phd courses in new zealand

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If you are looking for the perfect study environment to further your academic career, Phd courses in new zealand could offer the perfect solution. With a reputation for world-class research facilities and an impressive standard of education, this country has become a popular choice for international students.

Moving to New Zealand? | The 21 Essential Things To Know

New zealand universities offer a wide range of study opportunities to students coming from all over the world. With its quality education provided, relatively small class sizes and more affordable expenses, New Zealand has grown rapidly in popularity to become an ideal choice for PhD aspirants all over the globe.

PhD Study in New Zealand – A Guide for 2022

From sport and scenery to cinema and culture, New Zealand has plenty to offer international students who are prepared to travel slightly further for a PhD. But how much do you know about the country’s world-class higher education system?

New Zealand’s universities punch well above their weight in international rankings. More importantly, they offer unique postgraduate research opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

This page covers everything you need to know when searching for a PhD in New Zealand, with information on universities, application requirements and international funding.

PhD opportunities in New Zealand – what’s on offer for 2022?

New Zealand offers a perfect combination of excellent research opportunities, affordable fees and stunning extra-curricular activities.

All eight of the country universities feature in current global rankings. So, wherever you study your PhD, you’ll be researching at an internationally recognised institution. Government support also means that you’ll pay the same fees as a New Zealand citizen – with no higher rate for international students.

And of course, you’ll spend your PhD living amongst spectacular scenery, with all sorts of opportunities to get better acquainted with it – from hiking and biking to skiing and surfing.

Here are just a few reasons to consider a PhD in New Zealand this year:

  • Unique research opportunities – From Ecology to Anthropology, New Zealand’s universities tackle projects that simply aren’t available elsewhere. The country is also home to pioneering science parks, financial centres and engineering hubs.
  • A globally ranked higher education system – There are only eight universities in New Zealand, but every single one of them is included in the 2022 QS and Times Higher Education league tables.
  • No international fee rate – Unlike many popular postgraduate destinations, you won’t pay any extra to study a PhD abroad in New Zealand.
  • Safe and welcoming – New Zealand actively encourages talented students to study at its universities and potentially contribute to its economy after graduation. The country is also the world’s second most peaceful country (after Iceland).
  • Stunning surroundings – People travel across the globe to see New Zealand. You’ll be living there for three (or more) years. Plus, you can pretend you’re in The Lord of the Rings (if you like that sort of thing).
PhD Study in New Zealand – Key Details
Nobel Prizes3
Oldest UniversityUniversity of Otago (1869)
International Students53,002
PhD Length3-4 years
Typical FeesNZD $6,500-9,000 (USD $4,285-5,930)
Academic YearFebruary to November