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The tefl 120 hour online course answers help you pass the tefl online course test by providing everything you need to know to pass. They include three full length practice tests, tips on effective preparation and test taking, a complete answer key and audio scripts.

Teaching English as a foreign language can be one of the most challenging jobs, but it’s highly rewarding and a lot of fun. With this TEFL online course you can get into teaching anytime and anywhere. Grab this opportunity of getting enrolled in our program and learn to teach English all by yourself.

List of the best tefl online courses

TEFL Weekend Course for Future Teachers (Florence)

Looking for the best online TEFL courses? You came to the right place. Read this article to get an overview of the best online TEFL courses available so far. Monday has partnered with professional international educators and educational institutions from around the world to bring you a selection of convenient, high-quality courses that will help you move your English teaching career forward. Find out more about each course below!

1. International TEFL Academy

Certifying over 5,500 English educators in over 25 locations around the world and online in 2018 alone, International TEFL Academy is certainly no stranger to managing TEFL certifications. In addition to being internationally accredited by several respected organizations in the field (street cred!), courses are all taught by experienced university instructors. A small class size per instructor and interactive curriculum ensures that all online TEFL candidates receive nothing but the finest instruction.

Perhaps one of International TEFL Academy’s greatest perk is career guidance and placement assistance for online certification holders, so that your investment will start paying off pronto!

2. myTEFL

Not only will you be bettering yourself and your job prospects abroad with an online TEFL certification, your enrollment in a myTEFL course also gives back to a good cause. With every new participant, a donation is made to several causes, such as buying livestock for a rural community or sponsoring a child’s education.

So what do you get out of this tempting deal? MyTEFL’s courses lean more toward practical classroom application, rather than theory, so that you’ll have no problem stepping off a screen and into a live classroom. Enrollment fees are also price matched with competitors and graduates receive job placement guidance. Set off a chain of good deeds and sign up for an online myTEFL course!

3. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Although a mouthful to say, International TEFL and TESOL Training, or ITTT, provides quality online TEFL courses that will leave you knowing all the latest and greatest ESL instruction methods to a (yet another) T. Choose to add on tutor support to enhance your course’s feedback and interaction, or even opt for a combined online/onsite course that combines the best of both worlds.

ITTT boasts accreditation from the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency to guarantee you’re receiving top-notch education. Kickoff your English teaching job search abroad through ITTT’s life-long teaching support and included career guidance!

4. Premier TEFL

Score your lifelong, internationally recognized TEFL certification online with Premier TEFL’s engaging and flexible courses. All course options are well over 100 hours, ensuring that you’ll receive a fruitful return on investment that will stay with you as you fly around the world for your stellar new teaching job. Courses can be completed in as little as six to eight weeks, on any electronic device, and around the clock.

Premier TEFL is a perfect fit regardless of if you’re looking for a full time job, internship, or short-term teaching experiences, because you’ll get career guidance for all. You can even choose to combine your online TEFl course with additional onsite, location-specific development to specialize toward your target region.

5. UNI-Prep Institute

This Canada-based online TEFL program is accredited by several international bodies and is open to students around the world, regardless of citizenship and place of residence. All you need is a computer and reliable internet access, and you’ll be well on your way to be TEFL certified in as little as two weeks or all the way up to a year, if you really like taking your sweet time!

In addition to being self-paced, UNI-Prep’s courses also save you the stress of cumulative bulky exams, because you’ll just be taking periodic quizzes instead. Because UNI-Prep Institute’s online courses cover both TEFL and TESOL curriculum, you can choose whether to receive a TEFL or TESOL certification upon completion of the course. If you’re still on the fence about which certification is right for you, you’ll have plenty of time to decide while not wasting a second.

6. University of Toronto TEFL Online

Nothing screams “prestige” more than having Canada’s largest and world-leading university administering your TEFL certification. Work at your own pace from anywhere in the world, with an experienced tutor supporting you along the way. All certification options are over the suggested 100 hours and equip aspiring ESL teaching and seasoned educators alike with know-how to structure lessons and manage classrooms abroad.

 A particularly strong benefit of University of Toronto’s online TEFL program is its partnership with Teach Away, a leading teacher recruitment agency so you’ll seamlessly transition from a student to an ESL teacher.

7. TEFLPros

TEFLPros was founded in 2015, and has been administering high quality, modern TEFL qualifications ever since (they have over 100 positive reviews on GoAbroad!). Their fully-accredited 120-hour digital TEFL course is offered through their partner, ACCREDITAT. With this online course, you can expect over 50 hours of video content—a huge benefit in online TEFL certification.

Additionally, certificate holders will get one-on-one support from the staff at TEFLPros, as well as job assistance. After earning your qualification, you’ll have newfound confidence in classroom management and lesson planning. You’ll ace that next interview!