water chemistry online course

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If you’re thinking about going into water chemistry, or even just looking to understand water chemistry better for your own purposes, then this water chemistry course is ideal for you. Whether you want to learn about the properties of water in general, or how to maintain and keep safe constantly changing water, this course is perfect.

This online course is designed to provide an in-depth look at fundamental approaches to electrochemical scaling and corrosion control in cooling water systems. After exploring the types of cooling systems, students will learn about cooling system components, the basics of chemistry and water, as well as treatment techniques to control mineral scale and corrosion.

water chemistry online course

Water Chemistry Definition and Properties

Who would Benefit from our Water Treatment Training?

Typical candidates will be water treatment engineers, plumbers, facilities managers, maintenance and engineering contractors, and those with responsibility for the operation of commercial, industrial and process water systems.

This course provides a useful introduction to the basic chemistry of water and its use and treatment. Candidates will find this course beneficial before progressing to our more specialist water and wastewater treatment training courses.

Please note that this course is a specific pre-qualification requirement for some of our other more specialist training courses.

What will you Learn on WTS 0010?

This course will give candidates an understanding of the common sources of water and how water is used in different ways in commercial, industrial and process environments.

This course will also help candidates understand the basic chemistry of water, common contaminants and the problems that can result from using water containing these contaminants; namely scale, corrosion, bio-fouling and suspended solids.

Candidates will gain a basic understanding of how to manage and control engineered systems in which water is used to achieve optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Additionally, candidates will develop an understanding of how to perform basic water analysis and testing, and how to interpret the results so as to monitor, control and manage the consequences of scale, corrosion, bio-fouling and suspended solids.

Pre-Qualification Requirements for WTS 0010

There are no specific pre-qualification requirements for this course although prior knowledge of engineered water systems and issues associated with water treatment would be of benefit.

Water Treatment Training Certificate

On successful completion candidates will receive a certificate of attainment issued by Water Treatment Services for the course “Basic Chemistry of Water & Analysis” – WTS 0010.

This certificate should be retained as evidence of formal training in this subject.

How Long is the Course WTS 0010?

This course is delivered online as an interactive e-learning course. The duration is approximately 1/2 day.

Water Treatment Training Delivered by Experts

Water Treatment Services offer specialist water treatment training courses designed to support candidates and organisations with responsibility for the operation and management of commercial, industrial and process water and waste water treatment systems.

Delivered by experienced water treatment experts, our courses help candidates develop the skills and practical knowledge required to fulfil their responsibilities with confidence.

If you are interested in this or any of our other water treatment training courses and would like to receive further details, including dates and venues please contact us.