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The NRP Certification (National Restaurant Owners & Managers) course consists of courses that take the student from a first-time restaurant manager, through an understanding of financial reporting, food cost control and receiving styles, to an expert in the field who can develop and run a thriving restaurant. The american heart association nrp certification online is self-paced with private support along the way. The NRP Certification test requires six classroom hours and seven on-line computer hours that are available at – a website that provides valuable review materials.

Top 5 nrp certification online course

Our certified online NRP Training Course will help you certify to become an Certified Professional Natural Resource Professional (CPNRP) through the National Recreation and Park Association. This 11-hour course meets all the requirements of the CPNRP program and is convenient, flexible and proven to help you get certified.

NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) | CODEBLUE TRAINING

1. ACLS NRP Certification Course

The ACLS certification course for NRP targets healthcare professionals and equips them with the latest techniques on cardiopulmonary emergencies. It meets the goals as well as the purpose expected of NRP providers. It’s the right course for those who have never taken one before or wish to refresh their skills and knowledge in the field. If you take this course, you’ll be covering the following:

Cognitive knowledge targeting NRP concepts as well as interventions
Newborn resuscitation vital components that includes an in-depth comprehension of the proper sequence that conforms to the diagram for NRP flow and enhances neonatal outcomes
NRP related skills, knowledge as well as teamwork that can bring down neonatal morbidity as well as mortality. You’ll participate in evaluation of hands-on skills or skills assessment online

In case you’re already certified and experienced in neonatal resuscitation, you can sign up for the NRP re-certification instead. This will assist you can update yourself on the most recent techniques in the field. Let’s see what else the ACLS certification course has for you!


It’s high quality and meets the latest ECC guidelines on cardiovascular care
It’s convenient and allows you 24/7 access to training materials as well as practice tests
The ACLS course has an accreditation from the ANCC, ADA, AMA, and CAPCE, and provides the course jointly with the PMI (Postgraduate Institute for Medicine)
You earn 8 CUE/CME credits on completion of the course

Certification cost

The NRP certification from ACLS costs $159. For recertification, you’ll be paying $175.

  • Easy full-time access since it’s online-based
  • Learners go through an online assessment of skills to know if they’re ready for the emergencies and where they need to improve
  • Fully-accredited by the relevant bodies
  • Affordable
  • Timely E-mail reminders on when to recertify so that the deadline doesn’t pass you
  • No E-mail access to an instructor

2. National CPR Association Certification Course

This online NRP certification course by National CPR Association is rich and provide valuable information on neonatal resuscitation. It has been developed by experienced, licensed health experts and it prepares you to be a results-oriented professional. The course covers a variety of topics with in-depth lifesaving information on NRP. Let’s see what this course has in store for you.


It’s 100% online
Course material is based on the AHA, ECC, ARC, and ILCOR guidelines
Free practice exams
Full support of up to 2 years after completing and passing your exams with complete access to training modules

Certification cost

The National CPR Association has priced their certification course at $269.95. If you’re recertifying, the cost will be $169.95.

  • It’s flexible and allows easy access
  • Affordable
  • Full support for 2 years after passing your exam
  • The course materials are effective having been created by qualified health professionals
  • NRP course training materials follows guidelines from AHA, ECC, ARC, and ILCOR
  • Unlimited free exam retakes
  • Not accredited by ANCC, ADA, AMA, or CAPCE

3. ACLS Medical Training Certification Course

This course for NRP certification online targets professionals working in labor, delivery, or those in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). The course takes them through a thorough comprehension of the principles that govern neonatal resuscitation. It includes focus on the following areas:

Foetus cardiopulmonary function as well as transitioning after birth
Carrying out initial assessments and the ongoing ones
Care after resuscitation
Chest compressions
Volume expanders as well as resuscitation medications
Preterm as well as complicated resuscitations in neonates
Ethical issues targeting neonatal resuscitation


Purely online
Course content developed and reviewed by professionals who are qualified in healthcare
Content access of 24/7
Has accreditation from AMA, ANCC, ADA, and ACPE
The materials for this online NRP certification course adheres to guidelines from ILCOR
Unlimited takes for the exam
Offers 8 AMA PRA category 1 credits
Certification accepted in over 50 states as well as abroad

Certification cost

For the ACLS Medical Training course, learners have to pay $275. For those seeking recertification, the cost will be $175.

  • Has accreditation from relevant bodies
  • It’s affordable
  • Flexible online access
  • Unlimited exam retakes
  • A 60-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Hands-on skills may not be evaluated since it’s not a requirement and this might make it hard to know how competent a learner is Certification is slightly expensive

4. HCP Certifications Training Course

If you wish to master skills in neonatal resuscitation, the HCP Certifications training course is also a good choice for you. The course gives you the ability to learn online so that you can enjoy the flexibility and the convenience. Let’s see what you’ll get by going for this course.


Full-time online access to content
Complies with regulations by AHA
Unlimited free retakes for the exam
You don’t have to take a skills assessment unless demanded by your employer
You can access and take the exam at your own speed and from anywhere
You get 11 CME credits for passing the test

Certification cost

For those who choose the HCP certifications for their NRP course, their certification fee will be $269. And for those who want recertification, their fee will be $169.

  • The fully online course is convenient and can be accessed anytime
  • One can take their exam anytime and at their own speed
  • There’s a 100% money back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • It’s accepted nationally
  • Not accredited by AMA, ADA, CAPCE, or ANCC
  • Skills assessment isn’t necessary and this might make it a challenge to know if one is progressing well with the skill

5. Best American Healthcare University certification Course

This course has made it to the list of Neonatal Resuscitation Program Courses because it’s also an exceptional course. Best American Healthcare University’s certification course is completely online. It includes content that prepares you to understand the techniques and the procedures that you have to apply during neonatal cardiopulmonary emergencies. And what can you get by learning with this course? Let’s find out more about the features.


Course content is developed by professionals with experience in critical care
It’s completely online
Meets the latest AHA guidelines for critical care
Approved by Board of Registered Nursing and the Board of Licensed Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians
You’re allowed to retake the test up to a maximum of three times
E-mail access to instructors during your learning period
No skills evaluation required

Certification cost

Learners for this course have to pay $137 to get their certifications.

  • Flexible and convenient due to online access
  • Course curriculum developed by qualified experts
  • Access to your instructor allows you to ask questions or seek for more information regarding the course content
  • Affordable
  • Limited exam retakes
  • No accreditation by professional bodies like ANCC, CAPCE, ADA, or AMA