Federal Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

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This article provides useful tips on federal law enforcement jobs that don’t require a degree & federal government jobs that don’t require a degree. Read it.

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Federal Law Enforcement Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

If you’d rather not spend years in college, there are plenty of job opportunities for those without a degree. These include positions open to those with only a high school diploma as well as careers that require some postsecondary education and training.

Court Reporter

Court reporters work in courtrooms or legislatures run by local or state governments. Their job is to transcribe trials and other legal proceedings word for word. They may also provide captioning for televised legal cases, whether recorded or live. Instead of a formal college degree, they need a certificate from a postsecondary institution.

5 government jobs in Atlanta that don't require a bachelor's degree

 Accounting technician

National Average Salary: $44,005 per year

Primary Duties: Accounting technician positions exist across a broad spectrum of government agencies, such as the department of defense, transportation departments or public learning institutions. Accounting technicians work with managerial staff and colleagues to prepare accounts, reports, budgets and financial statements. They may administer payrolls or arrange payments for invoices. Technicians monitor financial transactions and complete required bookkeeping.

Financial Clerk

Financial clerks provide administrative work that is needed in regard to financial transactions and records. They do small tasks like compute invoices, update financial records, perform financial records, and assist customers. They usually work in offices for different types of organizations, including government agencies. They only need a high school diploma and training after being hired.

The 10 highest-paying jobs you can get without a college degree

Postal clerk

National Average Salary: $15.39 per hour

Primary Duties: Postal clerks receive letters and parcels, sell postage and stamps and sell stamped envelopes. Clerks fill out and sell money orders, sort mail for carriers and examine packages and letters for proper postage. Postal clerks assist patrons in completing forms for change of address, passport processing or special delivery circumstances.

Social Service Assistant

Social service assistants help social workers and other types of workers perform their jobs. They mainly do things to support troubled families like help clients locate community service projects and government benefits they are eligible for. They often work for local and state governments. All that is usually required is a high school diploma and training after beginning work.


National Average Salary: $11.96 per hour

Primary Duties: Government lifeguards work in state parks, recreation departments or public beaches. A lifeguard oversees swimmers in and near the water. Lifeguards monitor injury prevention and safety practices to eliminate hazards or hazardous behavior. A lifeguard educates patrons on rules and regulations and enforces guidelines to ensure safety. Requirements can vary, and some lifeguards may have to pass a fitness test or complete certifications.

10 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants work in a variety of fields to help run offices. Their tasks are largely centered around paperwork, scheduling, organizing files, and helping other members of the office staff. They are often employed in public schools and government agencies. Most positions only require a high school diploma and experience using certain computer software programs.

Correctional officer

National Average Salary: $36,483 per year

Primary Duties: A correctional officer enforces rules and keeps order within jails and prisons. Officers search for contraband, supervise inmates and file reports on inmate conduct. They aid in the rehabilitation of inmates and provide counseling to offenders. Officers conduct facility inspections to ensure they meet the required standards.

Library Assistant

Library assistants work closely with librarians to help run the library. They may perform tasks like organizing library materials, checking books out for patrons, issuing new library cards, reshelving books, taking care of inter-library loans, assisting visitors in finding information in books and online, and much more. Public school library assistants are employed by local or state governments and often perform school-specific tasks, like helping teachers prepare curriculum materials or overseeing textbook collections. Library assistants typically only need a high school diploma and learn through working how to perform their tasks efficiently.

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