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Learn about business administration and management. Earn your bachelor’s degree in business administration. Courses cover principles of management, marketing, human resources and more. Study business theories and practices that can prepare you for a career as a manager, administrator, or entrepreneur.

Get the skills you need to thrive in today’s fast-paced, business-centered world by earning your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. You’ll be able to advance your existing career or set out in a new direction through an in-demand area of study that is designed to prepare you for the workplace with the business experience, leadership abilities and decision making skills you need to succeed, no matter what industry you choose.

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business administration degree courses online

Whether you choose to earn an associate or a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, you will experience relevant, real-world learning opportunities in areas such as Accounting, Management or Marketing. You may learn to assist with the day-to-day operations of an organization or create your own business plan. It’s all about setting yourself up for success and being ready for career options that might surprise you.

Major Courses Required

Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesCredits
UNIV 1001Online Education StrategiesNone3
MATH 1201College Algebra (proctored course)None3
MATH 1280Introduction to Statistics (proctored course)None3
ENGL 1102English Composition 2 (proctored course)None3
BUS 1101Principles of Business ManagementNone3
BUS 1102Basic AccountingBUS 11013
BUS 1103MicroeconomicsBUS 11013
BUS 1104MacroeconomicsBUS 11013
BUS 1105Business CommunicationsNone3
BUS 2201Principles of Marketing (proctored course)BUS 11013
BUS 2202E-Commerce (proctored course)BUS 11013
BUS 2203Principles of Finance 1BUS 11023
BUS 2207Multinational ManagementBUS 22013
BUS 3303Entrepreneurship 1 (proctored course)BUS 22013
BUS 3305Business Law and Ethics (proctored course)BUS 22013
BUS 3306Business and Society (proctored course)BUS 22073
BUS 4402Organizational Behavior (proctored course)BUS 33023
BUS 4403Business Policy and Strategy (proctored course)BUS 3306 and BUS 22073
BUS 4405Leadership (proctored course)BUS 33033
BUS 4406Quality ManagementBUS 44023

General Education Requirements

Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesCredits
Social & Behavioral SciencesNone6
Natural Science and TechnologyNone3
Civilization Studies, Culture and BeliefNone3
Values and Ethical ReasoningNone3
Different Disciplinary ElectiveNone3