UK Universities That Accept Transfer Students

The internet is a great source of information, but you should take what you find with a pinch of salt. This article provides information to prospective students who have been searching for the how to transfer from one university to another. The key to your success is getting into the right school.

We have compiled a list of those UK universities that accept transfer students, which gives you an exclusive insight as to what it takes to obtain a university place as a transfer student. The University of Edinburgh accepts international and home student applicants as transfers.

UK Universities That Accept Transfer Students

One of the benefits of using the internet is that it hands you the key to your future and it is getting you your degree and moving on with your life. The key to your success is getting into the right school. This guide gathers information about the top universities in the UK that accept transfer students, and gives you a simple checklist of requirements and tips to keep in mind when applying. This article provides information to prospective students who have been searching for the how to transfer from one university to another. The internet can be a great source of information, but you should take what you find with a pinch of salt as the content written by an uncertified person may not be technically correct. In order to provide higher quality content, this blog has been created. This site helps students seeking the UK universities guide & University of Edinburgh transfer by providing accurate information that could help them in their pursuit of transferring universities

If you’re not happy with your current university, you might consider transferring universities. The process for changing universities in the UK is generally quite straightforward. However, the process can vary between courses and universities so it’s important to do your research before committing yourself. Unfortunately, some competitive courses will not allow you to transfer midway through the program and you will have to reapply as a fresh applicant. It’s also worth noting that in the UK it is unlikely you will be able to transfer midway through the academic year but will instead have to wait until the end of the year.

To transfer university, you must apply as a new student at your desired university using UCAS – Universities and Colleges Admissions Service – which is an online service that collects applications from students wishing to study at any university or college within the UK higher education system (HE). You must complete this application before making any other decisions about your future studies. Once your application has been submitted and accepted by UCAS, you will receive an email notification from them containing details about how much money they have received from other institutions requesting information about you (known as ‘bid money’).

Transferring from another university? Sifting through more than 100 universities’ websites to get the facts on each transfer program is time-consuming and frustrating. We’ve done all that for you by researching and documenting more than 160 of the most popular U.K. universities transfer programs, ranking them according to reputability, key factor requirements and how far you can expect your credits to go. Find out which universities accept transfer credit from their British competitors and what specific British degrees you can apply your previous work toward!

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Whether you’re looking to go abroad to study, transferring from another UK university, or completing a postgraduate qualification at home, these UK universities accept international students and offer a diverse selection of courses.

how to apply for university transfer

Student transfer arrangements | Birmingham City University

A transfer student is a student whose study right is transferred either to different degree programme or different higher education institution.

Transfer student application is possible, if you have a study right in a degree programme in a Finnish higher education institution and you are interested in changing either your degree programme or higher education institution.

Use transfer student application if,

  • you want to change your degree programme to the same or similar study field within your higher education institution and/or
  • you want to change your degree programme to the same or similar study field in a different higher education institution.

In some cases the higher education institutions use their own practices in transfer applications. Please note that transfer student applications are not used in every educations/degree programmes.

Higher education institutions decide admission criteria for transfer student applications

Transfer students are selected based on the admission criteria set by the higher education institutions.

Examples of these are:

  • previous study right
  • the equivalence of completed studies
  • study success

Higher education institutions can ask the transfer student applicant to attend an entrance examination. The exact admission criteria are available from each degree programme description (admission and entrance exams). You will be informed of the possible study place in due time.

how to change university in uK for international students

Economics and Management | University of Oxford

Transfer Applications

  • You must make transfer applications through UCAS. The normal deadlines still apply.
  • Some programmes will not consider transfers except in particular circumstances.
  • As we receive many applications from well-qualified applicants each year, the number of places available to transfer students is extremely limited.
  • If you have studied for more than a year at your current institution before applying to transfer, you will not be given priority for a place overqualified applicants who have not yet studied at degree level.

Please contact us before submitting your UCAS application, so that they can discuss your options with you.

Year 1 transfer

You may apply to restart Year 1 on a different degree or transfer to the same degree in Year 1 or Year 2. It is not normally possible to transfer beyond Year 2.

Year 2 transfer

If you want to transfer to Year 2 of the same degree, we will also require information regarding the courses you have studied at university in order to assess the curriculum match with the first year of Edinburgh’s degree. However, even if you apply for Year 2, you will be considered in the same way as a Year 1 applicant would be in terms of competition for places.

You should contact us to discuss your circumstances before submitting your application.

Medicine and veterinary medicine

They don’t normally consider transfers into medicine and veterinary medicine degrees. However,  pre-clinical medical students from the following Universities may apply for medicine:

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • St Andrews

If you have left your previous institution during or at the end of your first year, you may be able to apply as a new applicant for Year 1 of our MBChB Medicine degree. You should contact the Medicine admissions office to discuss your options.

Science and Engineering

If you’d like to be considered for a transfer from another institution to a degree in Science or Engineering you need to:

  • have relevant degree level studies
  • make an application to us through UCAS
  • specify in your application your preferred ‘point of entry’ (which year of the degree you start at)

Entry to our undergraduate degrees is highly competitive. Going through the steps above will mean you’re considered for entry but does not guarantee you an offer of a place:

  • they may offer you a transfer into a point of entry that we feel best matches the subjects and performance you have achieved in your studies to date. This may not necessarily be the same point of entry as you applied for.
  • they generally expect you to have achieved an average of 60-70% or higher in your studies, with 60-70% in relevant courses, in order to be considered for entry.
  • If you apply to start in Year 1 we normally expect you to have met our standard Year 1 entry requirements.

Special circumstances

There are times where you may need to change universities for personal reasons that make it essential to continue your studies in Edinburgh. For example, you may have a health conditionthath requires you to be near specialist services in the city, or you may have taken on primary caring responsibility for someone living in Edinburgh.

They can consider your application in these circumstances, providing you have sufficient documentary evidence, but you should contact us to discuss your situation before submitting your application. We cannot take special circumstances into account after your application has been submitted.

In all cases they will require information regarding the courses you have studied at university in order to assess the curriculum match with the first year of Edinburgh’s degree.

universities that accept international transfer students

University of Bristol Transfer

For some undergraduate courses, it is possible to transfer to Bristol after completing the first year of study at another university.

The admissions statement for the course you are interested in will tell you whether transfers are accepted.

Their courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science do not allow transfers.

Transfers are usually only permitted if all the following conditions are met:

  1. They have sufficient places available.
  2. You meet the entry requirements for students entering the Bristol course at first year level. Find the entry requirements for individual courses.
  3. The content of the first year of the course you have already taken closely matches our own. This ensures you are adequately prepared to continue your studies here. Find information about the content of individual courses.
  4. You achieve a good Upper Second Class overall in your current first year.

If you meet the above conditions and the admissions statement shows that transfers will be considered, you should apply through UCAS making sure you:

  • change the ‘Point of entry’ from 1 (first year) to 2 (second year);
  • provide a full educational history from age 16 onwards – see Filling in your application on the UCAS website.

If they cannot offer you a place in the second year, we may offer you a place starting in the first year.

Please refer to the University’s Guidance on the Application Process for the Recognition of Prior Learning in Taught Programmes for further details.  

Transferring through the Global Transfer Programme

The University of Bristol maintains important partnerships with a number of world-leading universities. If you are studying an eligible degree at one of our partner universities, you can apply to transfer your studies to Bristol via our Global Transfer Programme. 

If you apply via our Global Transfer Programme your application will be processed faster using a streamlined admission route. To check whether you are eligible and how to apply, visit our Global Transfer Programme website.