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If you read the above lines, then the chances are you have heard of iosh courses. If not, this is nothing but one of the best CSCS courses that are compulsory to pass a test called ‘IOSH’ in your desired field. The IOSH stands for the Institution Of Occupational Safety And Health.

The IOSH Managing Safely course is one of the most popular health and safety management courses. IOSH aims to help managers and supervisors understand their responsibilities so that they can run their business safely.

IOSH Working Safety at Height – Online Training Course Minimum, maximum or hard-and-fast safety rules do not apply – all work situations are as diverse as the employers who employ them. But whether you work in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, retail or public services, this iosh managing safely refresher online course is designed to deliver a safe working environment for you and your staff from the moment they log on and with every click thereafter. IOSH Managing Safely – Online Training Course Employer/manager responsibility is key.

Support for our Training Partners from IOSH

The IOSH Managing Safely ® e-Learning course allows learners to develop and improve the safety awareness culture within their organisation. The course aids to enhance the organisation’s reputation with customers and boost employees’ productivity by ensuring health and safety for all. It helps organisations to make health and safety a fundamental, integrated component of their work operations.

IOSH Managing Safely ® e-Learning course is the number one health and safety training course for line managers of any sector, globally.

Objectives of IOSH Managing Safely ® Training

This IOSH Managing Safely ® online course will encourage the learners to:

  • Apply basic management practices to health and safety issues as a part of their management strategy
  • Identify & recognise health and safety hazards in the workplace
  • Create awareness of the basic risk assessment process to figure out workplace hazards
  • Understand safety precautions to control workplace hazards
  • Ensure adequate training and supervision is provided to employees

Investigate incidents to determine the main causes and to implement appropriate solutions

IOSH Managing Safely ® Course Content

The course is distributed across 7 theory modules, an end of course knowledge test, and a practical test. The delegate gets 6 months to complete the course.

Module 1: Introducing Managing Safely ®

  • Why is it important to manage health & safety?
  • Legal arguments
  • Moral arguments
  • Financial arguments
  • What are your responsibilities?

Module 2: Assessing Risks

  • Why do we need risk assessments?
  • List the work tasks
  • Identify the hazards
  • Estimate the risk
  • Evaluate the risk
  • Record findings
  • Review findings

Module 3: Controlling Risks

  • How are we going to reduce risks?
  • What risk controls are available?
  • Deciding on risk controls

Module 4: Understanding Responsibilities of a Manager

  • What does the law require?
  • Key legal principles
  • Health and safety legislation overview
  • Levels of statutory duties
  • Enforcement
  • Framework for health and safety management

Module 5: Understanding Hazards

  • Nature of common hazards
  • Practicing hazard spotting skills
  • Spotting different types of hazards
  • Practicing hazard spotting skills Part 1 – Office Workplaces
  • Practicing hazard spotting skills Part 2 – Warehouse and Industrial Workplaces

Module 6: Investigating Accidents and Incidents

  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • How do accidents happen?
  • How do you initially respond to an accident?
  • Who should carry out the investigation?
  • Accident investigation process

Module 7: Measuring Performance

  • What is performance measurement about?
  • Reactive measurement
  • Proactive measurement
  • Managing performance measurement
  • Auditing

Target Audience of IOSH Managing Safely ® Training

This managing safely® course is specifically designed for:

  • Line Managers, of any working environment, worldwide
  • Supervisors, of any working environment, worldwide
  • Anyone else who wants to learn the basics of Managing Health and Safety

Benefits of IOSH Managing Safely ® Online Course

  • Online e-Learning course – approximately 24 hours learning period
  • Available to every registered trainee – anywhere and any time
  • Teaches trainees about the risk assessment process necessary to identify possible workplace hazards
  • Educates learners about the safety measures to reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and accidents
  • Develops a clear understanding of employees’ responsibilities to maintain health and safety in the workplace
  • Helps employees to play their part in improving workplace practices
  • Demonstrates how to investigate workplace accidents
  • High-quality videos and animations to achieve the maximum trainee engagement
  • Provides convenient training experience via Human Focus LMS (learning management system) – helps trainees to keep a record of their training progress. This allows them to complete the course as per individual convenience
  • Interactive session quizzes and end of course assessment test helps to evaluate the knowledge gained by the trainee after taking this course
  • IOSH certificate distributed from IOSH on successfully passing Managing Safely® course

IOSH Managing Safely ® e-Learning Course Format

Course Format: Online training course that every trainee can take either using a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or a smartphone

Course Duration: The course is approximately 24 hours of learning consisting of approximately 8 hours of video split into 30 minute sessions as well as downloadable pdf documents, followed by a project.

The record management feature offered by the Human Focus LMS allows easy reporting and record management. The training progress, completion status, and results are stored centrally in the LMS (Learning Management System) that can be accessed anytime to check and set training data, accordingly. It also acts as a proof for legal compliance.

Knowledge Test

End of the Course Theory Test

When the trainees completes all 7 of the theory modules, they will unlock the end of course theory e-Learning test.

  • This is a multiple-choice test consisting of 30-32 questions with a total of 60 marks, which needs to be completed within 45 minutes.
  • The trainees must achieve a score of 36/60 to pass. If they do not meet this score the first time, they can re-take the test once more

End of the Course Practical Project

The second part of the end of course assessment requires trainees to undertake a risk assessment at their workplace

  • They must achieve a score of 23/38 to pass
  • This assessment needs to be completed within a 2 week time-period from the theory test’s result date/day. However overall course has 6 months completion period, if trainees complete the theory test just 1 week before 6 months then they only have 1 week to complete the practical test.

IOSH Managing Safely ® Certificate

  • Upon successful completion of both the theory and practical assessment, the trainee’s certificate will be claimed by Human Focus directly from IOSH.
  • IOSH will issue the certificate within 28 days

Workplace Injuries and Illnesses- Background Statistics

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that over a million workers get injured every year and face illnesses due to work activities in the UK. This poses severe risks and effects on individuals, their families, organisations, government, and the society in general. The impact can be measured in terms of human costs (loss of quality of life or loss of life) and financial loss.

Ensuring employees’ health and safety or anyone who may be affected by the organisation’s activities is a key part of risk management. Failure to include workplace safety as a top business risk may result in serious negative consequences.

According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974  organisations, employers and directors are individually liable when these duties are violated. All the members included in an organisational management department are collectively and individually responsible for ensuring health and safety at their workplace.

Consequences of a Poor Health and Safety System at Work

The HSE states that poor workplace health and safety management results in the following:

  • Loss of working hours due to work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Thousands of employees die each year from occupational diseases
  • Millions of employees self-report their illness sufferings
  • One worker is fatally injured almost every working day

Health and safety Statistics

The Health and Safety Executive statistics suggest that in 2017-2018, workplace injuries and ill-health cases cost around £15.0 billion. Ill-health cases have the biggest cost proportion of around £9.8 billion (65%), while injuries cost £5.2 billion (35%). Ill-health cases contribute to a greater loss as it results in a higher number of employees absenteeism that drives higher costs.

According to the Labour Force Survey, 581,000 employees sustain workplace injuries at least once in their life. An estimated 28.2 million working days were thought to have been lost in 2017-2018 due to workplace injuries and illnesses in the UK.

The financial loss to the government as a result of occupational injuries and accidents is around £3.4bn per annum. This financial loss is more than the net loss caused by fraud and errors in benefits systems.

Legal Responsibilities

Health and Safety Law imposes a duty on employers to protect their employees from workplace injuries. According to the law, an employer must:

  • Perform a risk assessment to protect employees and any other people who can be affected by their work activities
  • Implement effective planning regarding preventative and protective measures to design a health and safety policy for their employees
  • Ensure full access to health and safety advice
  • Consult employees about their health risks and the current protective measures against these risks

Organisations often face serious consequences, if they fail to comply with these legal requirements. Sanctions include a high number of fines and even imprisonment.

According to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, an offence will be committed when an organisation’s senior management fails to provide safety to an employee, which ultimately results in an employee’s death. In this case, the penalty is an unlimited fine, and the court can order the organisation to publish details of conviction and fine.

What Can You Expect from the Human Focus Version of IOSH Managing Safely ® e-Learning

  • IOSH Managing Safely® is delivered via seven interactive learning modules that provide:
  • Memorable and thought-provoking facts and case studies
  • Training modules backed by clear examples and recognisable scenarios
  • Summaries and learning support guides that reinforce key points
  • Checklists and materials supplied for subsequent use in the workplace
  • Informal and interactive quizzes and discussions
  • Evaluation using a multi-format question paper and a multiple-choice hazard spotting exercise
  • This high-quality format makes IOSH Managing Safely® both an enjoyable and easier course to successfully complete.

The IOSH Managing Safely® e-Learning by Human Focus is a basic health and safety risk management course that develops managers’ understanding of practical actions required for implementing health and safety in their workplaces. It enables organisations to show commitment to health and safety standards, thus, helps to comply with health and safety legislation.

Product Details

Study lengthApproximately 24 hours
Approval bodyIOSH – Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Target AudienceAll Managers and Supervisors – In-Depth/Managerial Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentTheory Test and Practical Project
CertificationPaper Certificate Sent by Post Once Processed by IOSH