Free online courses on counter terrorism

This terrorism course will look at the nuances of defining terrorism, as well as the nature of Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Islamic State, and other important groups, as well as the effectiveness of various counterterrorism tools, terrorist recruiting, counterterrorism, and the rule of law, the political context in South Asia and the Middle East, and terrorist use of technology.

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IntelBrief: Costs and Consequences of Counterterrorism - The Soufan Center

Free online courses on counter terrorism


Terrorism has gone from a persistent yet marginal security concern to one of the most important security problems of our day. There are few countries that do not suffer from some form of terrorism. Though many attempts at terrorism fail, some groups wage lengthy and bloody campaigns and, in exceptional cases, kill hundreds or even thousands in pursuit of their ends.

For those interested in an abbreviated version of this course, the 3-section course Terrorism and Counterterrorism: An Introduction is available here.

Taught by

Jonathan Brown and Daniel Byman

Counterterrorism Courses

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Terrorism and Counterterrorism: An Introduction Schools and Partners: Georgetown


Terrorism and Counterterrorism Schools and Partners: Georgetown


The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism Schools and Partners: Stanford Online


Contemporary Issues in World Politics Schools and Partners: Federica


Global Media, War, and Technology Schools and Partners: UQ


International Human Rights Law Schools and Partners: Louvain


International Humanitarian Law Schools and Partners: Louvain


Nuclear Facilities: Regulations and Licensing Schools and Partners: MEPhIx

Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies - The University of Auckland

What is Counterterrorism?

Counterterrorism is the actions of a state or governing body to defend citizens against attacks by terrorist organizations. This includes the coordinated actions of the military, intelligence agencies, police departments, fire departments and community leaders to deter and counteract terrorist threats.

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Georgetown University offers a 7-part program on terrorism and counterterrorism that will introduce you to the concept of counterterrorism and the issues and challenges leaders in a democratic society face when battling terrorist activities. Explore different types of terrorism as well as a range of causes of terrorism and learn various strategies governments can employ to effectively respond.

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