Bachelors in Computer Science in Canada

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Computer Science Degree Canada

As the job opportunities in information and communication technology (ICT) sector are increasing, bachelor’s in computer science in Canada is becoming a popular choice among students. According to Canadian ICT Sector Profile 2018 published by the government, the ICT sector experienced a growth of over 4.6% in its workforce, employing a total of 6,52,000 workers in 2018. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is mainly concerned with the use of computation technology in the processing of information. Offered as BSc, BASc, and BA, bachelor’s in computer science in Canada can take three to four years to complete. Few of the Canadian universities offer a co-op program that allows students to earn industry-relevant experience along with their degree.

Benefits of Completing a Bachelor of Computer Science

After completing an undergraduate computer science course, students can enter the work force or high level academia with these competitive advantages:  

  • Guided Learning: Computer science is famously challenging, so it helps students to have a strong support system of professors and tutors. Additionally, students have the chance to work with peers for group study.
  • Better Salary: With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, graduates can expect to see a reasonable jump in their expected starting salary. In modern society, knowledgeable computer science professionals are highly valued.
  • Expanded Job Opportunities: An undergraduate degree in computer science qualifies students for an incredible range of positions. As such, their job opportunities significantly expand with the degree.
  • Develop Professional Network: Professional networks help students find jobs and internships. They begin building these networks with their peers, professors and mentors from university.
  • Preparation for Advanced Academic Work: A Bachelor’s in Computer Science lays the groundwork for advanced academic programs in the subject. With their knowledge of math and languages, they are prepared for more difficult challenges.

Bachelor of Computer Science in Canada: Types of Programs

Bachelors in computer science in Canada is offered as a major, minor, specialist and co-op program. Specialist and co-op program options are available only in a few selected universities in Canada.

Major/Minor: Students can choose from a variety of computer science courses as a major or a minor to study in Canada. A few of the popular ones are data science, software engineering, operating systems, parallel programming, artificial intelligence, etc.

Specialist Program: A specialist program in computer science offers computer science courses in combination with courses from other related disciplines such as an information system, entrepreneurship, etc. Some universities offer students the flexibility to choose these additional courses while some have a fixed curriculum.

Co-Op Program: Students opting for a co-op degree in computer science have to enroll in a compulsory internship from the second or third year of their degree. Most of these internships are paid and helps students in gaining work experience.

Bachelors in Computer Science in Canada Fees

Ranked between 101 -150 by 2020 edition ranking of QS News, Simon Fraser University has the lowest annual tuition fee of 14,990 USD among the top ten ranked universities. University of Toronto, which is ranked at 1st position, by both QS News and Times Higher Education, has an annual fee of 42,430 USD for bachelor’s in computer science.

Top Universities in Canada for Bachelors in Computer Science

As per THE Ranking 2020, following are the top universities in Canada offering an undergraduate degree in computer science:

  • University of Toronto: Considered as one of the most prestigious universities of Canada, all three campuses of the University of Toronto offers an undergraduate degree in computer science in Canada. Students can choose computer science as a major, minor or specialist course while pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honours degree at this university. A co-op computer science program is also offered at the Scarborough campus of UofT.
  • University of Waterloo: With more than 70 courses taught by over 80 professors, University of Waterloo is one of the best study destinations for computer science. Its co-op program allows students to work for two years in a paid internship. Professors and graduates of the university’s computer science department have started more than 800 spin-off companies.
  • University of British Columbia: A 4-year BS in CS is offered by UBC with options of enrolling for honors and co-op programs. Computer Science program is offered at both campuses of the University of British Columbia: Vancouver and Okanagan.
  • University of Alberta: Advantage of studying bachelor’s in CS at the UAlberta is that you can apply for a science internship program in the third year of study. This provides an opportunity to not only gain experience in the field but also earn some money. Students can opt for a bachelor’s in computer science with specialization, honors or general degree.
  • University of Montreal: Offering computer science as both a major and a minor, the University of Montreal also provides cross-disciplinary degrees in this field including Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics, Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science and Bachelor’s in Physics and Computer Science. However, the entire curriculum of this university is in French, hence you should opt for this university only if you are proficient in the French language.

Computer Science Courses in Canada

Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Mobile Applications Development

This advanced diploma program is designed for those who are interested in developing mobile applications for smartphones, tablets, and the web. Students will learn and apply techniques in writing apps for major platforms common in today?s mobile application marketplace. In addition, students will develop a deep understanding of object-oriented programming principles, cross-platform development both web and native, user interface design, database fundamentals, systems development, and project management, as well as being introduced to game development techniques.

UTP Stage II in Computing Science

UTP Stage II: Computing Science is equivalent to the first year of SFU’s Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree program. It provides the foundation for further study in many aspects of computing to help you choose your area of specialization for your undergraduate degree.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science

Computer science is the study of software, algorithms and computing. Our program explores a breadth of computing fundamentals, including data structures, graphics, information visualization, human-computer interfaces, software quality, programming, artificial intelligence, databases, data analytics, machine vision and more. Pursue your studies in the Honours Computer Science program, or chose to specialize in one of the following areas: This specialization is in response to the urgent need for data scientists capable of turning vast quantities of data into insight. You will develop the necessary problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical, computational and communication skills to meet employers? needs.

Master of Applied Computer Science

The Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS) program is a 16-month graduate degree that prepares you for a dynamic career in the software industry by developing strong technical skills with core courses in systems, communications, and data management.

Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Computer and Information System – Emerging Technologies

Get started on your path to becoming a computer programmer, web technician, software engineer, information systems analyst, data administrator and more in this intensive, two-year program. Emerging Technology ? Learn web scripting and programming, data algorithms, cloud infrastructure and mobile application development in order to be prepared for such career opportunities as computer and network operator, web technician, computer programmer, interactive media developer, software engineer, mobile software developer, and web designer and developer.

Bachelors in Computer Science Admission Requirement

Admission Requirements for International Students: Following are the general requirements for admission to a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Canada:

  • Completion of senior secondary school (minimum grade requirement varies with the university)
  • Mathematics as one of the compulsory subjects in a senior secondary school; some universities may have additional subject requirements such as physics, English and chemistry
  • Official transcript of high school and senior secondary school
  • English translation of official documents
  • Proof of English/French language proficiency

Language Proficiency Requirements: The majority of the universities and colleges in Canada offer bachelor’s in computer science in English. Hence, international students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the same. IELTS or TOEFL scores can be submitted as proof of English proficiency. Minimum eligibility score for undergraduate admission to top Canadian universities is:

  • TOEFL: 90 to 100
  • IELTS: 6.5

Many universities offer English Languages Programs (ELP) for eligible students who are not able to submit the above scores. Also, applicants from a country where English is the first language are not required to submit proof of English proficiency.

However, few of them have French as a primary medium of instruction. Students applying for such universities must submit proof of French language proficiency. One of the following certificates can be submitted to demonstrate proficiency in French language:

  • TFI: International French test
  • DELF: Diploma in French language studies
  • DALF: Advanced French language diploma
  • TCF: French general knowledge test
  • TCFQ: Test of knowledge of French for Quebec
  • TCF DAP: Test of knowledge of French
  • TEF/TEFaQ/TEF Canada: French Assessment Test

Bachelor Programs in Computer Science in Canada

Canada is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for a bachelors degree. In addition, it is becoming more recognized as being a top choice for those seeking a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. As a student taking a Bachelor of Computer Science in Canada, you will experience high quality academics, a healthy and safe environment, international student population, many professional and research opportunities, and plenty of cultural and social activities.

In Canada, Bachelor of Computer Science programs are designed for students seeking to learn the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing, and turn this into a career. Some of the courses that students can take explore data structures, algorithms, mathematics, theory of computation, human-computer interaction, and software testing.  A Bachelor of Computer Science is a solid first step toward a successful career in Canada and abroad.

Scroll through the programs below to learn more about a Bachelor of Computer Science degree in Canada. You may find the next step toward your academic and professional goals!