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Free online course management system is a free and web-based learning management system (LMS) focused on enhancing the communication between students, teachers and parents. It is designed to track student progress, can be used for daily homework assignments, maintain a shared calendar for the class and parents, support file sharing and more.

This management information system free online course is a free course management system that makes it easy to deliver an online course. It helps you manage all the daily activities related to running your online course so you have more time to focus on creating high quality content for your students.

Top 6 Features You Need in a Training Management System in 2021

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1. TalentLMS

Average overall user rating: 4.7
Average ease-of-use rating: 4.6
Average customer service rating: 4.6

About TalentLMS

TalentLMS is built to support blended learning curriculums that mix self-paced eLearning and instructor-led online learning. On the self-paced learning experience side, teachers can import existing courses, or create whole new courses from scratch using an included authoring tool, then set customized learner paths to dictate how and when learners can consume them. Features such as discussion forums and personal messaging enhance class interactions.

Instructors can schedule real-time webinars to teach students face-to-face. Automated grading eases the burden of assigning homework, while detailed reports and student analytics allow teachers to uncover which students need help and which courses need to be improved.

Limits and the cost to upgrade

Though the free version of TalentLMS has no storage limit, it only supports up to five users and 10 courses, making it an option for only very small classes. The “Starter” package, which allows up to 40 users, starts at $59 per month.
Creating an eLearning course in TalentLM

2. Google Classroom

Average overall user rating: 4.6
Average ease-of-use rating: 4.6
Average customer service rating: 4.5

About Google Classroom

Completely free for schools, Google Classroom allows teachers to create classes, distribute and grade assignments, and send feedback to students. Permissions for students, guardians, and co-teachers are customizable, as are the options teachers have to share their screen, share a student’s screen, or lock everything down for something such as a pop quiz.

Teachers can augment digital learning through free apps that integrate with Google Classroom. Different apps can support specific areas of knowledge, add more flair to online courses and presentations, or foster better learner engagement. You can also push grades to your student information system (SIS) if you sign up for a beta program and have a compatible system.

Limits and the cost to upgrade

Google Classroom, along with the rest of the G Suite for Education, is completely free with 100GB of storage and no limits on the number of users. G Suite Enterprise for Education, which includes extra features, starts at $48 per user, per year.

3. Thinkific

Average overall user rating: 4.6
Average ease-of-use rating: 4.5
Average customer service rating: 4.5

About Thinkific

Billed primarily as a platform for e-learning entrepreneurs to sell their courses, Thinkific is nonetheless a LMS option for teachers who want to set up online courses for their students. Teachers can create and brand their own lessons as they see fit using a drag-and-drop course authoring tool.

Thinkific courses support a variety of different content types (text, video, quizzes, downloads, discussions), and teachers can customize their courses to fit their curriculum needs by setting prerequisite lessons, hiding courses from certain students, or creating a drip schedule for courses to become available.

Limits and cost to upgrade


Average overall user rating: 4.5
Average ease-of-use rating: 4.3
Average customer service rating: 4.3


CANVAS LMS, from Instructure, is an open source LMS solution built to accommodate both K-12 and higher ed institutions. If you can’t afford a school- or district-wide plan, CANVAS offers a Free-for-Teacher option that has all of the course level features you’d expect, including assessments, grading, online learning discussions, and a class syllabus.

In addition to getting access to CANVAS Commons Resources, where you can import a bunch of premade assets from other users into your own learning content, the Free-for-Teacher plan supports third-party user authentication, notifications via SMS or email, and basic learner analytics.

Limits and cost to upgrade

The Free-for-Teacher plan only gets you 500MB of storage per course. Support is also limited, as Instructure will only help with deleting accounts, restoring deleted courses, resetting passwords, or making courses public. Pricing for paid plans in CANVAS is not made public.

4 Schoology

Average overall user rating: 4.4
Average ease-of-use rating: 4.3
Average customer service rating: 4.4

About Schoology

Schoology combines instructional tools, assessments, collaboration features, and advanced analytics into one comprehensive LMS platform. Within the system, teachers can develop and distribute course materials, facilitate discussions, assign tests and quizzes, and even give parents visibility into their child’s progress.

Teachers can browse community groups to leverage free resources provided by other instructors and integrate external tools and games into their learning content using Schoology’s app center. A dedicated mobile app allows for anytime access for instructors and students alike.

Limits and cost to upgrade

The “Basic” package of Schoology is free for instructors and learners. The “Enterprise” package, targeted at whole schools and institutions, has more functionality and customized pricing.