Free Online Legal Drafting Courses

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Are you interested in learning about contracts, business letters, and legal documents? Do you feel like there aren’t enough resources available to you for free online legal drafting courses? Then this is your lucky day!

Are you a legal professional and would like to further your career by studying a legal document drafting course? Looking for a legal drafting course which suits your individual specifications and requirements? Want to advance your legal expertise in a way that is time and cost effective? We at CollegeLearners have a fantastic solution, a simple way for you to learn, by studying with us using our online, fully interactive legal drafting course.

Legal Drafting Course Online

Taught through online lessons by fully qualified professionals, including British barristers and experienced law and legal English teachers, the legal drafting course teaches the fundamental and basic skills involved in drafting clear documents and contracts. The content of the legal drafting course will help you to learn about various aspects including basic contracts, guarantees, indemnities, warranties, conditions, non-competition and confidentiality agreements, assignments and third party rights and other contract terms. Incorporated within the legal drafting course are: Principal legal concepts in contract law, rights, remedies and enforceability.

How to Learn Drafting in Law

How can I learn legal drafting? Although mastering legal analysis and drafting takes time and practice, superior writing skills are essential to success, and you can take steps to improve yours.

  1. Remember your audience.
  2. Organize your writing.
  3. Ditch the legalese.
  4. Be concise.
  5. Use action words.
  6. Avoid passive voice.
  7. Edit ruthlessly.

Legal drafting is an important skill for lawyers – it involves learning how to draft various kinds of petitions to be filed in court, drafting contracts for clients, preparation of legal opinions or ‘legal memos’ (not moot court memos).

Stages of Legal Drafting

A bill is proposed legislation under consideration by a legislature. A bill does not become law until it is passed by the legislature and, in most cases, approved by the executive. Once a bill has been enacted into law, it is called an act of the legislature, or a statute.

Two stages are involved in legal drafting and they include:

  • policy development, and
  • preparation of the legislative text to give effect to the policy adopted.

Free Online Drafting Courses

There are various units within the legal drafting course with the core basis on online lessons and discussions with tutors as well reading and listening exercises. Throughout the legal drafting course there will be written and verbal assignments to assess the depth of knowledge and understanding of the course. This will help you to expand your abilities and move to the next level within the legal drafting course. Your results will be stored by our database so that your development within the course can be monitored by us. You will receive structured feedback from the professional teachers who will observe your progress and offer support on various aspects of the legal drafting course.

Studying online is an excellent way to learn in a convenient, practical, affordable and effective method. You can study our legal drafting course from your home, in your own time and learn at your own pace, gaining key skills, knowledge and understanding of legal drafting. Upon completion of the legal drafting course you will be tested to gauge your comprehension and ability in legal drafting.

Understanding basic legal concepts whilst gaining knowledge and expertise is hugely important within the field and can be studied in an expedient and affordable way with our specially designed legal drafting course, receiving online lessons from qualified barristers and experienced law tutors. Why not take the first step to success and ensuring your future career by enrolling in our legal drafting course?

Legal Drafting Format

Acquire one of the most essential skills that a legal professional must have – drafting. This course will teach you the critical rules and principles of drafting legal documents through the eyes of experienced lawyers who have designed this course to give you a completely practice-oriented understanding of the subject. Aside from comprehensively covering the best practices for drafting legal documents in general, the course will also focus more closely on contracts, notices, and pleadings.

What you will learn

  • The general rules and principles of drafting legal documents.
  • The major provisions under the Indian Contracts Act, 1872.
  • Learn how to structure a commercial contract.
  • Analyzing issues in contracts and negotiating terms of the contract.
  • Learn how to draft notices and pleadings.
  • How to edit and review documents you have drafted.
Legal Drafting & Research Course - Digital School of Law

What do you need?

  • This course would be generally recommended for junior law students and young legal professionals
  • Other than that, a standard Internet/data connection along with a computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet is enough to get you started!

Exam and certification

In addition to unit-wise practice exercises, this course offers a Course Completion Test sample (CCT). To qualify for the CCT, a learner has to complete more than 90% of the course. The CCT is conducted online to provide maximum flexibility to the learner. Based on the results of the CCT, a learner will be given a certificate, which is recognized by various employers in the legal industry.


  • 1. Understanding Drafting
  • 2. General Principles of Drafting
  • 3. The Legal Framework for Contracts
  • 4. Structuring a Commercial Contract
  • 5. Identifying Issues and Negotiating Terms of a Contract
  • 6. Drafting Notices
  • 7. Basic Rules for Drafting Pleadings
  • 8. Reviewing and Editing Your Drafting