Direct Admit Nursing Programs in California

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A nursing degree is a significant educational investment. Nursing students learn problem-solving, critical-thinking, communication, and technical abilities as a result of their studies. These abilities may assist individuals in finding work or qualify them for better compensation than those with lower levels of schooling.

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Direct Admit Nursing Programs

While the majority of college and universities require that undergraduates enroll in two years of lower division coursework before applying to a nursing major, there are several programs offering direct admission to highly qualified prospective freshman (during their senior year of high school). If awarded entry, these students are guaranteed a spot in the institution’s nursing major; and provided they meet course requirements, can be assured that they will graduate with a nursing degree.

Below is a comprehensive list of selective colleges and universities offering direct admit nursing programs. Please click the links below to explore each program’s offerings and admission criteria.

InstitutionSAT/ACT (For Admission)NCLEX Pass Rate (First-Time)Nursing Degrees (BSNs) Produced (2016-2018)
Arizona State University1170/24 (Minimum)92%468
Belmont University1100/22 (Minimum)93%432
Binghamton University (SUNY)1380/30 (Average)96%565
Bloomsburg University1110/24 (Minimum)96%260
Boston College1410/32 (Average)91%299
Bradley University1200/26 (Average)96%251
Carlow University1170/24 (Average)96%276
Case Western Reserve University1440/32 (Average)95%218
Clemson University1370/30 (Average)93%491
Creighton University1280/27 (Average)93%452
Drexel University1310/28 (Average)96%1903
Duquesne University1080/22 (Minimum)94%793
East Stroudsburg University1070/22 (Minimum)84%128
Edinboro University1030/20 (Minimum)94%196
Endicott College1230/26 (Average)91%248
Fairfield University1290/28 (Average)93%384
Florida Atlantic University1200/25 (Preferred)97%740
Florida Southern College1240/26 (Average)100%170
Georgetown University1460/33 (Average)97%106
Hartwick College1080/24 (Minimum)97%162
Illinois State University1140/23 (Average)95%556
Illinois Wesleyan University1280/27 (Average)95%128
Loyola University Chicago1290/28 (Average)95%791
Marquette University1280/27 (Average)95%378
Marshall University1080/24 (Preferred)98%356
Marymount University1140/23 (Average)100%429
Milwaukee School of Engineering1310/28 (Average)98%209
New York University1440/32 (Average)99%1252
Niagara University1140/23 (Minimum)79%283
Northeastern University1440/32 (Average)85%442
Pennsylvania State University – University Park1310/28 (Average)95%381
Purdue University – West Lafayette1310/28 (Average)98%309
Quinnipiac University1240/26 (Average)92%575
Rutgers University1310/28 (Average)97%953
Saint Louis University1310/28 (Average)94%631
Samford University1000/21 (Minimum)90%319
San Diego State University1430/32 (Average)97%598
Seattle University1110/24 (Minimum)85%463
Seton Hall University1240/26 (Average)93%532
Simmons University1240/26 (Average)95%458
Temple University1280/27 (Average)90%201
Texas Christian University1310/28 (Average)96%572
The College of New Jersey1310/28 (Average)100%250
Truman State University1280/27 (Average)96%137
University of California, Irvine1430/32 (Average)94%143
University of California, Los Angeles1460/33 (Average)98%141
University of Cincinnati1070/23 (Minimum)92%1386
University of Connecticut1280/27 (Average)95%730
University of Delaware1310/28 (Average)96%577
University of Hawaii at Manoa1240/26 (Average)97%543
Direct-Entry Master's in Nursing Programs 2022 |

direct entry nursing programs for freshman

If your son or daughter is thinking about a nursing career, s/he has probably heard about the wide variety of paths to becoming a Registered Nurse. There are two-year paths available at Oregon community colleges and four-year programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The BSN is the widely accepted standard for nurses and offers great flexibility for employment and advancement in the field of nursing. Some colleges and universities require two years of undergraduate core requirements after which, students apply into the nursing program for their last two years of college, earning the BSN in four years. Some colleges and universities offer direct admission into the nursing program so that incoming freshmen begin the path to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing right away and also complete the degree in four years, ready to take licensing exams. Here are five colleges that admit freshmen directly into their nursing schools.

1. Azuza Pacific University, Azuza, CA

  • Nursing training utilizes a Christian worldview to integrate values, beliefs, and ethics in patient care
  • International exchanges allow nursing students to participate in international health care settings via short-term missions or a semester abroad. 
  • By the numbers: 82% overall acceptance rate; SAT mid-range scores: CR 490-590 M 490-600; ACT Mid-range: 21-27. Acceptance rates for nursing students vary, depending on which path to the BSN is chosen.

2. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

  • Students at all levels can participate in research projects with nursing faculty in the areas of symptom science, family/community care, aging, self-management, and neuroscience.
  • Nursing school students participate in a partnership with the World Health Organization by completing courses of study or clinical and service learning projects abroad.
  • By the numbers: 42% overall acceptance rate; SAT mid-range scores: CR 600-720, M 670-760; ACT mid-range: 29-33.

3. Carroll College, Helena, MT

  • The Holistic Health Lab and Learning Center teaches holistic healing modalities for self-care and wellness
  • Clinical training begins with 200-level courses in Helena’s hospitals, public health, assisted living, long-term care, psychiatric and school settings
  • By the  numbers: 53% overall acceptance rate; SAT mid-ranges: CR 490-620, M 510-610; ACT mid-ranges 22-27. Acceptance rate for nursing students may be lower.

4. Chaminade University of Honolulu, HI

  • The Simulation Suite allow several simulations to be run at the same time, with video recordings used for immediate evaluation and feedback sessions for nursing students. 
  • Automatic merit scholarships based on high school GPA are available to incoming freshman nursing students.
  • By the numbers: 84% overall acceptance rate; SAT mid-range scores: CR 30-520, M 440-540; ACT mid-range: 19-23.

5. Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH

  • The Hispanic Focus is an elective course of study within the four-year nursing program intended to promote understanding of and nursing practice within the Hispanic community.
  • The Clinical Nurse Leader Honors Program enables participants to complete a Master of Science in Nursing in one additional year and one additional practicum experience.
  • By the numbers: 70% overall acceptance rate. SAT mid-range scores: CR 500-600, M 510-610; ACT mid-range 23-27. Acceptance rate for nursing students may be lower. 

There are hundreds of direct-admit nursing programs in the United States listed on the website of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Direct-admit nursing programs in the Pacific Northwest include Concordia University Portland, George Fox University, Gonzaga University, Linfield College, University of Portland, Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University. Other programs for freshman direct-entry nursing are Arizona State University, Augustana College (SD), Berea College (KY), Boston College (MA),  Northwest Nazarene University (ID), St. Louis University (MO), Villanova University (PA).Be sure to check each college’s admission requirements, since admission standards usually include a high school transcript showing successful completion of several higher-level science and math courses. 

direct entry nursing programs near me

Traditional BSN (Freshmen Pathway)

Program Overview

The Traditional BSN (Freshmen Pathway) program is for direct-entry freshmen with no previous nursing education who are  interested in earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and becoming eligible for a California Registered Nurse (RN) license.  The degree is completed full-time throughout the course of either a four year pathway or a five year pathway.

“I would recommend CSUF SON because it is affordable and an excellent program… they are constantly trying to improve it for their students’ success.” – Traditional BSN Student, 2015.

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