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The University of Munster has become one of Germany’s most renowned universities. The university is internationally noted for several research projects, e.g. in the fields of optics, surface research and nanotechnology. Furthermore it is highly rated in the local student barometer – a survey of German students in which they rate their university across different criteria: atmosphere and environment, internationalization, student services, support by professors and study conditions.

The University of Münster is one of Germany’s largest universities with a student body numbering close to 50,000. Furthermore, it is one of the leading academic institutions in both teaching and research: more than 5,000 researchers work here in the areas of teaching and research. These include 111 professors who were awarded the title “Outstanding Researcher” by state or federal authorities. The University of Münster includes the faculties of human medicine and theology as well as the internationally oriented university hospital. At its facilities in Berlin, Cairo and Shkodrë/Albania it brings the humanities and cultural sciences closer to tomorrow’s globalised world. It offers a broad range of subjects in 13 faculties.

university of muenster courses

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University of Muenster Programs

  • The University of Muenster offers more than 280-degree programs through its 15 different faculties across 120 fields of study.
  • Applied linguistics, Business Administration, Educational science, Biology, Chemistry, English are a few of the courses from the long list of courses which have both bachelor’s and master’s programs.
  • Business informatics, English/American studies, Jewish studies are some of the courses that are exclusive for the bachelor program.
  • Information system, German law, British, American, and Postcolonial Studies, Biotechnology are some of the courses which are exclusive for the master’s program only.

University of Munster Application Process

Like all other German Universities, the students have to get their previous educational degrees recognized according to the German status for the University of Muenster admissions. If the certificates don’t get registered then students have to pass an assessment test called “Feststellungsprüfung”. After this, Students have to choose a program to apply for. Students can apply for three courses at most.

  • Application portal: Online portal of University
  • Application fee: Not required.
  • Documents required for Undergraduate Admissions-
    • Proof of German language skills
    • Certificate confirming the passing of the Feststellungsprüfung (assessment test) administered at a Studienkolleg (foundation course)
    • University transcript(s) or degree certificates (if applicable)
    • University entrance examination (if applicable)
    • Foreign secondary school-leaving certificate
    • Complete CV
  • Documents required for Masters Admissions-
    • All the foreign university entrance qualifications.
    • Additional qualifications (work placements, internships, etc.)
    • Letter of motivation
    • Certificate of additional language knowledge (e.g. English, French, etc.)
    • Bachelor’s degree certificate with the minimum grade/Transcript of Records spanning at least five semesters
    • CV
    • Certificate of sufficient language proficiency (German or English depending on the degree program)
    • Transcript of Records including GPA
  • Application Deadlines –
    • Winter – May 31(UG), August 20 (Graduates)
    • Summer – November 30

University of Muenster Cost of Attendance

  • The University of Muenster does not charge Tuition fees except the semester fee.
  • The semester fee includes expenses of Supplementary student insurance, University radio station, Semester ticket for cultural events, etc.
ExpensesFee (EURO)
Semester Fee301.18
Visa processing Fee per year100
Cost of Living (Monthly)850

The expenses (Cost of Living) can be broken down as shown in the following table:

Rent323 Euros
Food168 Euros
Clothing42 Euros
Learning materials20 Euros
Travel expenses94 Euros
Health insurance/medicine80 Euros
Telephone/internet31 Euros
Leisure/cultural/sport61 Euros
Total819 Euros