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Learn VBA and macros programming with this comprehensive course. This is a huge course and it will take you from beginner to expert. You’ll be able to build your own applications, impress people in interviews, salaries and most importantly build your confidence!

The next course on your list is VBA Programming Online Course. Here you’ll discover best practices for designing and building VBA applications, plus you’ll learn new techniques that take advantage of the support included in Office 2010. You’ll explore the powerful new Office Open XML Formats and see how using VBA can provide solutions that are integrated with other Microsoft Office applications. You’ll focus on how to get started with creating UserForms in Office 2010 applications and how to maintain existing customizations while still taking advantage of new features available in Excel 2010. Finally, you’ll round out your training by discovering how you can use Visual Basic for Applications to enhance client-side architecture for SharePoint applications.

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best online course for vba programming

These online courses on VBA make you a professional in excel, access and other languages and also have many benefits such as getting lifetime access to the course, sessions with instructors, extra assistance and much more at an affordable price.

1. Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving Specialization

Hosted by Coursera, offered by the University of Colorado Boulder 

This best free VBA course is actually a specialization from Coursera, meaning that it consists of a selection of three courses designed to work together to enhance your learning. This specialization takes about four months to complete and works from a beginner experience level, meaning no knowledge of VBA is required to begin the course. Coursera is often named the best and most efficient MOOC (massive open online course) platform due to its effective courses and notable partnerships with elite universities and institutions. Coursera brings the learning materials to you, allowing you to just sit back and absorb as much of the material as you can. 

This specialization is comprised of three moving parts: parts one and two are learning about how to solve creative problems with Excel using VBA, and part three is creating several VBA projects to showcase your skills. By the time you finish the course, you will have dramatically changed the way you use Excel spreadsheets and you will have unleashed the powers of VBA by learning all of the basics. At the end of this best free VBA specialization, you will receive a shareable certificate of completion for free to share alongside your resume or in professional networking. 

2. Excel: Macros and VBA for Beginners 

Hosted by LinkedIn Learning, offered by Oz du Soleil 

Not only does this course from LinkedIn Learning teach you about VBA, but it also teaches you about macros, which are a simple way to create shortcuts for the tasks you do most often in Excel. While most people are already familiar with LinkedIn, one of the world’s leading professional networking sites, many are unfamiliar with its sister website LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is a MOOC platform that requires users to pay a subscription fee every month to access their thousands of courses. Luckily for you, new users get one month of LinkedIn Learning completely for free, which is the perfect amount of time to complete this quick 40-minute course. 

Instructor Oz du Soleil assumes you have no prior knowledge of macros or VBA, starting from the basics to give you a solid foundation to work from. Soleil explains some of the best situations to use macros in, especially when you repeat the same tasks a lot. He then explains how to use VBA to set up one of these macros, making your life easier and your work in Excel more efficient. 

3. Microsoft Excel VBA Fundamentals – Learn Basic Coding Skills

Hosted by Udemy, offered by Sihle Mhlanga

This top free online course from Udemy will teach you all of the basics you need to know to start programming with VBA. Udemy is a unique kind of MOOC platform because they allow instructors to upload and price their own courses as opposed to partnering with major institutions or universities. Because of this, there are thousands of courses on Udemy that vary in length, subject, and price. Both professional and creative courses can be found on the site, which is free to join, so you’ll never run out of amazing things to learn. This programming course takes only two hours to complete and has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on the site. 

The course covers important topics for learning VBA such as a general knowledge of event procedures, profound knowledge about the Initialize Event, a full understanding of Sub procedures, and an understanding of the master-slave approach. While you’re required to have some understanding of Microsoft Excel, Mhlanga starts from square one of programming with VBA so you can have a solid foundational understanding. If you’re an aspiring VBA programmer but don’t know where to start, this course is for you. 

4. Introduction to Excel VBA Programming

Hosted by Blackboard Learn

This course from Blackboard Learn is 100-percent free and self-paced, teaching you the fundamentals of Excel spreadsheets and programming using the VBA language. Blackboard Learn is an online educational platform developed by Blackboard, an American technology company designed to be used as a learning management system. Through their open education platform, they offer a variety of free, self-paced courses to students designed to enhance their learning outside of the classroom and broaden their horizons to new career opportunities. This course is sure to improve your chances of getting a job in the IT field, especially if you want to become a programmer. 

This free VBA course requires anywhere from 5 to 15 hours of work a week depending on how long you want the course to take, and you will be able to write your own computer programs and get more out of Excel after taking it. Once you learn VBA with this course, you will also be able to learn other programming languages much faster in the future. While there is very little support offered from the instructors since the course is self-paced, most questions you have can be answered by viewing the discussion boards. 

5. Microsoft Excel Essentials – VBA Programming 

Hosted by Skillshare, offered by Alan Jarvis 

Skillshare, similar to Udemy, is a web-based educational platform that allows instructors to create and upload their own course material to the site’s catalog. Rather than pricing it themselves, however, Skillshare is a subscription-based model that charges you a monthly fee if you are a premium member, giving you access to some of the site’s more exclusive and in-depth content. This course from Alan Jarvis happens to be one of those “premium” courses, so you would typically need to pay to access it. Luckily, however, a 14-day trial of Skillshare premium is offered to new users, and you’ll have plenty of time to complete some of this 15-hour course for free. 

This course is relatively long, so it goes in-depth on some of the most important VBA programming-related topics such as the golden rules of coding, how to move code around, sheets versus worksheets, how to copy and paste, row and column properties, and message boxes. By the end of the course, you will basically be an Excel elite, programming your own solutions in less time and using less effort. 

6. Excel VBA For Complete Beginners

Hosted by Home and Learn

This beginner programming course assumes that you have no knowledge of programming in any language, starting from square one and offering a solid foundational understanding of coding. You should have some prior Excel skills so that you can take them to the next level, but this course is designed for complete beginners. Home and Learn is a site designed for aspiring programmers, coders, and computer scientists, as they’ve designed many different courses to suit your technology needs including Android Programming, PHP for Beginners, and Java for Beginners. 

During this Excel VBA course, you will be asked to create your own macros, level up your Excel skills, and bring your programming knowledge to the next level. The course covers important programming topics like VBA programming variables, strings and string functions, programming loops, and user forms. By the end of the course, you will feel confident about creating your own programs in Excel or moving onto higher-level programming courses. You won’t get a lot of instructor feedback or assistance in this course since it is self-paced, but the course content has everything you need to get started. 

7. Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

Hosted by YouTube, offered by Learnit Training

YouTube is always a great place to look for video tutorials because every single video on their site is free to watch, rewatch, and review at any given time. This two-hour crash course in Excel VBA was developed by Learnit Training, a corporate training company based in California. They instruct companies and employees on a variety of skills related to tech and Microsoft Office, and are more than qualified to teach you about Excel VBA. Learnit has a free online community as well as a Patreon that you can join to get more information, direct contact with instructors, as well as communication with other students. 

This beginner tutorial goes over some of the fundamental and most important aspects of VBA, including things like the macro recorder, how to record simple macros, debugging macros, grammar in VBA, selection, color, and interface setup. Many YouTube commenters call the VBA tutorial one of the best they’ve seen, and also call the audio incredibly soothing and easy to listen to. If you’re looking for a course that’s a brief overview and doesn’t require a lot of interaction or time, this video might be perfect for you. 

8. Learning VBA In Excel 

Hosted by LinkedIn Learning, offered by Curt Frye 

As mentioned above, LinkedIn Learning is the sister website to LinkedIn, one of the world’s premier professional networking sites. LinkedIn Learning normally operates on a subscription model, but new users get one free month of learning from all the site’s content. One month is plenty of time to complete this short course from Curt Frye, which is just over three hours long. Curt Frye has written more than 40 books on IT and Microsoft Office, and is the president of Technology and Society, Incorporated. He has created more than 60 online courses for Lynda and LinkedIn Learning and is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable people you could learn from. 

Frye argues that VBA isn’t actually as hard to learn as many people think, and he can show you the ropes when it comes to programming. Some of the learning objectives of his course include learning the steps needed to record a macro, explaining what a VBA watch does, learning how to delete a worksheet, and naming different Excel functions that you should know. 

9. Build Professional GUI apps with VBA Excel : Zero to mastery

Hosted by Udemy, offered by Mouad Tou

GUI apps, otherwise known as graphical user interface, allows users to interact with their technology using things like buttons, icons, and more. Building these applications can be challenging, but VBA makes it substantially easier. Udemy, as mentioned previously, is a MOOC platform that allows instructors to upload and price their own course material. For Mouad Tou, the instructor for this course, he has generously made his materials free and offers to take Udemy students from zero to mastery with VBA Excel. 

This course only takes two hours to complete and when you finish it, you will feel confident about creating your own GUI apps with VBA, and you will have taken your overall Excel skills to the next level. You can create dynamic, reusable code after completing this course, and you will explore the opportunities of using VBA Excel to enhance everyday tasks. 

10. Hyper-disambiguated Excel VBA Programming

Hosted by Skillshare, offered by Grant Gamble

This VBA course, which was designed by Grant Gamble, is available to those with an active Skillshare Premium membership. As previously mentioned, Skillshare operates on a subscription model for those seeking a premium membership, but 14 days are available as a free trial for new users. Grant Gamble is a well-versed IT trainer, author, and developer with years in the field and several full-fledged online courses. This nearly six-hour course is designed for those who are new to VBA and programming in general, and it was created to show you how to automate Microsoft Excel tasks. 

Gamble teaches coding in a way that emphasizes how important every single line of code you write is, which helps students to gain a better appreciation for the skill and fully understand what they are doing. This course will provide you with everything you need to get started in VBA, so you can start crafting your own programs.