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Are you planning of taking the IELTS exam? Are you unsure of where to get the right training guidance and support? This is something that we understand.

This best ielts online course review by Collegelearner is designed to help students improve their IELTS score, whether they need band 7 or band 8. The course will go over all parts of the IELTS test and provide instructions on how to tackle each part. There are also interactive lessons, practice questions, and study tools provided.

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Study for IELTS Test - Online Course - FutureLearn

1. Magoosh: IELTS exam preparation course

 Magoosh specializes in online preparation courses for multiple major academic tests including GRE, TOEFL, SAT, GAMT and of course, IELTS. It offers a comprehensive learning environment by supplying you with multiple online lessons, practice tests, essay scoring service, podcasts, learning blogs and even a dedicated app to help develop your vocabulary. The course comprises of more than 90 online tutorials and videos, as well as 200 practice questions. It is conducted by two language experts Eliot Eliot Friesen-Meyers and Chris Lele, both of whom have extensive experience in language learning and standardized tests. Just sign up for an account and you can enjoy online lessons, practice tests and review your results for free, but if you want to get your essays scored, consult an expert or take mock exams, upgrading to premium is the way to go. Major Pros:

  • Free for the most part
  • 200+ practice questions
  • Abundant additional learning resources
  • Consult a tutor if you came upon questions
  • 7-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course

Price: Free or go Premium for $19/week, $29/month, $49/6 months Student Review: Magoosh practice questions helped me a lot, especially in listening and reading. There were enough questions on each question type in reading, which helped me to get acquainted with the present reading problems trend in the real examination. Speaking videos helped me to understand the strategy behind cue card topics. Lastly, I have been very thankful to the doubt removal team. 

2. edX: IELTS Academic Test Preparation

edX offers multiple massive open online courses (MOOC) across a wide range of subjects. One of the best ways to prepare for IELTS exams is to take edX’s IELTS Academic Test Preparation course. You can learn about the test procedure, format, strategies, and skills for IELTS tests over the course of the program. The course takes 8 weeks to complete and requires 5-10 hours of work each week. You can study at your own pace to prepare for the exam while developing your English skills. The course focuses on the four main components of IELTS, reading, writing, listening and speaking and is taught by 5 language experts from the University of Queensland. Major Pros:

  • FREE
  • Detailed and step by step guide to taking IELTS
  • Taught by experienced professionals

Price: Free, or add a certificate for $99 Student Review: I’m a girl from Egypt, who didn’t have the funds to take courses or to buy books, my study was based mainly on this…without your efforts, I couldn’t get the score I aimed for so I can apply for masters, you have contributed to my future.

3. British Council: Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests

Understanding IELTS is a course available on Future Learn platform offered for free by the British Council. The course will take you through the four stages of IELTS – reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will learn valuable tips, advice, and skills on how to tackle the exam from their video lessons and a team of IELTS experts. You can also have the chance to have your English writing and speaking skills assessed by other learners. It is taught mainly by Allister Widdowson who has over 20 years of experience in English teaching and now works with UK universities on online courses, teacher training, and various other works.  Major Pros:

  • FREE
  • Great introductions to the IELTS exam
  • Developed by the British Council
  • Useful tips and advice on the exam
  • Chance to get your works assessed by other learners

Price: Free Student Review: Very useful and interesting to people who have to face English exams, It provides a lot of resources to practice all of the different English skills required for the examination.

4. Udemy: IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course

Udemy is well-known for its high-quality courses on online test preparation. One of the best selling courses on IELTS exams is the Band 7+ Complete Prep Course. This course comprises of 160+ lectures with a total of 30+ hours of content to provide you with strategies and tactics for each of the four sections of IELTS. Besides teacher-led lessons, you will also get access to exercises, writing advice, speaking recommendation and peer reviews. One of the main selling points of this course is the focus on test skills and techniques derived from an in-depth analysis of the IELTS exam, which can play a major role in helping you familiarize with the test format and achieve high scores.   Major Pros:

  • Great focus on test techniques and strategies
  • 36 hours of video lessons with 15 articles and 32 supplemental resources
  • Courses developed by a well-known company and experts on IELTS

Price: $11.99, buy bundle classes for discounts Student Review: Great Detail explanation. A lot of examples!! Identifying and highlighting the keywords in the given questions. The strategy of how to attempt the questions and intelligently attempt various types of questions helps to better manage the time and correctly able to answer all the questions, like the scanning technique in reading passage especially for headings and paragraph questions. 

5. Udemy: Mastering IELTS Writing: Task 2

This is another great course on Udemy that focuses on the writing section. Given that most students struggle with getting high scores on the writing exam, it is smart to consider taking a special course to ramp up your writing skills. This is a course specially developed to help you understand how the IELTS writing test is structured and how it should be approached. You will learn how to structure your replies to any type of questions, as well as how to use secret formulas and tips to manage your time wisely. Major Pros:

  • In-depth understanding of the IELTS writing section 
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques on writing the best answer possible
  • Organized curriculum to help you score high on the writing exam

Price: $10.99, buy bundle classes for discounts Student Review: This is such an amazing course that really helps me to understand task 1. Before this course, I do not know anything about the band descriptors, coherence, accuracy, and key factors. Now, I’ve discovered that you must write following a plan to obtain 7 or more. I really think there will be a lot of students who get high grades in their IELTS test after taking this course.

6. Udemy: Get 7-9 in IELTS Speaking: IELTS Speaking Masterclass

Again from Udemy, this time a course specializing in preparing you for the speaking test. Speaking exams are another section that is not easy to get a high score on due to the pressures faced and the improvisation needed. This course will help you learn the most effective strategies for answering different types of questions. You can also stockpile special words, phrases and structures to impress the test examiner. Finally, you will be able to see how everything comes together by observing a model candidate. You will find your speaking skills improving in no time! Major Pros:

  • Great for cracking the speaking test section
  • Useful tips and strategies on improving your speaking skills
  • Additional resources like model answers, videos on speaking improvement and ebooks

Price: $10.99, buy bundle classes for discounts Student Review: This one is the best course for IELTS Speaking Module. I have tried many other courses. However, no one comes even close to this one. Generally, most courses advise you to use difficult vocabulary and cram things. In this course, I have learned how to speak like a native English speaker and expressing my views. Example videos were really helpful.