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Step into your future opportunities for growth, training and development with the One Way International Theological Seminary.

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We Have Accomplished Faculties

Choose from one of our competency–based degree programme as well as certificate or diploma options. 

Affordable tuition opportunities are available please contact our office for details. The opportunity to begin your programme is always available.

As a registered corporation (Seminary) we are committed to bringing a force for the good work of Christ.

Our students, faculty and staff are creating and contributing to real change in their communities and ministry. 

Explore Our Areas of Study

·        Christian Psychology & Counselling 

·        Ministry (Church Administration, Community Development, Social Work, Christian Education)

This Seminary will seek to integrate biblical and theological training with practical skills essential for effective witness and ministry. 

The One Way International Theological Seminary is a spirit–filled institution designed to equip men and women for effective and Godly Leadership.

Our core values are:

1. To train Christian servants who will become spiritually vibrant 

2.  Train biblically strong leaders with authority, and who are 

3.  Theologically Balanced

4.  Ministry equipped and culturally sensitive  

5.  Sound theology with spiritual passion

6.  Depicting Kingdom growth with personal maturity One Way International Theological Seminary is a Christian Bible Seminary that proudly teaches the word of God and trains men and women for ministry.

Institutional Objectives
  (To Fulfill its Purpose)  

One Way International Theological Seminary is committed to: 

1.     Provide institution nurture, and enrichment for personal and professional development within a spirit- filled ecumenical ethos.

2.     Instill recognition of the authority of scripture in all areas of life and provide a solid knowledge of the Bible. 

3.      Encourage development of a Biblical and balanced Christian Theology. 

4.      Equip students with the basic skills for Ministry and Evangelism. 

5.      Increase awareness and appreciation of the heritage of the Christian Community and the Spirit – Community of faith in particular.  

6.      Enhance spiritual development by encouraging students in personal prayer and spiritual disciplines.

7.   Increase student’s Biblical knowledge of moral and ethical standards and encourage a lifestyle based upon scripture.

8.      Make personal and professional development possible for adult learners through quality education delivery systems. 

9.      Stimulate awareness for the need of continuous lifelong, personal and professional development and provide such opportunities. 

10.  Prepare students for servanthood in the church and community with sensitivity to the rich diversity and varied needs of the world.

11.   Accreditation as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.

International Theological Seminary Florida

Florida International Theological Seminary

Florida International


Theological Seminary

Mission & Purpose 

Florida International Theological Seminary is a Christian academic community                         that develops Christ-centered men and women with values, morals,                                      knowledge and leadership skills essential to impact the world. 

Admission Requirements

Since more students apply than can be accommodated on our Palm Beach campus, F.I.T.S uses a selective process for admission. This process gives highest consideration to applicants with the strongest recommendations, academic credentials, evangelistic zeal and highest motivation for pursuing a career in full-time Christian ministry.

F.I.T.S welcomes applications from students of diverse ethnicity, interests and abilities. Each application is evaluated on its own merits.

Each applicant must have a Bachelors Degree to be considered. However, meeting this requirement does not guarantee admission to F.I.T.S.

Degree Programs 

Master of MinistryDoctor of Ministry
 Master of Ministry in Biblical Studies Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Studies 
 Masters of Ministry in Christian Counseling Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling
 Masters of Ministry in Christian Education Doctor of Ministry in Christian Education
 Masters of Ministry in Divinity Doctor of Ministry in Divinity
 Masters of Ministry in Urban Ministry Doctor of Ministry in Urban Ministry
 Masters of Ministry in Theology Doctor of Ministry in Theology

School Colors

Royalty Purple 

Regal Black