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This certificate of proficiency in english online course allows individuals to advance their English proficiency, which is a requirement for employment in most workplaces in North America. The material is based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs), guidelines to describe, measure, and recognize the English language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

If you are looking to improve your English proficiency skills and become even more competitive in the job market, this course is for you. Learn about character development, story writing, new vocabulary and sound so that you can express yourself more fluidly and have greater professional confidence.

List of the best online english courses with certificate

Uses of an Online English Proficiency Test — iTEP


FluentU is easily one of the best English learning programs out there, and if you don’t believe me, I dare you to sign up for their free trial and experience it yourself.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

Unlike traditional ways of learning that focus on grammar rules, FluentU uses an “immersive” learning approach, where you’re exposed to real-world English content, all featuring native speakers.

The idea is that as you watch, you’ll learn English quicker than you ever thought possible.

FluentU’s features make this possible: each video comes with interactive subtitles in English. If you see an unfamiliar word, you can click on it for a definition, pronunciation guide and example sentences. Each video also comes equipped with a transcript, a vocabulary list and a “learn mode” for convenient practice and review.

It’s especially great for working on your speaking skills, since you’ll be listening to native speakers and following along with subtitles. You’ll learn how the English language works, how to pronounce certain words, which syllables to stress and what to say in different situations.

Coursera: Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization

Some of you may already know about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which are often provided by top universities.

They’re usually free and come with certification.

MOOCs bring world-class education right to your fingertips and are excellent for those who are already working part-time or lack access to other learning resources.

Cousera is one of the most popular platforms for MOOCS. They have lots of opportunities for learning English.

For example, this specialization course on Coursera is exclusively focused on English communication skills. Provided by Georgia Tech, it’s four months long and best suited for beginners.

It includes four courses, and you can sign up for just one or for all four. In this course, you’ll learn to speak professionally, be it in person, on the phone or even online. You’ll also learn to write professional emails and build an ePortfolio.

It’s an excellent course for career advancement, or just for building your speaking confidence.

Oxford Online English

If you’re looking for customized English lessons that will help you be a better speaker, then give Oxford Online English a try. They have a number of English courses, including one that’s only devoted to speaking skills.

All you need to do is book a class, and you’ll be paired with a native teacher and have video lessons over Skype, WhatsApp or whatever is convenient for you.

In fact, with each lesson, you’ll get personalized feedback on how to improve. You’ll also have access to free lessons that will help you in your overall language learning.

Spoken English Course

Update: This resource is no longer available.

Spoken English Course has a wealth of resources devoted to improving your English skills, at your own pace.

It’s excellent self-study material, and it’s all free.

It covers everything from grammar, everyday conversations, IELTS preparation, useful expressions and so on. Each link opens to a short video that you can watch.

London School Online

For those looking for personalized English lessons, another option you can look into is London School Online.

They provide Skype English lessons that cover speaking and presentation skills for general use or for the workplace environment.

You can also use London School Online to study for exams like the IELTS.

The lessons are pretty flexible: you’ll discuss your learning goals with your trainer, assess your English level and then begin learning.

Alison: Speaking And Writing English Effectively

If you’re looking for a course that will help you improve both your speaking and writing skills, then give this course on Alison a shot. It’s best suited for students and those looking to work in academics or journalism.

The course will cover some points on how to use language effectively, tips for exams and how to best approach a text.

You’ll learn vital communication skills, including tips on the right tone and voice to use, that will help you during presentations or when facing a large audience.

It’s a short introductory course of two to three hours. It’s completely free and even comes with a certificate that you can add to your CV

FutureLearn: Understanding IELTS: Speaking

Some of you might be looking to improve your speaking skills for an exam. IELTS is one the most popular exams that’s used to measure English proficiency, so getting a good score is a top priority for a lot of people.

British Council’s FutureLearn platform has a specific section devoted to the IELTS exam, where you’ll be presented with tips on how best to ace the speaking section, as well as improve your overall communication skills.

Plus, you’ll only have to commit three hours a week for three weeks.

Although the course isn’t running right now, you can sign up for it using your email address and you’ll be informed when it begins again.

Coursera: Learn English: Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening Specialization

The University of California, Irvine offers a special Coursera class that focuses on the English used in academic settings.

If you’re aiming to learn in an English-language university, then you’ll have to learn how to speak confidently with both your classmates and teacher!

This class will teach you both listening and speaking skills. You’ll learn how to listen to lectures and improve your presentation and discussion skills. In the end, you’ll become a better student who can keep up with the rest of your class.

The course takes about five months to complete. Since this is advanced English, it’s recommended that you have an intermediate level.

EF English Live

Want more personal help?

EF English Live lets you practice your English speaking (and reading, writing and listening) with real teachers!

First, you answer a few questions and give a few details on your current English level.

Then, a special course that fits your level is provided to you, and you review what you learn with interactive exercises. A voice recognition system also lets you test your speaking skills

Your teacher will provide feedback for every exercise you complete. The course itself doesn’t focus on a specific kind of English, but the live private or group classes you can attend are great opportunities to practice your conversation and pronunciation!

Perfectly Spoken

Perfectly Spoken has a ton of English speaking resources of varying levels—best of all, you can access hundreds of them for free!

The courses are taught with video lessons that cover different topics and speaking skills. For each course, Perfectly Spoken details what kind of learner it’s best suited for.

Besides general beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, you can also find courses that cover more situation-based English. Examples include English used in hospitality settings, business English, English used in films and so forth.

There are also other free resources, including live practice sessions on Facebook, English-language podcasts, clips on Instagram and blog posts. You should definitely check all of them out, since you don’t have to pay for any of them!

But if you want a bit more, there are also priced plans that give you extra items. These include practice tests, specialized courses, unlimited lesson access and certificates of course completion.

YouTube: Learn English with Let’s Talk

Even though this is a YouTube channel, Let’s Talk offers so many lessons, all organized into different themes, that it may as well be an English course!

Besides typical ESL lessons, there are also videos that cover a range of topics related to spoken English. You can watch clips that discuss accent improvement, idioms and slang, common speaking mistakes and much more.

You’ll have plenty of fun scrolling through the different playlists.

Let’s Talk is suited for beginner learners, but because the channel has such a wide variety of content, any learner of any level can pick up useful tips and tricks to speaking English like a native!