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This python online course certification will have you coding in Python quickly and easily. It covers everything needed to be able to write Python programs: variables, strings, numbers, lists, dictionaries, modules, loops including while loops and for loops and more. We’ll also learn how to read and write data to any file type as well as look at error handling. This python course with certificate on collegelearners assumes you have a basic comfort level with computers but no prior programming experience is necessary.

Big changes could be coming in the most popular programming languages |  TechRadar

Python is one of the most popular computer languages in the world. It powers most of the websites you visit and all of the app you use every day, from YouTube to Spotify. Python is also used by some of tech’s biggest companies, including Google and Facebook.

best online course for machine learning with python

This python learning online course dives into the basics of machine learning using an approachable, and well-known programming language, Python. In this course, we’ll cover the machine learning lifecycle.

Course NameDurationProviderFeeLevelCertificationKey TopicsLink
 Introduction to Python ProgrammingApprox. 5 WeeksUdacityFREEBeginnerYesHow to write sample python program and run using a Python InterpreterLearn More
 Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero in Python 321.5 hours on-demand videoUdemy$15.99BeginnerYesBasicsLearn More
 Python for Everybody SpecializationApprox. 8 months to completeCourseraFREEBeginnerYesBasics of the Python programming languageLearn More
 Developing Scalable Apps in PythonApprox. 6 WeeksGoogle – UdacityFREEBeginnerYesScalable app developmentLearn More
 Complete Python Masterclass57 hours on-demand videoUdemy$109.99BeginnerYesFundamental understanding of the Python programming language.Learn More
 Python 3 Tutorial from Codeacademy25 HoursCodeacademyFREEBeginnerYesPython 3 basic learningLearn More
 Introduction to Python Programming5 months (9 – 10 hours per week)Georiga Tech – eDx$ 356IntermediateNoFundamental design cycle of computer science and computer programmingLearn More
 Python Essential Training4h 45mLinkedinFREEIntermediateNoBasics of the language syntax and usageLearn More
 The Python Bible | Everything You Need to Program in Python9 hours on-demand videoUdemy$94.99BeginnerYesSkills Necessary to Learn Data Science and AI technologies.Learn More
 Using Python for Research12 WeeksStanford eDxFREEIntermediateYesCommonly used tool for Python research (NumPy and SciPy)Learn More
 Python 3 Programming SpecializationApprox. 5 months to complete (7 hours/week)Coursera$49BeginnerYesLearning Python 3Learn More
 Python Data Science6 monthsIBM-Edx$229ExpertYesPython Data ScienceLearn More
 Learn Python in 30 Days of Python9.5 hours on-demand videoUdemy$99.99ExpertYesUnlock your Python PotentialLearn More
 Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp (Udemy)25 hours on-demand videoUdemy$109.99ExpertYesMachine Learning BootcampLearn More
 Applied Data Science with Python SpecializationApprox. 5 months to complete ( 7 hours/week)Coursera$49ExpertYesApplied Data Science with PythonLearn More