course is available for qualified students.
  • Eighteen hours of online instruction in the introduction to canine massage course.
  • Students must successfully complete the introduction to canine massage course before enrolling in the advanced canine massage course.
  • Fifteen hours of online instruction in the advanced canine massage course that develops specialized massage skills to deal with a wide variety of health issues.
  • It also helps students prepare for opening their own clinic.
  • Homework assignments and video submissions in both of the massage courses that will ensure you master the massage skills.
  • Students should be prepared to complete 6 hours of homework each week.
  • There will be a knowledge assessment at the end of each course that ensures students have successfully completed the course requirements and have a level of training that ensures they will be safe when working on their own animals and doing the case studies.
  • Lastly students must complete 40 case studies – this means massaging 10 different dogs at least 4 times.
Diploma program length: Students must successfully complete all three required courses as well as the submission of the case study massages.Completion Rules: Students must complete the ENTIRE Canine Massage Certification Program within 24 months of enrollment. There are specific course time limits. Extensions will be granted for extenuating circumstances. Students must send a request in writing to the course instructor requesting an extension no less than 30 days BEFORE the term ends.

The required elements with specific time limitations are:

  • Canine Anatomy and Physiology – course completion within 4 months from the date of enrollment.
  • Introduction to Canine Massage – course completion within 6 months from the date of enrollment.
  • Advanced Canine Massage – course completion within 6 months from the date of enrollment.
  • Canine Case Study Submissions (students will complete this as part of the course work in the Introduction to Canine Massage Course and the Advanced Canine Massage Course).
Certificate of course completion is only awarded after completion of the Introduction to Canine Massage Course and the Advanced Massage Course. There is no certificate of completion for the Anatomy and Physiology Course. The program Diploma is only awarded after successful completion of all three courses and submission of the case studies as well as the course fees paid in totality..Instructor: Sheilagh O’SullivanFees – there are two methods of payment for this For Credit OnDemand Program –1.  Complete program fee (includes all three above courses)  – $1,625 USD*Please note that you will only be given access to the first course to start: “Anatomy and Physiology” as they must be taken consecutively.2. Payment Plan Program of 8 monthly payments of $210.00 USD each for a total course fee of $1680.00 USD (Please use the “Subscribe” button below). Please read the Payment Plan policy.12 Best Jobs Working With Animals | GOBankingRates