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My passion is to help artists just like you reveal beauty through art and to develop your creative potential.

With over 22 years as a working professional artist, including 10 years as an instructor and author, I’ve made it my mission to help thousands of students at workshops worldwide to realize their artistic goals. 

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you could freely express your unique creative voice through loose, bold paintings in pastel? 

I’m confident that this course can lead you there. 

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The Painterly Landscape is the ONLY program of its kind that…

*  Gives you a consistent practice plan to follow each week.

*  Provides a clear roadmap to help you reach your destination.

*  Cultivates a spirit of adventure and exploration in your work.

*  Provides a community of fellow explorers to journey with. 

*  Delivers a bounty of new techniques and approaches with clear teaching and inspiring demonstrations to empower your painting.


So, if you’re ready to go from feeling stuck in a rut to confident and free as you create bolder, looser paintings in pastel…


Here’s how we’ll help you get there:

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The Journey Ahead – Developing a Painterly Style

As we set off on our journey together, I’ll provide an introduction to the painterly style with clear definitions of what “painterly” means, along with art historical examples to provide you with context. Then we’ll mark our destination on the map to develop a painterly style.

To ensure that you get the most out of this course, I’ll guide you in taking the Painterly Techniques Personal Assessment, which will help you set clear learning goals for your course experience.

Milestone Highlights:

  • Where are we going? Defining the painterly vs. linear approach.
  • A look in the rearview mirror: Examples from art history through today to kindle our inspiration.
  • Take the Painterly Techniques Personal Assessment.


Explore New Territory – Materials & Methods

Building on our understanding of the painterly style, I’ll equip you with a clear understanding of the essential pastel materials, palette organization, photo reference and studio setup that will cultivate a painterly style in your work.

Then we’ll define and explore some bold mark-making techniques that will set your hand in motion, and I’ll show you what’s possible with an exciting mark-making demonstration. 

Milestone Highlights:

  • Pastels and surfaces for painterly results.
  • Organizing your palette.
  • Setting up your reference photographs.
  • Mark-making techniques for a painterly approach.
  • Mark-making lesson demonstration and exercises.
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Clarify Your Direction – Developing a Visual Plan

Without this important milestone, you would be left wandering in confusion. I am going to reveal the secret weapon to better painting – a creative problem-solving method that includes a three-step checklist to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Then I’ll show you how to put it to work in a lesson demonstration.

Milestone Highlights:

  • How to simplify the values. 
  • How to clarify the shapes.
  • How to design your composition.
  • Problem-solving lesson demonstration and exercises.


Break Free with Color – Color Studies

Hold onto your Stetson hats, because this is where you’ll discover the power, fun and freedom of creating color studies. I’ll explain a number of approaches to color for you, and then invite you into practicing these progressive exercises to boost your color confidence and break you through to new territory. Don’t worry, I’ll lead the way by demonstrating a color study for you to ensure that we’re all in this together. You’ll be out of the rut and on the road to color freshness in no time!

Milestone Highlights:

  • How to create risk-free paintings.
  • Monochromatic color harmony.
  • Same value, different color, please.
  • The power of a limited color palette.
  • Complementary color approaches to stimulate the senses.
  • Lesson demonstration and exercises.
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Activate Your Scene – Underpainting Methods

Get ready for wet media! In this milestone, we’ll build on the momentum of our color studies as we gain understanding and perspective on the use of underpainting. First off, I’ll define and explain their purpose. Then we’ll discover how great artists have used underpainting throughout history, providing inspiration and context for us to build on.

Then we’ll learn the three basic underpainting techniques in pastel and practice them together to bring exciting color activation to our work. I’ll be the first one to jump off the diving board with an underpainting demonstration comparing two unique methods. 

Milestone Highlights:

  • A look in the rearview mirror at underpaintings in art history.
  • Using monochromatic underpainting techniques.
  • Using complementary underpainting techniques.
  • Using local color underpainting techniques.
  • Underpainting lesson demonstration comparing two methods and exercises.


The Painterly Roadmap – A Seven-Step Plan

Take heart, fellow travelers, because in this milestone you’ll discover my step-by-step plan enabling you to develop painterly landscapes from design all the way to destination. I call this seven-step plan, “The Painterly Roadmap.” We’ll take a look at the roadmap, identify our current location along the seven stages, and walk through each step together.

There’s so much to learn and discuss along the way, and you will get a roadmap of your own to download. Finally, I’ll demonstrate how to develop a painterly landscape using this seven-step method, holding off on the final stage for our last milestone. 

Milestone Highlights:

  • The seven-step roadmap revealed.
  • A guided tour through the seven stages.
  • Scaling up, sketching in and choosing your underpainting method.
  • Massing in your shapes and developing your painting.
  • Lesson demonstration using The Painterly Roadmap, and exercises.
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Don’t Miss Your Exit – Refining Without Overworking

This milestone is designed to help steer your painting to a beautiful destination in your journey toward bolder, looser paintings. I’ll provide you with some navigational assistance to keep your painting from veering off course along the way. We’ll do this by using The Visual Dashboard to check in on our progress, with seven dashboard indicators that will serve as a mental checklist as you finish your work.

To bring this lesson to life, I’ll pick up where we left off on our painting demonstration from Milestone 6 and show you how to take a painting to the finish line with freshness and vitality, using The Visual Dashboard to help you get there. 

Milestone Highlights:

  • How to refine your painting without overworking it.
  • Using The Visual Dashboard.
  • Walking through the seven dashboard indicators. 
  • Freshening up dull or muddy areas of your painting.
  • Lesson demonstration using The Visual Dashboard to finish a painting, and your exercise. 
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The Painterly Landscape Course has been purposefully designed and field-tested to take artists just like you on a journey of transformation in your pastel landscape painting.

If you will COMMIT to showing up each week and doing the work, then I’m confident that you will experience visible growth in your painting techniques and increased freedom and excitement in your creative process, leading to real momentum in your work.  

But I know this commitment is scary, and that you need to be able to count on the results that you’re after. So here’s the deal.

Enroll now, join this exciting community of creative explorers, and let me guide you through the milestones of this journey.

If, within 30 days, you don’t feel totally confident in the results you are getting and completely inspired by this creative journey, then simply reach out, show us that you’ve done the work, and we’ll refund your investment. 

The Spring 2020 Course deadline for refund qualification is Wednesday April 1, 2020.

The Painterly Landscape online pastel workshop with Alain J. Picard

April 27, 2020

Glenns Falls by Alain J Picard

Enrollment is now open for The Painterly Landscape Course. This class is exclusively for active NC Pastel Society members: Piedmont Pastel Society, NC Pastel Society and Appalachian Pastel Society.

Registration is open today and closes on May 4, 2020.

We hope you take advantage of this great online course. Please contact Alain at [email protected] directly should you have any issues registering.

For more information and to enroll, click the link here: The Painterly Landscape Course.

Download the PDF.

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Alain Picard
‘Capturing Light Workshop’

Instructor: Alain PicardFull – please join the waiting list and you will be notified if any places open up in timeJoin the Waiting ListPay 2nd installmentSoft Pastel Workshop, 3 days (indoors)
Instructor: Alain J. Picard
Workshop title: Capturing Light
Medium: Soft pastel or oils
Duration: 3 days (Day 1 Still life; Day 2 Portrait; Day 3 Landscape)
Dates : March 9-11 2020
Class times: 9:00 – 4:00 with a break for lunch
Location: Sebastopol Grange Hall, Highway 12, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Tuition: $450
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Class size: max 18.
Availability : Full. Please join the waiting list
Supply Listclick here

30 Day notice cancellation deadline: February 7th 2020

This workshop is co-sponsored by Pastel Society of the West Coast

Capturing Light

The true subject of this three-day workshop is light. We’ll study the way light reveals form, color, and emotion by focusing each day on a unique subject.
We begin day one by studying the effect of dramatic light falling upon the still life, revealing form against strong shadow patterns. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice design and talk about the vocabulary of light and shadow. The second day our study will progress to light falling upon the portrait subject, guiding us toward using a consistent approach to capturing light across multiple subjects. The third day shifts to using our photographic references as we investigate the light falling upon the landscape, and seek to capture these effects quickly and boldly.
Throughout the workshop and regardless of subject, we’ll practice making small thumbnail sketches and color studies before progressing to larger works. This helps us learn how to simplify and capture the big shapes of light and shadow quickly, as well as to discern the value relationships of colors. There will be a constructive critique at the end of the workshop. You will leave feeling empowered to tackle any subject that comes your way by understanding how to see and capture the light!

What will the students learn?
·       How to see value and color in diverse subjects
·       How to simplify complex scenes and subjects into clear shapes
·       How to paint with more confidence
·       How to approach varying subjects with a consistent technique
·       How to work quickly to capture lighting effects
·       How to work loosely to suggest the subject instead of tightly rendering
·       How to develop more dynamic compositions
·       How to use underpainting techniques to convey lighting effects
·       And lots more!

About the instructor

Alain J. Picard is an award-winning artist, instructor, author and speaker. His acclaimed pastel and oil paintings have been exhibited throughout the US, Europe, China and the UK. Alain travels internationally as an art instructor, demonstrator, speaker and artistic advocate for the vulnerable. Alain’s work and writing have been featured on numerous occasions in such publications as The Artist’s Magazine, The Pastel Journal, and Practique des Arts. In an effort to share his passion for art, Alain has written three instructional books, including “Mastering Pastel” and “Beginning Drawing,” and stars in a growing collection of instructional art videos. Alain has lectured and demonstrated for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Arts Club in New York City, Vose Galleries in Boston, MA, the IAPS Convention in Albuquerque, NM, and the Biennial International Pastel Art Exhibition at Ming Gallery in Suzhou, China. Alain has garnered top awards in esteemed exhibitions, including the Pastel Society of America, The American Artists Professional League, Hudson Valley Art Association, the Portrait Society of America, and the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS). He is a judge and juror of international exhibitions, and a sought-after portrait artist and landscape painter. He makes his home in Connecticut with his wife and two sons.
Link to Alain Picard’s website

Supply list  for this workshop : click here