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Get a practical introduction to SAS and statistical programming using this free e-learning program, which was designed by SAS experts to help you learn the fundamentals.

Learn SAS for free with our online course. It’s designed for beginners and covers the basics of data input, querying, manipulating, reporting and analyzing.

Top 10 sAS programming free online course

Resource #1: Free Official SAS Tutorials

SAS has provided nearly 200 video tutorials to help you get started learning SAS. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics including SAS interface, accessing data, simple data manipulations, graph plotting and statistical analysis. It’s a great SAS training resource for true beginners.

Resource #2: SASCrunch Interactive Training

SAS | AirsoftGuns

SASCrunch interactive SAS training is designed to be opened side-by-side with SAS studio. Key feature: you can learn SAS without going back and forth between learning videos and the coding interface

Resource #3: Data Flair

Data Flair has a very comprehensive SAS tutorial on their website. It covers the introductory topics from SAS terminology, setup, data step, variables, functions. It also covers the advanced topics such as macro, formatting, array as well as the modeling techniques using SAS.

Resource #4: ListenData

ListenData is a lesser known but very complete SAS learning website.

It covers many topics such as SAS basics, data read-in, data manipulation, proc sql, macro and statistical analysis techniques.

In addition, it provides SAS base certification questions and common SAS-related interview questions.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate SAS user, ListenData will be a great learning resource for you.

Resource #5: Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is another great resources to learn SAS. It has 46 web pages of materials covering topics from base to advanced SAS.

Their graph plotting tutorials are quite complete and you will learn the different ways to plot the different graphs or charts in SAS.

Resource #6: Java Point SAS Tutorials

Java Point SAS tutorial is similar to Data Flair and Tutorials Point. It covers many SAS topics in details.

It gives a detailed comparison between SAS, R and Python in terms of their features, industry preferences, costs, ease of learning as well as the capabilities in data science.

Resource #7: SAS Discussion Forum

It is difficult to learn SAS on your own without help. The SAS Discussion Forum is a platform where SAS experts are available to provide feedback or solutions to those who have just started learning SAS.

Bookmark this website, and seek help from SAS experts whenever you need it.

Resource #8: has put together a complete list of SAS papers from SAS Global Forum, SUGI, PharmaSUG, NESUG, SESUG, PhUSE, WUSS, MWSUG, PNWSUG and SCSUG.

This is an extensive list of well-written SAS articles that are meant for more experienced SAS users.

Resource #9: Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya has also put together a list of 10 SAS learning resources covering SAS basics, SQL, statistical analysis, decision trees, clustering and segmentation, IML and macros

Resource #10: SAS Ask The Expert

You can learn SAS from live events held by SAS experts on a variety of topics such as SAS Studio, data management, SQL and macros, SAS administration and environment, visual analytics, enterprise miner, text miner, business intelligence and so forth.

Live events offer you the opportunity to ask the experts a specific question and get the response in real-time. Looking to get the latest software updates from SAS?