Mba Scholarship In Us

The Mba scholarship in us is well known for offering competitive and affordable educational opportunities. The Michigan Business School (MBS) is owned by the University of Michigan and offers one of the largest MBA programs in the world. It is also known for its high standards and amazing career outcomes.

Mba Scholarship In Us (Us) Mba Scholarships are a great way to obtain a more attractive and well paid job for an undergraduate or graduate student. Scholarship programs are often available for students in a variety of subject areas, including Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science and Information Technology, among others.

You can have trouble finding the proper information online, so we’ve provided the greatest and most recent information on how to get scholarship for mba in USA for Indian students and study mba in USA with scholarship. Learn more by reading on. We at collegelearners have all the details you require regarding the scholarship for mba in USA for international students. Learn more by reading on.

Mba Scholarship In Us

Having known about the cost of studying MBA in USA, you must have understood that it is a big financial commitment. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, Sloan School of Management, Wharton School of Business, Columbia Business School, etc. are the chart toppers when it comes to leading B-schools for MBA in USA. Some of the most coveted B-schools provide various merit and need-based MBA scholarships for Indian students in USA to make their programs accessible to all.

Here is a curated list of US MBA scholarships for Indian students provided by top B-schools:

  • 1.  Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program – Stanford Business School

Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program is awarded by the Stanford University to students enrolling in one of the seven graduate schools of the university. To select scholars for this award, the university looks for candidates who demonstrate 3 main characteristics including independence of thought, leadership driven by purpose and civic mindset.

Application ProcessOnline application for Knight-Hennessy Scholars by the deadline.
Application DeadlinesOctober 2022
Amount CoveredA fellowship towards tuition fees + stipend for academic and living expenses + travel stipend for an annual trip to and from Stanford
Number of Awards100
DurationUp to 3 years of graduate study
  • 2.  Harvard Business School Scholarships – Harvard University

The prestigious HBS under Harvard University offers a need-based opportunity to study MBA in USA with scholarship. The value of this scholarship will vary depending on your need for the same and to be considered you need to provide a full financial picture.

Application ProcessOnline application
Application DeadlinesApplication to be submitted after being admitted to Harvard MBA program.
Amount Covered$40,000 per year
Number of Awards50% of the students
Duration2 years
  • 3.  McKinsey Award – MIT Sloan School of Management

At the MIT Sloan School of Management, incoming MBA students are awarded scholarships through McKinsey and Company. To cut through the competition for this award you must demonstrate outstanding academic records, drive, leadership in different areas such as campus, professional life or community. The final selection for MBA scholarships for Indian students in USA will be based on personal interviews.

Application ProcessSeparate application
Application DeadlinesJune 2022
Amount Covered$10,000
Number of Awards4
DurationFirst 3 years of MBA
  • 4.  Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships – Kellogg School of Management

The Kellogg School of Management presents before you an array of merit-based scholarships. You will be automatically considered for these merit scholarships once admitted. The Donald P. Jacobs International scholarships are among the most popular, particularly awarded to strong international 2-year MBA and MMM programs.

Application ProcessNo separate application required
Application DeadlinesProgram application deadline applies
Amount CoveredPart of tuition fees
Number of AwardsAll international students are considered for the award
Duration2 years
  • 5.  Dean’s Scholarship – Stern School of Business

The Dean’s Scholarship in the name of Dean Rangarajan “Raghu” Sundaram awarded to MBA students at Stern School of Business happens to be the most prestigious award given to bright students and covers the entire MBA tuition cost.

Application ProcessNo separate application required
Application DeadlinesProgram deadline applies
Amount CoveredFull tuition
Number of Awards20-25% of admitted students
Duration2 years
  • 6.  Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellowship – Tuck School of Business

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College is a member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management through which it provides merit-based MBA scholarship in USA.

Application ProcessNo separate application required
Application DeadlinesSame as program application deadline
Amount CoveredFull tuition
Number of AwardsAll students are considered
Duration2 years

Take a look at the list of some other popular MBA scholarships in USA for Indian students:

  1. Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Program, Columbia Business School
  2. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship, Stanford School of Business
  3. India Trust Fellowship, Booth School of Business
  4. Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship, Harvard Business School
  5. Diversity Scholarships, Kellogg School of Management
  6. Social Impact Fellowships, Wharton School of Business

All in all, an MBA scholarship in USA is the best shot to reduce your financial burden. USA universities have the reputation of awarding financial aid to around 99% students which definitely means you stand a good chance of getting one. US MBA scholarships for Indian students not only benefit students but also help in attracting and retaining ambitious individuals. To get ahead of others, you must apply for scholarships early to get maximum consideration. 

How to get scholarship for mba in usa for indian students

Pursuing an MBA will definitely give your career a boost and if you do it from the top-most study destination then it will be even more meaningful. However, not everyone gets this chance and a majority of the aspirants miss this opportunity because of a shortage of funds. In this article, we will inform you about what all MBA USA scholarships are available for international students. There are some scholarships that are funded by the colleges for pursuing MBA.

There are two types of scholarships

Merit-based scholarships
Need-based scholarships
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Wharton School of Business
Wharton School of Business offers various scholarships for aspirants in need of funds.

Fulbright Program for Non-US Students
Fulbright Foreign Student Program helps the students, professionals, and artists, who are not US citizens, to study and conduct research. This program is in more than 160 countries and approximately 4000 foreign students are recipients of this scholarship every year.

Application: Students are supposed to apply through the bi-national Fulbright Commission or through US Embassies in their home country.

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund
This grant is meant to support the education of women who are from developing countries and want to contribute to the lives of women and children in their home countries.

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Emerging Economy Fellowships
This scholarship has been specially designed for the aspirants of emerging economies. Aspirants willing to pursue a full-time MBA at Wharton School of Business can apply for it. It covers both the years of the course.

Eligibility: First-year students can apply for this scholarship. Eligibility criteria:

Academic achievement
Unique personal qualities
Exceptional professional development
Compelling leadership
Application: Aspirants need not apply formally for this scholarship, those who got admitted to Wharton are automatically considered for this fellowship.

Social Impact Fellowships
Social Impact Fellowship offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to enhance their operation, leadership, and strategic skills and make a positive impact on their work.

Eligibility: Aspirants need to showcase their leadership in the public and non-profit sectors.

Application: Students applying for the program are automatically considered for this scholarship, there is no formal application procedure for applying to this fellowship.

Joseph Wharton Fellowships
This fellowship program is named after the founder of Wharton and is awarded to students with an excellent academic and professional record.

Eligibility: All students who got admission to Wharton are eligible for this fellowship program.

Application: There is no formal application procedure for this scholarship. Students getting admission become eligible for this program.

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Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College)
The Tuck School of Business offers a wide range of scholarships to individuals who require funds for pursuing higher studies. The scholarships are financed with the cooperation of alumni, corporations, and nonprofit foundations. Tuck scholarships range from $10,000 to full tuition fee. The scholarships get renewed automatically in the second year on the basis of academic performance.

Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellowship
Tuck School of Business is a member of Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellowship. The students who get selected via the Consortium receive merit-based scholarship which covers the entire tuition fee.

Forté is a consortium of businesses, non-profit groups, and educational institutions that provides scholarships to exceptional women candidates.

Centre For Business & Society
Two programs developed by the Centre For Business & Society award financial help to deserving students. The ‘TUCK GIVES’ program offers financial help to students who are planning to enter the public sector or non-profit summer internships.

The Tuck Non-profit Fellowship program offers financial support and guidance to TUCK graduates who join a public sector or non-profit organization. Recipients of this scholarship can use the fellowship to repay the loans.

Eligibility: Academic record, leadership, or professional achievements.

Application: Aspirants should apply for the Tuck School of Business Scholarships before the deadline.

Columbia Business School
Columbia Business School offers both need and merit-based scholarships to international students. Depending on the academic performance and financial needs of the candidates, it offers full-time and partial fellowships to students with excellent academic records.

Columbia Business School Board Fellowships
Students who have an exceptional academic record and offer a bright professional career are awarded this scholarship. The scholarship amount gets renewed in the second year.

Columbia Business School Board China & India Fellowships
Columbia Business School Board China & India Fellowship is meant for students from China and India. Students must possess and exceptional academic record and must offer bright future prospects.

Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Program:
This fellowship is awarded to selected students who showcase leadership and excellent academic skills. With this fellowship, students are given full tuition and membership of the group of Feldberg fellows.


Outstanding academic and professional record.
Fellows must have a distinguished record in finance, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise.
Sloan School of Management
MIT Sloan offers merit-based scholarships to pursue an MBA to first-year and second-year students.

Legatum Fellowship:
The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship provides scholarships for entrepreneurial graduate students who plan on starting a business in a low-income country.

Application: The application process for this scholarship is different from the admission application.

McKinsey Award:
Although this fellowship is open to all new students, irrespective of their professional background. However, The McKinsey award scholarship is awarded to 4 first-year students.

Eligibility: Academic excellence, professional leadership, and community service.

Application: The recipients are selected by the committee based on their admission application and interviews.

MIT Sloan Social Impact Fellowships
MIT Sloan Social Impact Fellowship provides funding to MBA students who work on social challenges and issues during their summer internship period.

Master’s Fellowships:
The main aim of this scholarship is to increase the diversity of the class, so, it is open to all the students irrespective of their backgrounds. The scholarship amount ranges from $5000 to full tuition.

Eligibility: All students are considered for these fellowships.

Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School offers several fellowship plans to deserving candidates. The financial need-based scholarships are determined on the basis of gross income of past 3 years, assets owned, and socio-economic background.

Rock Center Loan Reduction for Entrepreneurs:
Rock Center for Entrepreneurship provides a one-time loan reduction amount of $5000 – $20,000 for MBA students who wish to pursue their own ventures.

The Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship:
This fellowship is given to 10 students who can showcase extraordinary performance in life sciences. The scholarship values $20,000 and is awarded at the time of admission. This fellowship is preferably given to students who wish to join science-related businesses or organizations.

Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship:
This fellowship is awarded to up to 10 students who wish to work in the nonprofit sector. Under this program, first year students are awarded $10,000.

Eligibility: Students must have worked full-time in the non-profit sector before applying to the Harvard Business School.

HBS Fellowship Programs:
HBS offers need-based fellowships to students who got admit and are in need of funds. As per Harvard, almost 50% of its class receives an average of around $32,000 per year through need-based HBS Fellowships.

The HBS Forward Fellowship:
The fellowship provides support to the students from lower-income backgrounds. A financial support of $30,000 is provided.

Application: HBS Financial Aid application and complementary fellowship application must be submitted along with the family information.

Kellogg School of Management
Kellogg School of Management provides merit-based MBA USA scholarships that are awarded at the time of admission.

Austin Scholars:
Austin Scholarship is awarded to students pursuing 2-years and MMM programs.

Eligibility: Exceptional leadership in academic and professional spheres.

Application: Students are considered for this scholarship based on their admission application.

Diversity Scholarships:
These scholarships are awarded an aim to increase the diversity of the Kellogg’s students. These are awarded to meritorious students who showed leadership skills, academic excellence, and career advancement.

Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships:
These scholarships are awarded to students who wish to pursue MMM and two-year programs.

Eligibility: Students who secure admission are considered for all the merit-based scholarships awarded by the school.

Application: Merit-based scholarships are awarded through the admissions process.

Kellogg Scholarship:
This scholarship is provided to the students who are enrolled in full-time programs, and demonstrate good academics and leadership abilities.

David F. and Margaret T. Grohne Family Foundation Scholarship:
This scholarship is provided to two exceptional student pursuing a 2-year and MMM programs.

Drake Scholars:
This scholarship is awarded to those students who have a passion to promote women initiatives.

Apart from this, popular schools like Haas School of Business (University of California, Berkeley) also offer MBA scholarships to international students.

Study mba in usa with scholarship

Applying for Scholarships as International Student :

One of the biggest mistakes most of the students commit is assuming Scholarship deadlines and Admission deadlines as same and think of applying to Scholarships along with admission packet. In all reality, that is not true at all the times. Both are different and you need to apply ahead of time for Scholarships. Read this article Scholarship Deadlines Vs Admission deadlines in US Universities for MBA for full information on the deadlines.

Every Scholarship is Different and you Have to Meet the requirements first :

There are a plethora of scholarships available and everything has its own requirements. The below list is a generic view of scholarship committee for making a decision. Every scholarship has specific set of requirements and you have to meet those to get a scholarship. For instance, if you are applying for “ First generation College student Scholarship, where you are the first person in your family to go to college to get degree” , The requirement is “ You have to be first generation college student, to get scholarship, if you do not meet this requirement you cannot even apply for the scholarship. Once you meet the requirement then they will look at the additional qualifications and credentials like below. First thing when you look at scholarship is “ Make sure you are eligible for the scholarship”. Your goal as a prospective student is to search the University financial aid office to find the right scholarship for you.

Myth about 10th, 11th and 12th Class Marks or Percentage for Scholarships :

There is a myth among students that US Universities consider 10th, 11th and 12th class marks or percentage for making admission and scholarships decisions. But, that is NOT true. Most of the US universities consider only B.Tech or any Bachelor’s degree percentage only. They look at your performance in recent degree. Some Universities do ask for the 11th and 12th grade scores, but very few of them do consider for making a decision. Think of the logic : how does it matter to judge you what you were 4 – 6 years ago when you were not mature enough and did screw up with percentage. or Academics Percentage for Scholarships to Study in US :

Academics are very important for making the scholarship decisions. Sometimes students are not good with Standardized tests like GRE or GMAT. For those kind of students, it would be a disadvantage. So, good weightage is given for acads. They look at it as “ if a student has a good proven record in the past four years of bachelor, then he/she is competitive. It is proven by getting good percentage in all the four years and a good aggregate percentage”. Acads are important but they are not the sole tie breaker. The application is always looked holistic to judge any award of scholarship.

GRE / GMAT / TOEFL Scores Importance to get Scholarship for MS and MBA :

GRE/ GMAT and TOEFL Scores are important for the scholarships decisions. But they are not necessarily the tie breaker. Some students are good at Standardized tests and some are bad. If you have good acads, and less GRE score, then it a typical situation. Your score has to be decent, but NOT bad. If you have good score then it is good. But, having a low score will not mean, you will not get scholarship. Always, having a good GRE or GMAT score will increase your chances in case there is a tie breaker between you and others.

Leadership and Volunteering :

Leadership skills and Volunteering are weighed significantly for scholarships decision. A typical leadership skill would be serving as a president or on the executive board for an academic or social organization in your Bachelors. Volunteering can include any kind of social service you do for the good of society. Any event where your campus invites students to help the community. These are very important because, scholarships endowments are typically created to encourage students who have good ideals for society and take up leadership role and help others and community succeed. So, being part of a social or academic organization in or doing volunteering is key and you must include all of these certificates if you have any or at least quote your experiences in scholarships essays. This is what distinguishes you from others who just have high GRE scores and high academic percentages.

Achievements, publications and Recognitions :

Any kind of achievements, publications or Recognitions are very important for scholarships. If you have any kind of achievements like First rank in class, Essay competitions, Paper publications, having prizes in various competitions, it helps make your scholarship application stronger. It distinguishes you from others that you have special skills apart from GRE, TOEFL or Acads. If you have been recognized in your college or in society for any kind of good cause you have done or any kind of achievement you got and helped the college, it adds value to your application. Make sure you provide documentation with proof of any kind if you have with the application.

Scholarship Essay or Statement of Purpose :

Most of the scholarships ask you to write an Essay asking “ Why should they give you scholarship and explain your situation or story along with your goals, etc”. Essay is the most important thing of your scholarship packet. You have to be genuine in your thought and explain why you deserve a scholarship. It should show your passion and explain your skills and plan to accomplish your goal. It should state things like how scholarship can make a difference and make your journey successful. If they are just asking for statement of purpose, then you have to focus on what you have to accomplish and how you want to accomplish. NEVER Copy and paste anything from others SOP. Try to read others and come up with your ideas and write your story and goals. Bottom line, your essay or SOP should be good and it should show your zeal to succeed and how you want to reach your goals and what it means to you and may be your family and society.

Recommendation Letters influence on getting Scholarships to Study in US :

Sometimes, the scholarship applications asks for your recommendations letters from professors or anyone who you report to. It is your goal to go to good person who knows you well and can give you a good recommendation. The recommendation should tell the committee your academic, leadership and other skills and how the recommender got to know you through all the activities. As I said, it depends on the type of scholarship you are applying to. Some ask for these, some do not. If they do ask, get good recommendations. Recommendations are very important for scholarships and can be a tie breaker.