pcc biomedical engineering technology

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Biomedical Engineering Technology, associate degree option

Instructor helping a student in the EET lab

A patient lies on a hospital bed after a heart attack, waiting for hospital personnel to administer a defibrillator. What if the defibrillator doesn’t work?

A biomedical technician makes sure they do. As a valued member of any hospital or healthcare organization, biomedical technicians make sure medical technology is properly maintained and repaired to ensure every patient receives the best treatment possible. Doctors and nurses aren’t the only hospital personnel who help save people’s lives.

Why choose Biomedical Engineering Technology at PCC?

The Biomedical Engineering Technology option (area of concentration) is a unique area within PCC’s historically strong Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) program. The Biomedical Engineering Technology option trains students to excel as biomedical electronics technicians through a variety of learning activities in and out of the classroom.

For more than 50 years, our EET program has produced graduates whose superior skills and abilities have helped them obtain excellent jobs and pursue advanced degrees. The difference between the Biomedical Engineering Technology option and the EET program is small – more than two-thirds of the classes overlap – so you can easily get training in both areas and make yourself more marketable.

  • Our diversified courses, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, offer you a unique and affordable way to learn the skills that enable you to become an engineering technician.
  • As a graduate of PCC’s Biomedical Engineering Technology option, you’ll combine the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and teamwork required to be a valued member of the industry.
  • The Biomedical Engineering Technology option prepares students to pass the recommended Certificate of Biomedical Engineering Technology (CBET) exam.
  • Our instructors’ industry experience ensures that you receive training that’s practical, efficient, and effective.

Award information

AwardLengthFinancial aid eligibleCurrently accepting students?
Associate Degree: Biomedical Engineering Technology Option2 years

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What will you learn?

As biomedical engineering technicians, you will use a variety of technical, problem-solving, and communication skills while playing a critical and life-saving role in a healthcare organization.


Course listing for the 2020-2021 catalog year.

First TermCredits
EET 101AElectronic Lab Skills and Equipment 11
EET 111Electrical Circuit Analysis I5
EET 121Digital Systems 14
MTH 111College Algebra (Or any course for which MTH 111 is a prerequisite or equivalent placement)5
General Education: 1 course
Second Term
EET 101BElectronic Lab Skills and Equipment 21
EET 112Electrical Circuit Analysis II5
EET 122Digital Systems 2: Computing Systems5
EET 188Industrial Safety1
MTH 112Elementary Functions5
Third Term
EET 113Electrical Power5
EET 123Digital Systems 3: Mixed-Signal Systems5
EET 178Computing Environments for Technicians5
General Education: 1 course
Fourth Term
EET 221Semiconductor Devices and Circuits5
EET 242Microcontroller and Embedded Systems4
EET 252Electromechanical Systems Fundamentals2
EET 254Electronic Engineering Technology Seminar1
EET 260Biomedical Equipment I4
Fifth Term
CIS 179Data Communication Concepts I4
EET 222Operational Amplifier Circuits5
EET 261Biomedical Equipment II4
EET 280CCooperative Education: BMET Practicum5
Sixth Term
CIS 278Data Communication Concepts II4
EET 223RF Communications Circuits5
EET 273Electronic Control Systems 23
EET 280CCooperative Education: BMET Practicum6
 Total Credits