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If you are looking for the best course to teach you how to teach English as a foreign language, go through this review and then enroll on our course. The Tefl online course Infolearners is an online platform that provides high-quality courses on teaching English as a foreign language. This review shows you how we can help you in getting a job and getting certified.


There is a reason as to why institutes charge a lot for the TEFL accredited and certified courses. TEFL courses offered by a globally recognized institute like Henry Harvin are of a very high standard, and this course can provide jobs in several countries.  

The TEFL certification course of Henry Harvin is accredited by the world’s most renowned and esteemed independent body for TEFL training, the American Association of EFL. The 120 hours long TEFL course offered by Henry Harvin has 14 modules that are taught by domain experts with great reviews.

On course completion, a certificate with global validation is provided along with placement opportunities from Henry Harvin.

List of Top Free TEFL Certification Courses

Even after this if you are not convinced that paid TEFL courses are better from a good institute for them, I am providing a list of courses that are almost as cheap as free.

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin offers a 120-hour online self-managed AAEFL (American Association of EFL) affirmed TEFL course. The program must be finished inside a time of enlistment.

The mentors at Henry Harvin are senior space specialists who spread the course easily and are committed to understudies’ learning.

The course typically requires 8-12 weeks for finishing. What’s more, the course doesn’t need any essential information.

Henry Harvin even extends employment opportunity uphold with 1200+ situation accomplices in excess of 42 nations in 7 unique mainlands. Media accomplices of Henry Harvin are Russia Today, Bloomberg, Japan News English, U.S.News, CCTV News.

After under about fourteen days of the fruition of the course finishing, the AAEFL licensed testament is was sent to effective understudies by means of email and this affirmation has a deep-rooted approval and doesn’t need any restoration.

Address:  355, Serrano Drive,
                  10C, San Fransisco,
                   CA-94132, United States-85253
Contact Number: +1 408-834-8824
Email Id: [email protected]

2. English First

The TEFL course certification offered by English First is a free internationally recognized course that also provides a full-time teaching job in their language schools of China and Indonesia.

There are a few eligibility criteria like the student must be a passport holder from countries South Africa, New Zealand, UK, USA, Ireland, and Canada. The students must also have a Bachelor’s degree and give English First access to a clear background check.

Also, the students have to commit to a minimum one-year contract with the institute. If all these criteria meet then, only a candidate will be chosen for a free TEFL international course training.


Call information: +86 (21) 6039 5868 (Shanghai, China), +1 (617) 619-1938 (Boston, USA), +44 207 341 8500 (London, UK)


3. London Teacher Training College

London Teacher Training College offers a self-study free TEFL certification course. This 15-hour long study online package is free; however, it doesn’t provide any trainer or certificate. This course is best for EFL teachers who already are qualified but are seeking a source to refresh their knowledge and polish their skills.

The London Teacher Training College is certified by the IATEFL, The College of Teachers, and they also have a gold certification for being an approved training centre from Training Qualification UK. To know more about the free TEFL training, one can visit the LTTC website for the information available.


Call information: 0208 133 2027 (Inside UK), +44 208 133 2027 (International)

Email: [email protected]

Address: LTTC, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR

4. TEFL Professional Development Institute

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL CourseVIEW COURSE

This course is 120 hours long TEFL Teacher Training, and the curriculum is constructed by the course materials from reputed members of the TEFL community like The British Council, Cambridge University Press, University of Oregon, The New School of New York, Oxford University Press, and many more. The course can be accessed through the website link that we have provided and as they assure it is a genuine and professional course.

TEFL Professional Development Institute provides not have much contact information, so that is a drawback because the site lacks genuineness. It is suggested that one should visit the website and go through the TEFL course online free information before enrolling.


5. Future Learn

They offer many such free courses, and to avail, all the unlimited course access with digital certification one can subscribe by paying $249.99 which is very useful because several opportunities open up by the access to those short free courses on the site. The following few free TEFL courses are listed under the access through the Future Learn website.



6. Introduction to Applied Linguistic and TESOL –University of Leicester

This course on Future Learn is a course developed by the reputed University of Leicester, which is a free English teaching training course of 6-week duration. The course takes around 3 hours for study per week to complete within the six-week duration.

The only drawback of this course is that the free version doesn’t provide a certification on completion of the course. However, if one decided to opt for the $ 64-course upgrade which comes with a print and digital certificate.

And if anyone wants to opt for the $249.99 subscription of one year then the student will be granted a one-year access to this course and any other course on Future Learn and this unlimited subscription of one year will also grant digital certificates.


7. Teaching English Online – Cambridge Assessment English

This course will act as a TEFL course online free for guidance to be skilled for English teaching to students through online mode. The Teaching English Online course by Cambridge Assessment English is a four-week duration course that one can complete by investing 5 hours of study time weekly. This course will help one gain insights on online teaching methodologies and train about digital tools.

But the free version of the course on Future Learn will not provide any certificate on completion. It is suggested to opt for the upgrade version for $54 or the yearly subscription to get a certification proof of successful course completion.



8. Language Assessment in the Classroom – British Council

This course is a British Council developed four weeks long course offered free of cost at the Future Learn site. This course is aimed at language teachers around the world in high schools or secondary schools to understand how language assessment works. This course has a prior requirement of English language proficiency so that one can get the most benefit out of this course.

The free course does not offer a certificate at course completion, but the paid upgraded version at $54 comes with a digital certificate if a student is eligible.  


9. Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching – Lancaster University

This is a four weeks long course that provides insights on practical tools and theoretical concepts required for teaching foreign languages to dyslexic students of other native languages.

The course requires weekly 4-hour study to become a professional language teacher. This course is highly beneficial because about 10%- 15% of the population is dyslexic and needs professional help for understanding a particular foreign language.

The materials and tasks given in the course are designed by applying for a tool in teaching to students of various age groups.

But the drawback of this free version of the course on Future Learn is that it doesn’t come with a certificate on course completion however one can upgrade the course to the $89 version that will provide a digital certificate.    



10. TESOL Strategies: Supporting ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms – University of Glasgow

This free TESOL course will teach about the basic principles, considerations, and strategies for cultivating a productive language-learning environment. This course of 3 weeks duration requires 4 hours of weekly study. The professionals will learn about all the dimensions involved in learning a Language.

The certificate will not be provided after the free version of course completion, but the upgraded version that will give a certificate is of $54. One can get more information about the course if they visit the website through the link provided.


11. Teaching Phonics in Early Childhood – Queensland University of Technology

This two-week long free TEFL certification course is for professionals who want to teach English and need an introduction about phonics and to learn how to teach phonics to young minds.

A weekly one hour study is vital for students to get an idea about the course. It is a free digital course on Future Learn that will improve the teaching skills of phonics to children. This course on Future Learn has many good reviews so one can check it by visiting the website link provided.


Check Out The Global Ranking For Best TEFL Certification

12. English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development – British Council

This free course on Future Learn is a six-week long course that requires a 2-hour weekly study. This course will provide insights on the psychology of learning by young children that will be helpful for the professionals.

At the end of the course, one will have an idea about how children acquire a new language. The course is developed by the British Council, an esteemed member of the TEFL community.

This course is ranked a 4.8 with several good reviews, but the free version of the course doesn’t provide a certificate. One can also upgrade the course at $54 to a version that will provide a certificate on course completion.

The following are the list of TEFL courses that are offered by institutes at very cheap cost through the Groupon website. Sometimes many such similar courses are offered at the most affordable price rate when you access them through discount providing sites like Groupon.



13. TEFL Full Circle

This is a 160 hour long free TEFL certification course offered by TEFL Full Circle. The professionals with this certificate will be able to earn money while traveling as they get the opportunity to teach the students around the globe.

The promotional value of the TEFL course online expires after the 180 days after purchase. This course offered by TEFL Full Circle is constructed of 26 modules on lesson planning, technology in the classroom, the importance of literature in teaching, and a pdf of the certificate.  


14. Global Language Training

This is a 40 hour long TEFL course offered by Global Language Training at a price of only $19. However the 120 hours long TEFL course online freecosts $29 at Groupon. This course will equip trainees with the tools to guide non-English native speakers.

The promotional value of the course expires after 120 days of purchase (the amount doesn’t expire, but only the redemption).

The Global Language Training offers this course online or on-site medium and trainers with more than 18 years of teaching experience deliver this course.


15. Learn TEFL

The 120 hours long online free TEFL trainingoffered by Learn TEFL can be purchased at $29 on Groupon, through the link we have provided. This purchase will grant the students with an access duration of six months to an in-depth TEFL 10-module long course model.

Learn TEFL offers personal tutor assistance and an online certificate on course completion and also Learn TEFL will provide job assistance post-course. The promotional value of the course expires 180 days after course purchase on Groupon. The verified reviewers of Groupon have given this course a 4.4 rating.


Features of 120-Hour TEFL-TeacherRecord

  • Internationally recognized
  • Fully online! Study online anytime and anywhere
  • 12-month access to online campus (No restrict of time to start course)
  • 100 percent at no charge and permanently valid
  • Help in finding TEFL Jobs online and abroad

Course Entry Requirements for 120-Hour TEFL Certificate

  • Ability to communicate clearly and fluently in English
  • Nationality of a native country not required
  • University degrees not required

Introduction of 120-Hour TEFL Course

  • 120-Hour certificates can be legalized, notarized and / or apostilled for international visa application purposes (including for China). On successful completion of the course, you will be qualified to teach English internationally. We offer you the opportunity to specialize in your chosen field of teaching English.
  • The aim of 120-Hour TEFL Course is designed to cover every aspect of teaching English from planning your first lesson to applying for your firstJob abroad
  • Your Certificate will be issued instantly after you complete your course online.

How should I start the course?

Enroll here and start course

Course breakdown

  • Lessons planning
  • Teaching Receptive skill: Listening and Reading
  • Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  • Teaching English Grammar
  • Classroom Survival Tips
  • Teaching children

What will my certificate look like?

Click image to view a sample certificate.

tefl certificate sample - TeacherRecord

Accreditation & PartnersBased on accreditation, TR TEFL partner with many excellent organizations, by which our certificate holders from every corner of the globe have been offered satisfying jobs.

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Purpose built programs and tests for Free

Unlike many other training companies, TEFL-Teacher Record is at no charge. It is owned and operated by Teacher Record – the ESL association in China which have the largest recruitment platform for English teachers all around the world and different kinds of school collaborators. Teacher Record are engaged in the whole industry related to TEFL and focus on helping those who are willing to do better in teaching English as a foreign language. That is why TEFL here is free of charge and all it costs is your exploration and hard work on the highest-quality programs and tests that we are committed to providing in order to improve the overall teaching abilities of our TEFL graduates.