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Southern Institute of Technology is a public institute which is the largest technical institutes in New Zealand. SIT was established in the year 1971 when it became popular for its Zero Fees Scheme. This, in turn, allows the tuition fee for international students to be low and affordable. The institute provides a wide range of certificate courses and postgraduate programmes, including pathway courses in different specialisations.

The Zero Fees Scheme provides tuition-free education for all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents admitted at SIT, thus saving on large loan bills upon graduation. The scheme has also been extended to international students, after its success with citizens and permanent residents. International students can avail Zero Fees English and Zero Fees Foundation courses under the scheme at no extra cost. SIT’s alumni association connects graduates with their classmates and also extends additional benefits to them. SIT has six different campuses all over New Zealand.

The main campus is at Invercargill and the other five campuses are at Gore, Queenstown, Christchurch, Telford and Auckland. In 2018, the Southern Institute of Technology took over Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand or MAINZ and had been operating under Auckland. The institute is also planning another campus at St. Johns Church for the year 2020. The institute has made over $5.5 million in the redevelopment of its campuses and continues to do it to date. There are nine schools or departments at the Southern Institute of Technology under which their courses and degrees are delivered. The Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing provide a course in Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing. Business and Communication has Business and Commerce, Human Resources and Coaching, Marketing and Management and Project Management.

The Creative Industries Department accepts students for Audio Production, Music, Fashion, Film and Animation and Visual Arts. The Environmental and Life Sciences has Agriculture and Floristry, Environmental Management and Veterinary Nursing and Animal Care. The Health, Massage Therapy, Social Services, Sport and Exercise Department, as the name says, has Nursing and Health Science, Massage Therapy, Social Services and Mental Health and Sport and Exercise courses. Hospitality, Hotel Management and Travel educate students in Hospitality, Hotel Management, Tourism and Travel. The last two departments are Information Technology and Maori Language and Arts. There are also departments for Trades, Trade School Programmes and SIT2LRN Study Anywhere, which is a distance education programme.

SIT is also introducing some new courses under the existing departments for the upcoming academic year. Some of the new courses are New Zealand Certificate in Makeup Artistry (Level 4), New Zealand Diploma in Digital Media and Design (Film Level 5), New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management (Level 5), New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) and New Zealand Diploma in Photography under their SIT2LRN Study Anywhere scheme

Is Southern Institute Of Technology Good

Depends on what you are studying, depends on what your standards are.

I know several people who are mightily pissed off at SIT for the amount of problems they experienced, and the lack of support students got – especially if students tried to raise any of these problems with the managers. On the other hand, I know people who have been absolutely happy with their study and would gladly recommend SIT to anyone interested.

It really depends WHAT DEPARTMENT and WHAT STUDY you are planning on doing.

I study quantity surveying. In 2017 the quality was low. For example: a tutor retired but the department didn’t start looking for a replacement until AFTER the tutor was gone, so for a whole term we simply did not have those classes. 3 months later another tutor resigned so, again, there were very limited classes. Then there’s administrative cock-ups: the department enrolled me onto a wrong curriculum, so now I need to spend an extra year in school to make up for their error. Another student completed a class several years ago but the department has lost the paperwork to prove that he has.

I hope that 2018 will be better. A new programme manager seems to be actually interested in doing a good job, so hopefully the administrative errors will stop or at least decrease. On the teaching side, quantity surveying is run by mostly two tutors: one is excellent (has lots of experience and knowledge), but the other one doesn’t know what he is talking about (class materials are mostly simple copy-paste from BRANZ brochures and Level website). Provided that the good tutor stays on, and the not-so-good one becomes better, the course has a chance.

Am I glad that SIT exists? Yes. I am able to pursue a diploma that is affordable, and Invercargill actually has lots to offer in terms of recreation, space and affordability of life.

However, I would not yet describe my own experience with SIT “good”. My department looks disorganised and, what’s worse, I genuinely don’t think the higher management are interested in facing the problems. My department doesn’t conduct surveys to find out what students think. I have not witnessed quality control in terms of teaching. Both in 2017 and 2018 I have had talks with fellow international students who have been on the edge of tears with shock over the quality of study. They’ve realised that their families have taken on substantial debt to send them to study in NZ, but the study has been so below what we would consider “reasonable” or even “acceptable” that it has not been funny.

I don’t know how you would know IF the study is good BEFORE enrolling though. I’m not aware of any public review database where students’ opinions are listed. Unless you already know someone who has finished their diploma/degree and can tell you what it was like, I really don’t know how you would know. Just come to Invercargill and try, I guess.

PS. The problem with quantity surveying and architecture is, New Zealand is in a building boom. Teaching jobs are low-paid compared to what good professionals can earn in the industry, so it’s hard to attract good tutors. Invercargill’s department may not be awesome, but it doesn’t mean that other schools in New Zealand are better – I have spoken to a student who studies in Christchurch, and another one from the North Island, and they are also having problems with low quality of study.

PPS. I really wish I could say much better things about SIT, but at the moment I unfortunately can’t.

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SIT is an institute of technology/polytechnic owned and operated by the Government of NZ. So you are assured of being in an institution that has got strong credibility. As regards how well they care or do not care about their students it is not a good idea to go by a sample size of one person to arrive at a conclusion. In my line of work, I personally know many current SIT students who seem to be reasonably happy with the school. The main issue is the huge amount of expectations that international students come into NZ with and that is a possible pitfall. Do more research and I would think you… 

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southern institute of technology fees

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(1 Course)18 MonthsNZD 16,000
BHM(1 Course)3 YearsNZD 16,000
Other Courses(12 Courses)1 – 3 YearsNZD 12,000 – 18,000

Southern Institute Of Technology Courses

Bachelor of Applied Management

The aim of the Bachelor of Applied Management programme is to produce graduates with the personal and professional skills necessary to be successful…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:14-February-2022

Bachelor of Architectural Technology

Study the Bachelor of Architectural Technology and learn the technical skills and knowledge needed to get into the Architectural Industry. The…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:1 year Show moreStart date:14-February-2022

Bachelor of Audio Production

If you dream of a career as an Audio Producer, Studio Engineer, Studio Manager, Mastering Engineer, Live Sound Technician, Radio Producer, or if you…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:14-February-2022

Bachelor of Commerce

Your global business journey starts here! SIT’s Bachelor of Commerce will equip you with the theory and practical skills required to succeed in…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:14-February-2022

Bachelor of Construction

The Bachelor of Construction will prepare you for a career at any level in the construction industry. You will learn and get practical experience…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:14-February-2022

Bachelor of Contemporary Music

The Bachelor of Contemporary Music offers an industry-focused programme designed to prepare students for a professional career in contemporary…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:14-February-2022

Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Learn how to deal with complex systems and manage large-scale projects and solve real life problems. This degree offers comprehensive preparation…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:21-February-2022

Bachelor of Environmental Management

Maybe you are passionate about climate change, local food systems or conservation, maybe you are passionate about getting a great job with the…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:21-February-2022

Bachelor of Hotel Management

The Bachelor of Hotel Management equips students for supervisory and management positions within the accommodation, hospitality and tourism related…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:14-February-2022

Bachelor of Information Technology

Explore progressive, cutting edge technologies and complete projects for real industry clients, solving real problems and creating real…Level of study:Bachelor’s DegreeDuration:3 yearsStart date:14-February-2022

toi ohomai institute of technology

Founded in the year 2016, the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology was formed after the coalition of Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and Waiariki Institute of Technology. This institute provides over 200 courses in different disciplines across 86 delivery sites. In addition to this, the programs offered by this institute have a specialty in various lucrative fields, such as business, tourism, trades, arts, forestry, and health. This institute is among the largest tertiary providers in the Bay of Plenty and supports many lucrative research projects across all its campuses. It has established strong partnerships with many leading organizations such as TANZ Ecampus and Tertiary Education Partnership.

Based in New Zealand, this institute has several campuses, including the Tokoroa Campus, Mokoia Campus, Taupo Campus, and Waipa Campus. Apart from these principal campuses, this institute also operates several delivery centers across numerous locations, such as Kawerau, Opotiki, and Papamoa. These campuses have world-class facilities to ensure a safe, comfortable and flourishing academic environment for the staff and students. Students can participate in different sports and recreational activities. Enrolled students can avail of the benefits of getting special fare rates while commuting by the bus. In addition to this, there are free bus services available to students on different campuses. Students can avail of the benefits of childcare services, cafes, beauty services, and career advice services.